Chloe wore this ensemble at Today¬†and then Sirius XM, an itinerary where the Blake Livelys of the world would have worn four different things: one coming and one going at each location. So, I guess we can offer up some hallelujahs for Chloe’s comparative restraint. And now, to the outfit: The shoes give off the musty waft of dye-to-match bridesmaid gear from David’s, and the blouse teeters toward the prim. But that’s not always bad, and here, I actually think the effect with the skirt is posh. The skirt even feels like a step up in sophistication for her. Pink and red are not my ideal color combo, so I do find myself wishing for a white shirt, but in all it’s a welcome vibe for her — especially from that rubberized-looking Stella that she just tried. Or fancy piracy. Or criminal sheers, and oh, lordy, don’t forget the poor mixing of patterns. Context is key, and this is at the end of a chain of bad choices, which just makes it look even better. No wonder she didn’t take it off; who knows what’s lying in wait on the rack.