Zosia-ly Played, Zosia Mamet

This seems about right:

I actually would have loved this if it were paired with sandals on her feet, giant sunglasses on her face, and a pitcher of margaritas in her hand. As it is, it’s like a walking advertisement for the importance of reading the room.

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  1. goldfish

    She’s probably preoccupied with Mrs. Beetle leaving, and Mary’s blindness.

  2. Jenny

    95% of what Zosia wears would go from Fug to Fine if she would just buck up and SMILE!! And do something with her hair and makeup, and stand up straight. Wow, I have turned into my mother…

    • Orange Clouds

      Was thinking exactly the same thing. All she needs to do is to accessorize it with a smile!

      • LoriK

        Seriously. This dress would be really easy to sell if she looked like she was having fun with it. As it is, no.

        If she’s actually half as miserable as she always looks then I feel like she needs to examine her life. If she hates the PR pole dance that much she may need to rethink some career choices and maybe focus on theater or something.

  3. Charlotte

    Sigh. Yet again, something that had the potential to be really cute is undone by lackluster styling and a sourpuss expression.

    My biggest issue (besides her giving KStew a run for her money in the “least thrilled to be on the red carpet” competition), is, as always, the hair. I understand if she’s somehow contractually obligated not to cut it. That doesn’t mean she can’t play around with various kinds of updos. That center part isn’t doing her great face any favors.

    She looked so pretty and polished at the Emmys (even if the dress wasn’t quite up to snuff). I know she’s capable of being a knockout. I don’t understand why anyone would waste their potential the way she is.

  4.  pidget

    Yes – sandals and sunglasses. Maybe a less Amish updo, or loose hair. Most importantly, add lipstick and a smile! This could be fun if deployed with happiness, but the gloom renders it: “Someone made me wear this and I HATE it and will NOT have fun all night. So there.”

  5. Bella

    I like the dress. She needs cute sandals, big earrings and a bracelet, makeup and looser hair. Plus a smile and a less awkward stance would really help.

  6. holly

    Pretty sure I scored the same dress from the Salvation Army store for 50 cents back in 91′

  7. mary lou bethune

    I had that dress in the 70′s- really, I did. Yes I am that old. I think she just raids her mother’s closet, who is also my age, I think. I love her- she marches to a different drummer and good on her.

  8. valueofaloonie

    Does she not know what to do with her hands, or something? It’s sort of weirding me out how they’re just…hanging there. It’s like she’s getting a passport photo taken on the red carpet.

  9. Cristina

    I think she looks great. The shoes could use a swapping out, but, otherwise, I think she looks swell.

  10. AM

    I like the dress. I think it just calls for a little brighter lip color and bigger, curlier, flouncier (no idea how to spell) hair.

  11. EmilyAP

    I’d be on board if the skirt were shorter, the hairstyle was almost anything else, and she looked happier.

  12. Rowynn

    Soon as I saw this, I heard that “wah, wah, waaaah” sound that you always hear in cartoons when something really disappointing happens.

  13. Other Emily

    I agree with others that there is nothing inherently wrong with this dress. But this girl needs to see a hairstylist, put on at least a minimum of makeup (seriously, a touch of gloss and some mascara wouldn’t kill her), and SMILE. These are super easy things that even I can do, and I’m stuck at a desk all day and take care of my two small children in my off time. I should look like this photo, but I don’t. C’mon, Zosia. You can do better.

  14. Miranda

    Why does she always look like churning butter is in her future? Also, threading. Look into it.

    •  LibraryChick

      Not everyone looks right with a super-narrow brow line. When I zoomed in, though, I had to agree she should commit to the line she appears to have made already or pencil in the gaps if she’s trying something new.

  15. deee

    I magnified in on this because I was really curious about the lack of make up. She does have a fair amount of mascara on and her skin is really lovely. No blush or lip that I can see. Her brows are odd. They are nicely shaped but have big sparse areas like she was over plucked and is now waiting for them to grow in.

    I would love to see her in big girl make up. She could look stunning.

    • Helen 

      Every once in a while, Zosia will allow someone to do a full face on her, and it takes very little to highlight those striking features wonderfully. It DOES look great.

      And she usually seems really happy all made up and knowing she looks terrific, too, with lots of genuine smiling and laughing, so I don’t understand why the resistance so much of the time!

  16. Carrie

    Why does she look so effing miserable all the time? WE GET IT. YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY SHOSHANNA.

  17. Fuh Ugh

    She’s at a key party (’70′s reference) and hers has been thrown back in the bowl (or behind the couch).

  18. Maria

    No wonder she isn’t smiling….for crying out loud, her hair is making ME sad… She must be devastated!

    It irks me when Famous and wealthy people don’t avail themselves of the hairstylists that I can only lust after as a mere mortal. If I had that kind of moola, and those connection, my hair would be SO AWESOME all the time!

  19. Mel

    Late 60′s/early 70′s powder room wallpaper. Even the suggestion of a smile would go a long way to making this work.

  20. Elle

    This looks like what a really rebellious Amish girl might wear on her first party in the city.

  21. Candace

    OMG. I own this dress! It’s vintage and I wore it to prom in 2001. I feel flattered that a Mamet spawn weirdo badass and 17-yr old me have the same taste.

  22. Ladybeast

    My stars, that poor thing hit every branch on the fugly tree on the way down. The stylist should be shot, obviously, but what can you do? Bless her heart.

  23. Hannah

    Wait, wasn’t she blonde last time we saw her? I guess they made her go back to brown while Girls was filming.

    Speaking of which, I think we should have a Zosia-Off where we debate the relative sartorial talents of Shoshanna Shapiro and Ms. Mamet herself. And then at the end kick back with Cosmopolitans and discuss how generally awesome and lovable they both are.

  24.  amys

    I’m starting to have a strong sense of visceral unease when I see her expressions. I can’t even begin to explain why I care about this, but Zosia, STOP with the face already.

    • Vandalfan

      My impression is that she is always in a nicer department store, and this is the look in the dressing room mirror- fancy dress clothing, yard-work hair, and a critical, unpleased expression about the eighth dress Mom is making her try on for her stupid cousin’s wedding that she doesn’t even want to attend in the first place ….

  25. Helen

    Count me in with everyone saying the dress could work if worn with confidence and some styling. A little lipstick, maybe a touch of blush for the cameras, some jewelry – I’m thinking dangly gold earrings and wooden bangles – summery shoes, and a hairstyle (I’m not fussy what hairstyle, just A hairstyle), and Zosia’d look ’70s-lanai-party lovely.

    I’m not even going to yell at the girl to smile. Just, not scowling, and pretending to be comfortable in her skin, that’s all, would work fine IMO.

  26. Mary

    Y’all are nuts. This looks like something we wore to prom in 1975 – or maybe what my MOTHER wore at the same time when she was trying hard to look trendy. Very flattering high neckline. Ugly loud fabric pattern and color. Heavy looking dress with long shapeless skirt. Hair parted in the middle and pulled back (and yeah, that’s what we did back in the day when we all had waist length hair – put it up in a bun with a piece of leather and a stick). Face looks like no makeup. Grim look overall. Blech!

  27. Mary Urech Stallings

    She looks just like the personification of her mother’s deadpan thespian delivery. It seems to be genetic.

  28. Claire1http://gofugy

    I didn’t even read the commentary before my first thought was “Sandals! this could be saved with sandals!”
    Maybe lose the Santa belt.

  29. googler

    I love the dress, but she looks so uncomfortable and sad that she’s not working it. A smile and better posture would really sell this. And some lipstick!

  30. witjunkie

    My mother had this in a caftan, I kid you not. Experiencing major childhood flashbacks right now.

  31. witjunkie

    My mother had this in a caftan, I kid you not. Experiencing major childhood flashbacks right now. P.S. I thought it was hideous even then. And she just wore it at home.

  32. witjunkie

    Hm. That was weird.

  33. esther p.

    No. Just … no.

  34. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m starting to get into her anti-fashion stance.

  35. KB

    She just looks so smug and like a hipster who thinks she discovered everything before it was cool. I haven’t watched her in anything, but the pictures I see of her just evokes a negative visceral reaction.