Who Fugged It More: Ciara vs. Rihanna

It’s the bathroom accident so nice, it got worn twice.

Version one: Ciara, at the premiere of Hangover Part II – which, by the way, love the choice of roman numerals there; it really keeps that joint classy — looking like an avalanche of seat liners and toilet paper got stuck in her panties.

Version Two: Rihanna,at a hotel, treating it as casual-wear and looking like an avalanche of seat liners and toilet paper got stuck in her panties.

So, you know, potato/po-tah-to: Do you prefer it with kicks, or heels? Trucker hat, or bangs? Grey streaks or crimson? Looming man-crotch in the foreground or formidable calf muscles? Or would you prefer they’d left it in the bathroom from whence half of it came?

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Comments (27):

  1. Chicklet

    It probably wouldn’t have looked so toilet-papery if it weren’t white. Protip: Don’t walk around looking like you’ve been pranked by a bunch of middle-schoolers.

  2. Jody

    Butt-caped Crusaders!

  3. Jill

    the skirt cape just looks so sad on Rhianna, while Ciara tries to make it sassy. Gotta go with sassy when it comes to skirt capes.

  4. Daisy James

    I was going to say I liked Rhianna’s version better, until I realized it included a trucker hat. Nothing gets better with trucker hats.

    Sideways doesn’t help.

  5. Cassie

    I prefer it on Rihanna, because it works better as part of her street style, which I often admire and enjoy. It looks a little silly all dressed up on Ciara, although I give her credit for trying to work it.

    But the trucker hat? Girl, NO. I love you but NO.

  6. KC

    This has actually been worn thrice. Teresa Palmer wore it in Paris as formal wear a la Ciara. Who knew when I walked out of the bathroom the other day with toilet paper in my skirt I was at the height of fashion?

  7. Kate O

    Gosh that material looks cheap. Not as cheap as ACTUAL toilet paper, but a pretty close second.

  8. Carolina Girl

    I am adding this to the list of unfortunate trends that should die a horrible, flaming death:
    1. Fish tail gowns
    2. Sheer skirts/pants/tops worn over bathing suits masquerading as leotards
    3. Nude colored shoes with EVERYTHING
    4. Lady Gaga
    5. Mullet clothes

  9. Lala

    @Caroline girl. I agree w/ your list except for nude heels! I love my nude heels, so elongating on a short gal.

  10. vandalfan

    Ciara’s fits very snugly, but it should. RiRi’s is too snug, it’s simply too small, as seen by the pulling near her bustline. Ciara looks ferocious, RiRi merely confused. I think it’s supposed to be more formal than the Converse and trucker hat application, but the nude hoof shoes don’t work. It’s summer, people, time for strappy sandals.

    Carolina Girl, please add “Black Lace Overlay on everything” to your list.

  11. Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    I love the idea of a starlet telling their stylist that they’re sick of their thighs sticking to the chair seat and the stylist pulling this out. Show your thighs and sit comfortably!

  12. Kris


    I’m going to go have a glass of wine now.

  13. Breda

    I went with Ciara, because she’s working hard to make it, as Jill said, sassy. On Rihanna, it looks like a sweatshirt is tied around her waist. If it were just the plain white dress, I’d probably be on Rihanna’s side, but not as it stands.

  14. Wordphreak

    “Whence,” not “from whence.”

  15. minette

    ciara makes it look as good as it can for a dress that reminds you of toilet paper.

    i don’t like the shape of rihanna’s legs, so i’m always distracted by them, and this doesn’t flatter them or her.

  16. Jamie

    My personal feeling: you’re much more likely to pull off something crazy, if you’re wearing it in heels.
    Nevertheless, everyone looks stupid in a mullet dress.

  17. moi

    The first couple decades of the 21st century are looking to give the ’70s a major run for their money in the WTF fashion department: onesies, mullet dresses, high waisted skinny jeans, sheer maxi skirt overlays. When will the madness end?

  18. Sylvie

    @Kris, I agree. Please can we start the nude platform pumps backlash NOW.

  19. Deli

    It is terrible, but at least Ciara looks pulled together. I really do not understand Rihanna’s wardrobe choices, EVER. And she looks like Raggedy Ann with that hair. FUG FUG FUG FUG FUG

  20. Kimberly

    My overwhelming dislike of Rihanna may have contributed to voting for Ciara’s, or maybe it was just the fact that she looked schlubby in it, combined with a sideways trucker hat and Converse.

    I find that I don’t mind the dress that much on Ciara. It could be better (shorter in the mullet, perhaps?) but it has its moments–or maybe I just wish I could wear a short white dress and look fierce instead of Abominable Snowman-y. Ciara’s shoes, however, haz got to go.

  21. mike

    Is it against fashion law for women of color to wear nude shoes? I thought the whole point of them on white girls was so that they blended in. They stand out, and in all the wrong ways, on Ciara.

  22. maryse

    i hate trucker hats. especially when worn “jauntily.” so much hate.

  23. Lila

    I agree, the trucker hat makes it so much worse.

  24. Robyn & Jessica

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  25. Bambi Anne Dear

    Rihanna just looks idiotic.

  26. Jordan Goslin

    I agree that if it weren’t white, I would really love it on Ciara. Because the non-tail part does awesome things for her figure. It fits really well. I can even enjoy the tail, which is huge because I hate all things with uneven skirts like that. Short dresses with trains and what not just remind me of a really terrible time in wedding fashion we like to call the 80s.
    But maybe make the tail more fringey and off to the side, and you could keep it white or another color altogether, something dark or a vibrant jewel tone, and we could be cooking with gas here.

  27. Jordan Goslin

    Oh and Rihanna looks sad and like she has a T-shirt melting off her.