WTF: Selma Blair in Stella McCartney

This is EXACTLY what my face is doing.

selma blair

This picnic is getting ZERO STARS on Yelp. But at least I laughed out loud when I saw it; maybe Stella McCartney is secretly an accomplished comedian.

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  1. Gypsy Damger

    I actually laughed out loud. Probably loudly too because I am at work with my headphones in listening to music while I work. Sorry to the people around me. Like Goop’s dress, this can be fixed by choosing one fabric (the top), adjusting the fit, and in this case, ditching the weird front ruffle thing.

    I’m going into moderation today and don’t know why? :(

    • Claire's mom

      Don’t feel bad – I get sent to moderation purgatory all the time – no idea why most of the time.

      • Gypsy Danger

        It rarely happens to me. Sometimes if I throw in curse word for emphasis, I go there and I get that, but today I couldn’t figure it out.

        Next time it happens, we can hang out there together.

  2. Shannon

    She’s saying, “Ooooooh, Hell no!” and I’m saying it too.

  3. Nora

    Kiernan’s was nuts, but at least it looked like someone deliberately made the garment. Selma looks like she should be sitting up in bed in her pyjama top, while the duvet and top sheet are sliding off her lap. I mean, I know those fabrics ARE sewn together, but they don’t look it.

  4. Neil

    Three in a row! Come Fug Madness time, I think one of the brackets must be re-named in (dis)honour of Ms. McCartney.

  5. rachelee

    Selma Blair: The new spokesperson for JoAnn Fabrics. ALL the fabrics, apparently.

    • maryloubethune

      I love Jo Ann Fabrics but really and truly this is the worst example of an intro sewing class project and I am sure that the good people at JoAnn’s would show this person the door. Hideous

  6. Del C

    Kiernan’s dress had three fabrics. This one has four (that i can see, anyway). I imagine the next Stella McCartney outfit from this event will have five, then six, and so on. not even my fondness for Selma Blair could make this dress look good to me.

  7. Gina

    I lost my bikini bottom in the lake so I guess I’ll just wrap the blanket and tablecloth for the picnic around me and go right to the show.

  8. GigiNYC

    Omg. NO. It looks like three different curtains stitched haphazardly together. This is HEINOUS.

  9. amanda

    I really don’t like the white satin trim on these dresses. Also, I had a shirt in 1994 that was made of many plaids. This is not a trend that needs to come back.

  10.  kat

    Wow, carnival starts early this year! Carnival or a costume party – maybe Halloween – are the only settings a sane person would go: “I’m dressing up as a washing-line!’

    So what does Stella have on Selma Blair?

  11. S

    This and the Shipka have to be a prank, right? I mean, Stella is totally trolling. One drunken night she and a Hilfiger flunky cut up some quilts from his line (barely) sewed them together and giggled about how they’d get some mid-level celeb to wear them on a carpet. Then they wet themselves laughing while looking at the pics. “It worked. OMG. I can’t believe it worked!”

  12. Kiti

    *horrified stare*

  13. Livvie93

    If it were a mini being worn to the Teen Choice Awards, maybe…? But probably still no.

  14. LoriK

    Apparently this collection is bad, even by Stella’s low standards. Oy.

  15. Tessie

    In all seriousness, I do not understand how McCartney has become a mainstream, well-regarded designer. It can’t just be due to who her father is. I don’t mind wacky if it’s well done (see, e.g. Westwood and McQueen when he was still with us), but her work is not well done, and not flattering even to the genetically blessed models and stars she dresses.

    I would love to hear Tim Gunn talk about her work. Off to Google once I get some work done.

    • Mary

      You said it. She is horrible. It reminds me of the Emperor’s New Clothes…..everyone is afraid to say her stuff looks like crap.

    • Sandra

      If her name were Stella McCafferty, she wouldn’t be.

  16. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    The “dress” is confusing me but her head is teardrop-shaped in this picture, adding to the horror.

  17. greatwhitenorthchick

    This would have worked well as a long summer dress if it had stuck with the black/yellow/beige stripe on top. But, what are ya gonna do? I’m Stella, therefore, I Fug.

  18. Me, Myself & Irene

    Shipka’s was borderline cute because the fabrics were loosely coordinated. This went off the rails completely. If the Shipka dress was Tommy Hillfiger meets Grease, this is Tommy Hillfiger with a soupcon of any uniform worn by a University of Maryland athlete. Yikes.

  19.  Mina

    I’m not as mad at this as I should be probably because it has straps and volume. A lot of volume so much volume that it’s drowning out the voices of reason.

    • Anna

      I agree. Against my better judgement I am leaning on the positive side.

  20. Jenz

    So, there are construction guys outside my office building this week, doing masonry work on the facade of my building, about fifteen feet over my head. There’s no real sound insulation because the offices were built out after we got the place. They’ve been up there on scaffolding, working away with masonry saws, air hammers and a really, really loud something or other. Stuff’s hitting the windows, etc.

    This dress is LOUDER than they are.

  21. isaidnoh


  22.  attica

    Okay, Stella’s just trolling us now, right?

  23. Lori

    Yes, because what Kiernan’s dress needed was MORE mismatched fabric. Heaven help us all.

  24. Nancy

    Stella McCartney – the best case against nepotism in the last hundred years.

  25. TaraMisu

    Oh dear. No.

  26.  Rembry

    At least we’re spared The Shoes????

  27. NoNo

    Stella’s just offloading some stuff she had reserved for Heather Mills.

  28. Suzy Q

    Scarecrow chic.

  29.  Leu2500

    You know, vivienne westwood has probably used these same 3 fabrics in a knockout dress. It’s all in the cut & drape, which this mess doesn’t have. This looks like she’s wrapped up in tablecloths.

  30. Jennifer

    I don’t hate this as much as I should. The white satin trim bothers me and I don’t like the cheap 70′s fabric or the shoddy construction but somewhere in there is a little kernel of something interesting. Kind of.

  31. Val

    This is a joke, right?

  32. Jane

    I actually thought, at first glance, that she was holding up some blankets.