Looking at this picture, I was pretty bullish on Chloe’s outfit. She looks adorable, and bright; yeah, okay, that blouse has a LOT going on and is in slight competition with itself, but with black leather pants it might’ve been just enough spice to be perfect.

Unfortunately, once Chloe got a taste of the patterns, her sartorial salivary glands went into overdrive and she gorged:

Come As You Are During the 7th Champs Elysees Film Festival

It is always thrilling to crack into a new a Stitch Fix box, but if you try it all on at once, you have to EDIT before you leave the house.

Come As You Are During the 7th Champs Elysees Film Festival

Finally, I will need someone to educate me on why one would wear a headband that far back on her head. From the front you can’t see it’s there; does it add volume to the back in a useful way? Does it cover a hairpiece? Do we think the wind took it and she just didn’t adjust? In the Olden Times during which I wore headbands, feeling them scoot this far back was a sign that I needed to take it off and redo it, and feeling that it was on its way backward would have driven me CRAZY. I seriously did have one abruptly shoot itself off once. Maybe my head is just troublesome, and I should just be grateful she’s not wearing it as a choker. THOSE dark days seem to have passed.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]