You may enjoy Natalie Zea’s work on Justified, or remember her fondly from Dirty Sexy Money, or be looking forward to her work on The Following. I too have all those feelings. But most of all, I love her for being Gwen on Passions, especially given that she was eventually replaced by the actress that she replaced to begin with. Sadly, this means she missed getting to act out this tender, show-ending storyline: per Wikipedia, “Rebecca accidentally reveals to everyone that Gwen and Ethan’s marriage of six years is in fact invalid; following Ethan and Gwen’s terminated engagement in 2000, Gwen and Rebecca went to Las Vegas, where Gwen became intoxicated and was married to an unknown man by an Asian Elvis impersonator. After being teleported to jail by Kay’s magic (!!!!), Gwen and her mother try to stop Ethan and Theresa’s wedding in a final attempt to have a happy ending.”

That show really was the best. But what about her outfit?

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