Well Played, Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman is one of those celebrities that you didn’t really realize you missed until she showed up somewhere (in this case, Cannes) looking AWESOME and then you were all, “oh, RIGHT. She can turn it on when she has to. I wish she’d make a good movie again.” It’s been a while, Ums — can I call you Ums? Seriously. Kill Bill, Vol 2 was 2004 — that’s the year we STARTED this blog.

Damn, now I feel old. Onto the slideshow.

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  1. Willow

    I covet those earrings, time to go looking for a knoackoff version!

  2. Ann

    The old dudes standing next to her need to go.

  3. Tricia


  4. Jill

    You know, i don’t actually think that is illusion netting. I think it’s just skin.

    This dress is fantabulous. It’s so orgasmariffic that I can’t use actual words to describe it.
    I want her earrings. And her legs. And her face.

  5. Jennie-Suz

    I love the dress, the earrings, the makeup – everything but the hair. I do appreciate she went with an effortless-looking ‘do, but it just looks like it’s really messy. Good in concept, but the execution just needed a little…something.

    BUT, the look is fab regardless. So there’s that. :)

  6. ortenzia

    this whole look makes me want to do the really hard yoga classes again… and that’s saying something.

  7. Coco


  8. Lynne

    Girlfriend is wearing a floor length white dress and doesn’t look bridal. How is she doing that?

  9. TaraMisu


  10. val.

    She is gorgeous! The hair kind of looks like she just got back from the gym… but I suppose that might explain why she’s still got that body after all these years.

  11. Annie

    I feel like she should be giving Gisele lessons on how to pose without looking like an asshole. Same streamlined figure, same wave, but I don’t want to punch Uma in the face. Unless, of course, I manage to knock her out so I can steal that fabulous dress and those earrings.

  12. maryse

    she is just lovely. i think the casualness of the hair is perfect. also that last shot confirms what i’ve always thought about jude law. he’s got a giant head.

  13. yvetterene

    Yes, Uma does look lovely!

  14. Cecily

    Fantastic, all ’round. And I WANT those earrings!!!

  15. kelley

    I think this is the best I”ve ever seen her. Love the nude shoe/white dress/aqua earrings combo. Stunning and fresh!

  16. Terre Bowden

    STUNNING. i love that i can recognize her, that she has a few lines, that she looks relaxed and in her element, that it’s all so graceful, that it took a lot of effort but she makes it look completely effortless, the line of the dress, the amount of feathering-everything is just enough and not crazy…wow.

    i doff my sombrero.
    now go make a good movie. we miss you.

  17. Mongerel

    A+ with sprinkles.

  18. gryt

    She is just so effortlessly elegant – not just her clothes, but rather the way she carries herself, her posture, body type, the whole thing. She’s like a ballet dancer. Utterly glamorous.

    AND she has the good taste to let us forget her every now and then – “Uma Thurman is one of those celebrities that you didn’t really realize you missed until she showed up somewhere” – unlike ‘some’ fame***s.

  19. Anne B

    Holy … !

    Uma, Father Time’s face is stinging from this obvious slap. He’d like a word.

    The rest of us just want to know how you do it … and I for one would like both earrings and dress (knowing full well they’d look nowhere near as good on me).

    You are made of win. FAB.

  20. vandalfan

    Uma’s a tall drink of water, as my dad would have said, but she looks superb. But, what is the point of the illusion netting in back? The fabric would have stood up for itself just fine. Statler and Waldorf, and DeNiro there, look great in the second photo. Jude Law looks drool-worthy in eveningwear.

  21. Sally

    Wish the hair were a bit more polished and the zipper weren’t so visible but overall, big win. And Jude Law? Damn.

  22. Lookingglass

    So so so pretty. The prettiest. Like she floated down from a cloud of pretty.

    However, even if it turns out that the back of the dress contains no illusion netting (which seems likely), based on your willingness to overlook it, I hereby demand an apology on behalf of Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globes dress, a.k.a. the dress that caused the term backyhose to spring into being. Backyhose backyhose, oh backy backyhose! No longer a deal-breaker!

  23. Miz H

    I wondered what was going on the second photo. Are we seeing undergarments? I zoomed in and it’s not spanx, it’s some intricate fabric work which makes me admire the dress even more.

  24. Sally

    Vandalfan for the win with Statler and Waldorf. I’m cleaning YOGURT off my screen.

  25. Sharon Gerhard

    Where is she? Who are all the old guys?

  26. Elise

    So brilliant! She is spectacular. And I want those earrings too. (And the body, but earrings like that are probably easier to procure.)

  27. Clara

    Her posture is great. She looks elegant and relaxed and UMA.

  28. Rayna

    Yes, the slit is a BIT high, but that’s my only quibble.

    Overall, smashing. THAT’S how you wear feathers, peeps.

  29. jenelope

    There’s definitely some illusion netting on the back. You can see it more clearly in the wee top wedge in the original picture. But she looks so fantastic that it so doesn’t matter.

  30. Lina

    LOVE. So graceful, so well put together. I wish her makeup wasn’t quite so heavy, but she is made up for stage, not film. And I agree, I want to see her in a really good movie again.

  31. Carolina Girl

    When I first saw the header picture I thought it looked like she was shitting feathers, but the more I look at it, it seems to say “Suck on this, Ethan Hawke!”.
    She looks wonderful and I think the messy hair has a lot to do with how windy it appears to be. She’s never had really thick hair and it probably didn’t stay exactly where she wanted it. But overall, I think it’s a total win and if anyone knows where to get a knockoff of those earrings, speak up!

  32. Erin

    I really just think that I haven’t seen anyone look that pulled-together, lovely, comfortable, elegant, and GORGEOUS all at once in such a long time. Sigh. I must be getting jaded. But she just looks stunning. Go Uma!

  33. Matilda

    Beautiful swan was what sprang to my mind first. She looks amazing. Love the shoes. And she’s got that kind of dirty look on her with her messy hair, you can just imagine her doing it in the hay!

  34. Leah


  35. KJ

    Seriously, looking well is the best revenge. And in this case, she’s pwned EHawke for all time.

  36. Sajorina

    Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated… Love!!!

  37. Carolyn

    THIS. THIS is how you do feathers. Take note, world.

  38. Sajorina

    Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated… I love it!!!

  39. Joyce


  40. corriner

    WHY did no one BRING IT like this at the Oscars? I think we should start inviting Uma to things just so she can dress like this and put all other celebs to shame. FOR SHAME celebs, for shame!

  41. G

    A+ with sprinkles, as Mongerel said, but the reason she’s sitting with her hands pressed firmly into her lap is that if she didn’t, the view would be gynecological. The slit in that dress is a little too long.

  42. Jo

    G: but she’s aware of that and she handles it perfectly.

    This woman defines grace, by simply breathing.

  43. Annie

    I found myself wishing Uma were around more often twice this past month. The fantastic Batman and Robin was on tv..the very one where Uma plays Poison Ivy. I also saw her in a rather bizarre ginger ale commercial.


  44. avidbeader

    So is all that scaffold-looking stuff around the bodice a feature or a bug? It looks like you can see every bit of whalebone that went into holding the top up.

  45. pinkcheese

    God she’s stunning.

  46. 'Mela

    At last, elegance!

  47. CJ

    The FugGirls should have a new category: Spectacularly Played. I will chime in with my admiration, not just for a gorgeous gown, but for the lady looking utterly beautiful in it. As my mom would say: She could stop traffic in that dress. Love the shoes, love the earrings, love the posture, the smile, the grace, everything. Perfection.

    And Mr. Law is looking mighty nice as well!

  48. Melissa

    I am really digging the sculptural bodice thing going from Kate Middleton (well, she still was when she first put it on) to here. I know some people hated the pointed 50s boob thing, but I say bring it on.

  49. Su-Yin Johns

    so i gather from the comments that people are still bitter about ethan hawke?
    yeah, me too.
    beautiful uma is beautiful. sexy-classy, modern-glamorous, ageing gracefully. who knew they could all be done, and done at once?

  50. kdots

    1) Is it just me, or does it look like she’s grabbing Statler’s bum in pic #2?
    2) Once again, Uma proves that a gorgeous face is your best accessory, even when you have gym hair.
    3) Nobody better spill anything on her. I’m looking at you, J. Law.

  51. Bambi Anne Dear

    I like the old guy on the right. He’s trying to talk and no one’s paying attention to him. No wonder.

  52. Babs

    She looks divine. Literally: like a goddess.
    The loose hair is what keeps the look from turning bridal, I think. good call.

    Did you see that raised eyebrow?

  53. Vickyb

    I love this – but for the people querying the illusion netting… it definitely was.

    Also, the coment on the photo of how to sit wearing a dress like this, so as to look ladylike? Hmmm, she didn’t have it quite downpat. Over at Celebitchy, there is a very suspicious pic of Uma in this dress and there’s quite the debate raging over whether it’s dress lining or Brazilian. My vote, Brazilian.

  54. Nina

    Absolutely beautiful, and swan-like, in a good way. Loving it!

  55. exquisite red

    I love everything about this.

    Please don’t go out and get a ton of botox because I said this, but Uma, those tiny wrinkles I saw just made me love you a little more. Cheers to a celebrity who still looks like herself…and spectacular!

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