The prosecution appreciates the attempt at hot menswear, but objects that while ostensibly this was an attempt at doing something stylistically funky, it was actually just a weak excuse to have James Franco come out in drag. The defense points out that it's not HER fault James Franco's only joke all night was wearing a hot-pink satin dress with gloves and a platinum wig. The prosecution bellows that it's incumbent upon James, in that getup, to perform "Material Girl." The defense acknowledges that failure, then swings back on-topic by wondering if it's possible to hate any outfit that includes custom-made Brian Atwood glitter pumps.

    The prosecution suggests that a tux worn for a terrible musical number that brought new meaning to the phrase "Les Miserables" is no tux with which it ever wants to be associated. The defense snarks that it's a good thing the prosecution wasn't invited, and notes that at least Anne wasn't wearing it backward.

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