Well Played, Elisabeth Moss


Man, remember how rough things used to be here? There was a year when Ms. Moss had a decent Fug Madness seed because she either looked rumpled, or chose something matronly, or didn’t insist on a great fit. And now look at her. Our Peggy is all grown up.

This is genuinely lovely, with plenty to keep Basic Black from being Boring Black. It fits her perfectly, and it’s casual enough to be appropriate for the whole daytime Q&A thing (one never wants to look as if one has confused the TCAs with another dressier acronym), yet also fancy enough that she clearly takes her job seriously and thus we’re not looking at her and thinking, “This is WORK, not a hangover breakfast, so BE PROFESSIONAL AND PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER.”

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Comments (23):

  1. Rayna

    Wow. Way to wear black lace with a see through effect without getting, ahem, skintastic. Way to show some leg without making the immediate world your unwilling gynecologist.

    Certain People should watch and learn from Miss Moss. Just sayin’.

  2. Liz985

    I’m 90% with you, but the white showing underneath makes me think she needed a slip and didn’t have black one on hand.

    • amys

      I think that white is her skin. But, yeah, I agree it looks a bit odd.

      • Lindy

        No, it’s not her skin; the dress is lined in a color close to her skin tone.

  3. Kris M

    She looks so much younger than she did! I honestly thought this woman was in her 40s before.

  4. Bella


  5. Tracey

    Dress is pretty but I think she’d look twice as good with a better hairstyle and better posture. I sound like my mother, but honest to G*d, put your shoulders back, Elizabeth.

  6. witjunkie

    Really pretty, and lace deployed as it was meant to be – as an accent, not the whole frickin’ entree.

  7. buttercup

    Thank goodness she’s done with that awful blonde hair! This isn’t perfect, but yes, it’s the best she’s looked in recent memory.

  8. jenna

    I’m not a huge fan of the two boob sacks approach.

    • Mrs. Ditter

      Yes, thank you. Thought I was the only one who objected to the chestal treatment. This really does not look like a Well Played to me.

  9. Sajorina

    She really looks lovely! I’d wear the whole outfit myself, but with brighter lipstick and more jewelry! But, good for her! FAB!

  10. Leslie

    I hate the GET THE LOOK pop-ups on my screen!

  11. regina

    I’m joining in the appreciative choir here. This is fabu, this is how fresh and stylish I want to look for work.. and after-work.

  12. jean

    I miss her blonde hair. She seemed more sassy with it. It’s a good day dress otherwise.

  13. Bubba

    Super cute! I would love to own this dress. What looks like white underneath is actually a pink satin underlay if you zoom in, so guessing it does not photograph well.

  14. Helen

    Very nice. I’d prefer a more interesting shoe, but it’s a very minor quibble. Simple is fine with this dress, too. I like.

    And yes, she does need to stand up a little straighter! I’m just going to assume, for my own happiness, that in other shots, she did have better posture.

  15. mary lou bethune

    She is so cute but that dress does not fit properly unless you is going to a tea somewhere in Pasedena….

  16. Jason

    Elegant dress, would look more ‘together” if she did not have bare legs, but some fine ultra-sheer black stockings.

    And it’s about time women freed themselves from the obligatory black nail polish, we’re tired of looking at it on everybody who has hands, whether it suits the person or the dress or not.

    Bare legs with closed pumps and dressy dresses look so un-sophisticated and in poor taste, let alone that the world doesn’t need to see every vein, every spot, every scratch on the legs of a dressed-up celebrity….

  17. Eirwen

    She is lovely but the dress reminds me of nylon net curtains and her tights are a weird colour.

  18. Caroleena Stantonova

    I miss voting on the costumes.

  19. Vandalfan

    I’m not seeing anything I like on this mussy, too-small, bad postured number. And with such hair?