At first this pairing didn’t make a ton of sense to me: When I think of Ellie Goulding, I don’t generally think of ungodly expensive family SUVs; I more imagine someone listening her music while driving their Ford Focus to Coachella, and probably wearing this exact blouse (except, the person would replace the formal shorts with micro-jorts that are undetectable except in compromising positions) and sporting this exact Day Two Of Camping At A Desert Music Festival hair. None of this aesthetic, in fact, screams, “I’m so honored to present you with this vehicle that you could buy instead of sending your child to college.”

But then I remembered that William and Kate have a Range Rover, or a Land Rover, or some flavor of Rover, and Ellie came to international fame when she performed at their wedding reception. So… you know, it’s a tenuous connection, and probably one nobody else made, but whatever. I got to type word vomit for a while, and that was enjoyable. Way more so than her shirt.

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