Well Played (Mostly), Jessica Chastain


Items of note:

  1. Zero Dark Thirty, the movie Chastain is promoting here, looks excellent. AND the trailer provides living, walking proof that people always look better in sunglasses. She should roll up to the Oscars in that casual hair and those aviators, and just lean against things.
  2. I want her hair on my head.
  3. This dress is very pretty. I kind of wish she would move out of the Pretty Lady Brunch Outfits and start dressing like more of a bad ass — I think it might suit her, surprisingly — but it’s pretty, and it looks pretty on her.
  4. Insert usual complaint about why her shoes are so boring here.
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Comments (32):

  1. Tiffany

    I think Jessica looks great. Her hair looks amazing and I think the pink color flatters her. The bottom of the skirt is a little odd, but I think if they would have left it alone it would have made the dress too boring overall.

  2. Big Noise

    Eh, it looks like she folded her brunch napkin into the folds of the sofa slipcover at Lady Maud’s country house in Devonshire. And why can’t some women accessorize? If she had worn SOMETHING in the jewelry family — simple earrings, a necklace, a cuff — I might have been on board. Otherwise, this is just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. pidget

    Who erased the bottom of the dress? And why are the roses screaming? But her hair/makeup is pure loveliness. I’d like to see her in rockachick.

    • ortenzia

      yep, after seeing a couple of her performances i think it’s time she embraced actress-badass because she deserves it.

  4. Trace

    I want to throw out those nude pointy shoes – she is ALWAYS wearing them and they are HORRIBLE!

    • kSto

      Nude shoes on the red carpet piss me off. Sure, they are indispensable for women who can’t afford the perfect pair for every outfit, i.e., almost everyone. But if you get photographed for a living and hire a stylist to twist designer arms or whatever they do to score the latest dress, you owe us fabulous shoes. How can we live vicariously through you if you are wearing OUR SHOES?

      • Kris M

        Well put. I have a pair of nude shoes that I love because they’re incredibly versatile, but don’t think for a second that if I could afford a pair of shoes to match every outfit I wore, I would kick those nude shoes to the curb.

  5. foo

    I don’t hate the dress and it is admittedly better than some she has worn, but that white “rose” on her left looks like an evil pig attacking her crotch.

    She looked so great in the movie Lawless. (She is also great in it, as is Tom Hardy and almost everyone else) I wish whoever styled her for that movie could style her in real life. I think she is a great actress and very pretty. She deserves better clothes. (and shoes)

    • SKS

      HAHA all I see is the pig now!!!

    • JessicaAZ

      Holy cats! Thanks for pointing out the pig, now I can’t un-see it!

      I just think the dress is really unflattering on her, she looks really wide and she absolutely is NOT wide.

  6. Vandalfan

    Sweet Fancy Pickles, buy that gal a dozen eyebrow pencils for Christmas!

    And the brownish part of the rose print reminds me of Three Wolf Moon t-shirts. Which see, for the Amazon product reviews: http://www.amazon.com/The-Mountain-Three-Short-Sleeve/product-reviews/B002HJ377A

    • SCM

      Thank you Vandalfan. I had a productive afternoon of work planned, but instead the Amazon product reviews happened.

      Oh well, there’s always tomorrow for working….

  7. TonyG

    Pretty, but I wish the print were not interrupted by the white triangle.

  8. TLT

    Above her left breast the two roses make eyes and the beige rose like thing looks like some kind of weird beak/mouth. Not a fan. Then the white triangle, and the more I type the more the centers of the roses look eyes. Nope. Uh-huh. Icky.

  9. Joe Dwarf

    Looks like my grandma’s couch and makes her look almost as wide. No thanks.

  10. Memo

    I HATE it! It makes her look like she has no waist, the length is stumpifying and the shoes are awful. She is prettier than this.

    • Kris M

      Agreed. I can’t even believe this is a Well Played. It’s shapeless, the colour is terrible on her and her shoes are uninteresting.

  11. Lynne

    How much do you think Jessica’s pulling in per picture? I ask this because of the shoes. Follow me. So I think to myself, Jess could afford nicer shoes than this, right? Couldn’t she? Most of the starlets are wearing borrowed shoes, right? Which is why they’re often 2 or 3 sizes too big. So maybe Jessica’s all, “Look. If I have to show up in ridiculously-priced rags to placate designers and like, Us Weekly or whatever, I’m wearing shoes that fit, damnit.”

    So maybe she can afford a few pairs of very pricey shoes but they have to be neutral because she can’t afford to fill her closet with 100 pairs of Jimmy Choos.

    I might be over thinking this.

  12. dawn

    Missing in action- her waist! A very unflattering dress. The roses are just plain icky. Put me on the side of NOT liking pink or red on a redhead. And for the love of Pete, pick up some new shoes and a little bit of jewellery!

  13. cc

    I think she looks really good, it isn’t too “sunday brunch” for me. That movie trailer is awesome too.

  14. Nancy

    Yes, pretty dress, though maybe for a fancy brunch, and I don’t get the white triangle.

    And YES, please Jessica Chastain, please be more badass on the red carpet!

  15. amys

    She’s veering into granny territory, and someone needs to snag those shoes and hide them from her.

  16. Helen

    Meh. It’s okay, but it’s no three-wolf T-shirt.

  17. fritanga

    Still think she looks boring head to toe, and I have no idea why she has such a high-profile career. The only thing I’ve seen her in was about 30 minutes of that Terence Malick movie with Brad Pitt, and she was beyond colorless and generic.

    This is such an “oh-my-aren’t-I-edgy?” mother of the bride outfit. She’s sliding into Julianne Moore territory, although at least Julianne’s fugly outfits make her seem interesting, if misguided. Chastain always seems totally uninspired.

    • Helen

      I would not know the name Jessica Chastain if not for these pages.

      But I do usually find her fun to look at!

      Here, not so much.

  18. jesica

    I can’t believe a pink floral dress with a patchwork bottom on a redhead didn’t merit a single Molly Ringwald reference. All Jessica really needs is a Duckie and her outfit would be complete!

  19. Katharine

    1) This is a well-played? She looks like a tribute to 1987 interior decorating.
    2) They made a movie named after an Aesop Rock lyric?

  20. Cucina49

    I agree with Dawn that the dress isn’t super-flattering, but it’s probably better than 90% of what she’s worn. She’s just gorgeous, though, regardless of the meh dress.

  21. Jen M

    Yes, pretty. Pretty boring. This outfit is a stale bowl of potpourri in a crystal bowl on my mother-in-law’s sideboard.

  22. Samara

    Without the mother-of-the-bride shoes, this is pretty!

  23. witjunkie

    I just don’t like prints that are photographs of things.