Well Played, Mila Kunis


This is not normally a color of which I approve, and yet I am going to approve of this. Hang on to your hats and glasses:

That’s also a length that I think is hard to wear, and yet I appreciate how she is wearing it. In short, for all intents and purposes, this whole thing should be a hot, moldy mess BUT IT IS NOT. Maybe this movie IS magical.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (35):

  1. gin_in_teacups

    She looks so pretty in this and it’s fits nicely with the magic good witch thing. Great choice from Mila!

  2. Carol

    Love this … the earrings also look nice, but aren’t enough … I would have added a statement necklace, but otherwise, what a great pulled-together outfit.

  3. Clara

    I love it. It fits, is feminine without being girly, the colour is so-so but I can live with it. Lovely!

  4. Anita

    Love everything about this…except the non-color.

    • Art Eclectic

      Me too. She looks stunning but I just can’t get past that dishwater non-color.

  5. hoover19

    Perhap’s it’s just that mila kunis herself is magical :)

  6. cathy

    like it! she has very strong coloring so she can work this beige and she is one of the prettiest woman in showbizz in my opinion

  7. jerkygirl

    Wow, that’s so pretty even the dishwater color looks good.

  8. Sandra

    It looks a lot like one of my mom’s semi-formal dresses from her college days in the ’50′s. The very young me had a great time playing dress-up in it, so I am strongly predisposed to love this. I might appreciate it even more in a different color, but it’s so pretty and ladylike that I vote thumbs up just as it is.

  9. Bella

    She looks lovely.

  10. TonyG

    The dress is great; the accessories (shoes and earrings and lack of bracelet) is meh.

  11. gryt

    Her standing in the gotta-pee pose kills it for me, unfortunately.

  12. Rayna

    Mila is my homegirl.

    And that dress is what I wore in my fantasy wedding…………..but the only part of that look that I have captured is the pedicure.

    Oh, well, a girl can dream.

  13. Cucina49

    I am not in love with the shoes, but I have serious earring envy.

    Somehow she’s pulling off what could be a very bland look.

  14. Corriner

    This dress shape is fantastic.

    I want it on my body.

  15. maryse

    she is gorgeous.

  16. Vandalfan

    I’m open to most shades, so ghost color is fine, for me.

    I’d like to see a brighter lipstick, however, and something different on her feet. And, you know, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

  17. Courtney

    I love this, but at second glance it looks a tad largely proportioned for her frame? It fits her well so she’s rocking it, but I would love to see this with the neckline just a smidge more narrow, and the skirt a breath higher.

  18. Anna

    There is something about the neckline that looks a bit odd to me. And a different shoe would be better (perhaps in the same colour as the earrings?). But overall, it’s a good look.

  19. Stefanie

    I love her. She looks great.

  20. Melly

    She looks great, but I give a lot of credit to the shoes for taking her there. Otherwise just OK and she looks as pissed off in this pic as she did in the three-shot with Michelle and Rachel Weiss.

  21. Jen from cincy

    I love the retro look! So beautiful. I’d love it more in another color, but even so, it is so pretty.

  22. Danna

    She looks stunning, and I love the 50s retro vibe.

    • Val

      Gotta say, they knew what they were doing with dress design in the 50′s…. sigh.

  23. Sarie

    I love this so much especially the hint of lace peeking out at the hem. It needs to be in my closet, where I will wear it around the house all the time, because I have absolutely nowhere to wear it out to.

  24. Helen

    This color would work on very few, but the vividly colored Kunis, with her contrasting, huge light eyes, is one of those few.

    And it appears to have been tailored by God’s personal seamstress. The fit and proportions are flawless.


  25. Tiffany

    I am not in love with the color, but I adore the shape so much that I can over look it. The scoop neck, the tiny waist, and the full-and-fun skirt are so adorable! It looks so graceful and truly feminine without showing T&A. I will dream about this dress tonight (in a different color hopefully).

  26. Ellen

    She looks great, and I love this and her, but whoa, bitch face!

  27. Scanderoon

    I think she can wear this colour because she has a rich skin tone that’s not too close to it. That plus her strong black hair and brows keep her from looking washed out, as a lot of fairer celebs do when they wear things this shade. Lovely dress!

  28. Emma

    Gorgeous. I can forgive the lack of colour, because the shape is so pretty.

  29. Sajorina

    I love this from head to toe! LOVE, I tell you! The styling is FLAWLESS! She has such beautiful skin and the most beautiful eyes! FAB!

  30. Lizzie

    Mila looks lovely. Something about the dress reminds me of the Rodin statue “Little Dancer”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Dancer_of_Fourteen_Years

  31. Lily1214

    I sort of liked the lady standing behind her who looks as if she’s taking a photo of herself.