I said it too often when we were recapping Victoria, but: It really made me miss The Crown. So I am delighting in seeing Claire Foy’s comforting, sweet face, full of great lipstick and the trademark calm she infused in her portrayal of Elizabeth. I also love her blouse. I can’t tell, though, if pants are a little frumpy with it, or if that’s just the way she’s got it tucked. But let’s all enjoy that, FINALLY, FOR ONCE, we get to see a lady show up with dirty comfy kicks at one of these things. Usually it’s the dudes who pair smart-casual work clothes with the shoes they wear every weekend to the dog park. I’ve decided Claire didn’t like how ANY of her usual footwear paired with whatever these pants are serving, so she decided, “Bollocks to it. Converse it is. I’M THE QUEEN.”

Jenna Coleman, a.k.a. Victoria, also appeared at this three-day Radio Times thing:

BFI & Radio Times TV Festival - Day 2

And her pants ALSO might not be great on her — I’ve decided she and Claire, if they ran into each other, had a long talk about figuring out what shoes to wear with their black trou — but the jacket is aces. As is the sight of her without the creepy blue contacts she wears on PBS. She is, as the old say, cute as a button and she connects more warmly when she’s not gazing at the lens through artificial eyes. Honestly, I don’t know why they bothered. It’s the kind of verisimilitude that very few people would’ve noticed, I think — certainly I never knew offhand what color Vic’s eyes were — and the drawbacks seem to outweigh the benefits of any back-pats for accuracy.

So the summary here is: top halves good, bottom halves questionable, costume dramas welcomed even when mediocre, and pickings are slim this week. It’s only been about six weeks and I’m already in the market for a quick awards show. Can’t they move the People’s Choice stuff to NOW? Think about it, Hollywood.

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