In good news, Michelle Williams’s face has NEVER LOOKED BETTER:

Remember when she was on Dawson’s and you were like, “I don’t know about this person’s face?” Maybe that was just me. I was really mean then. Also, she was slightly awkward. But talk about growing into your looks. Gorgeous.

HOWEVER — and you knew that was coming — I will give $10 to the person who manages to talk Michelle out of wearing this silhouette.

This dress is fine, but we’ve got to sit down and have some real talk about some stuff. Namely:

  1. She wears this dress all the damn time. The shape, the neckline, the color. She has never met a crew-necked white dress she didn’t wear out of the house.
  2. She is too square and/or secretly busty for this sort of Mod shape to actually look THAT great on her. Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist: she has a lovely figure, and she looks totally fine. But she could look extra plus good in something that worked with her natural shape rather than slightly against it. I TOO tend to squareness and secret boobs (mostly when I’m hitting the sandwiches like Rocky hits a heavy bag [so, almost all the time]) and I TOO want to dress like a fabulous Mod vixen, so I GET THIS. I so get it. I even want this hair (she is lucky enough to be able to pull it off).  And I don’t even mind looking square occasionally. I have this green DVF dress that I have been informed BY A PROFESSIONAL makes me look too square, and that professional was right and I still wear it. I don’t always care; sometimes you don’t mind. But she wears this exact shape ALWAYS. THE MADNESS MUST STOP. TRY A V-NECK, MICHELLE.
  3. We still love you and hooray for sleeves.


WHAT. I don’t even know how to feel.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]