Well Played, Hailee Steinfeld in Markus Lupfer


With the minor caveat that I wish that was a belt, and not her bare skin:

This is CUTE. It might actually even be CAH-YOOT.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Kate

    I like this! I’ve come to the personal conclusion that when I can’t really tell if something is a belt or bare skin it’s an acceptable cutout.

    •  ChiTownSteph

      I came to a similar conclusion recently and I think it’s because dresses like this don’t scream “look at my abs!” It’s as if the hint of skin is actually, thoughtfully incorporated into the look.

      This is fab!

  2.  Mrs. Ditter

    What? No. She looks terrific but I don’t like the apron/shield/bib bodice on this creation.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Yeah, I think that’s what’s so unflattering about it. It’s the cut of the front at the top. It’s very understandable a designer might want to make something Different, but this is Different at the expense of Attractive.

      • Gretchen

        At first glance it looks like it should be on the back of the dress

  3. anne p.

    Aw, Jessica … it’s summertime — let’s do the belt some other season!

    • PegMN

      I agree completely! She’s young and carefree and this is a totally appropriate summer frock.

    • TonyG

      I’m on the fence.

      I like that it reminds me of a belt, but I still don’t like that it’s a cut-out even though it actually looks great.

      So maybe I’m not on the fence.

      I’m in the middle of jumping down from the fence onto the fab side but wishing I could just hold my position in mid-air and not commit to hitting the ground.

      • CakesOnAPlane

        I’m more bothered by the sides of the bodice. I feel like we are approaching side-boob territory. I dunno, I would have to see a side shot. But it is still unsettling.

  4. TalleyL

    Love the shoes!!

  5. SPJava

    I love this and the cut out is perfection on her. Its seem perectly fine for a summer dress. Adorbes. :}

  6.  Looly

    I don’t hate the cutout. She looks cute, youthful and age appropriate. However, she does NAB.

    • Kristin C

      Or at least some earrings.

    • Joanie

      Youthful and cute, it suits her to a “t”. The little bit of skin showing is modest enough that it’s not bugging me. But, yes, add a bracelet and she’s golden.

  7. Marnie

    I thought nothing could top the guilty pleasure cheese of the Leo and Claire Romeo and Juliet, but the version she starred in is streaming on Netflix right now and my god, it is ridiculous. It’s like the CW version of Romeo and Juliet and despite all of it’s faults, of which there are many, it is DELIGHTFULLY over the top. And Romeo is super hot.

    But yeah, cute dress. Cute shoes.

  8. Other Emily

    Adorable. Love the shoes.

  9.  Fawn

    I really like this as is. I think it may have been even better though, as a crop top and skirt. She’s young and adorable – exactly the kind of person that can get away with it.

  10.  S

    Nice deployment of the trendy yellow shoe, too.

  11. HelenBackAgain

    I would like it – a LOT – if it flattered her figure.

    It does not.

  12.  Jules

    My brain is trying to find a recognizable shape in the pattern.
    Like bow tie pasta, or melting martini glasses.
    It must be close to lunch time.

  13. Sandra

    I thought the title said “…in Markus Lucifer” and thought “oh c’mon, it’s not THAT bad!” Don’t love the skin-slice but it looks good otherwise.

  14. Jen

    I need her shoes. goddamn my Ronald MacDonald size feel.