Well Played, Debra Messing


First of all, I would like to say that I love Post-its, so the fact that this is some kind of Post-it event at which Debra Messing is the Post-it Spokesmodel, pleases me:

I kind of wish they’d made her wear something covered in Post-Its — maybe ones with network notes for season two of Smash written on them, like, “can you figure out a way to kill off the kid without it being depressing? Advise,” and “ELLIS MUST GO” and “Karen = The Worst. Y/N?” But since NBC probably wouldn’t sign off on that, I guess this will have to do. Good thing it’s so cute.

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  1. qwertygirl

    Those look like pink Post-It lunchboxes. Where can I get one?!? Oh, and the dress is super-cute too.

  2. Emily

    I heard that Ellis is gone for season 2. I was actually getting to like him towards the end there. He added some much needed sabotage/drama.

  3. Katharine

    “…something covered in Post-Its…”

    She could have borrowed Robyn’s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_Talk_(Robyn_album)

  4. witjunkie

    Debra Messing is statuesque, so she is the type of person who can and should wear these heavier, structured, sort of brocaded dresses. The more petite ones just drown in them. She looks absolutely great, head to toe.

  5. Heather

    This kind of looks like a Judy Jetson Halloween costume, if properly accessorized. But I fully support a Judy Jetson Halloween costume AND post-it notes, so I mean that as a compliment.

  6. Michelle

    The dress actually doesn’t sit very well with me, but her hair looks amazing. Finally, a decent look for her.

  7. Chasmosaur

    I want to like the dress more, but somehow I don’t. Maybe I just don’t think houndstooth should be metallic.

    But I do covet her hair and her makeup is excellent :)

  8. Katie

    I would wear the hell out of the matte version of this dress. I’m not so much digging the shiny on her, but the cut and structure of the dress is exactly what I am always looking for when I go dress shopping and it works well on her frame as well.

  9. pantsonfire

    This is a good cut for her, generally. She’s got a great bod, but we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that she’s not particularly curvy up top and IS curvy down below, so I like what this dress is doing for her. The houndstooth and heavy shoes feel a little wintry to me, but overall, this is an improvement.

  10. Amber

    Love the dress. LOVE the Post-It lunchboxes.

  11. Tall and Salty

    I am physically incapable of looking at or reading about Post-Its without thinking of Romy and Michelle. “Do you have, like, a Businesswoman Special?”

    I also want that hair on my head, stat.

  12. jennifer

    Isn’t houndstooth plaid Scottish? Doesn’t 3M also make scotch tape? Am I grasping?

  13. Mary

    I have an unholy love of all things houndstooth and I need that dress. Sure, it wouldn’t look half as good on me, probably doesn’t even come in my size, and may cost more than the current balance of my bank account, but whatever. I need it.

  14. val.

    This is the best she’s looked in quite a while!

    • TonyG

      I thought the same thing. She has tended to look a little dumpy/schlumpy lately. This is so perfect.

  15. aeb

    i don’t like this. don’t mind the bodice of the dress, but something about that waist and the skirt are bothering me. like it looks heavy and thick (not she looks heavy and thick, the dress does). i can’t even discuss the shoes, although i’m not sure what i’d like to see instead.

  16. vandalfan

    First with the red leather lacy dress and now this resplendent silver and black 50′s silhouette? I’d better go check the calendar, because both those outfits would look fine under a fur coat at a Christmas cocktail shindig, but not in flippin’ August.

    This dress looks like it could stand up all by itself, unoccupied, but it’s still surprisingly nice.

  17. Meri

    “can you figure out a way to kill off the kid without it being depressing? Advise,” and “ELLIS MUST GO”

    The kid travels to China to find his baby sister. Ellis, seeking redemption for poisioning someone, goes with him, as does Michael Swift, who wants to use the kid to get closer to Julia. Dev also accompanies them to deal with burecratic red tape. Every 4 episodes or so, they can send a postcard back, “Still alive, still looking.”

  18. jellybean

    i’m trying to focus on the (totally groovy) dress but i keep thinking, “what in sweet mother of cheese is a Post-It Event?”

  19. Mahastee

    The dress is fab. The hair and makeup are good. The fake leg tan is iffy.

    But the posture? That is how I stand when I have menstrual cramps and my shoes are too small.

  20. Nancy

    She looks great here! For a while she’s been out and about in really unflattering outfits. Kudos to her!

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I’m IN LOVE with that dress, those shoes & her hair! COVET! I don’t think she’s looked this good in a long time, so this brings a smile to my face! FAB & Absolutely WELL PLAYED!!!!!

  22. Helen

    Veeeerrry attractive! Suits her perfectly.

    And she herself, wow. This woman just gets more and more beautiful.

  23. Patrick

    Looks like she’s gained some much-needed weight and SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC!

  24. sop

    Those shoes look painful. Like ‘Argh! Jeez! My back! And toes!’ painful.

  25. Rubee

    It would have been an all around 10 had the skirt been 2 inches longer. These granny pumps stumpify most legs.

  26. Ms. A.

    That dress looks bulky and she looks uncomfortable.

  27. Celeste

    Cute, but for some reason to me it looks kind of age-inappropriate–but I always think she comes off older than she is anyhow.

  28. ccm800

    Ugh. This dress is not daytime and not flattering. More appropriate to host a xmas/new year dinner party thing or whatever. NOT feeling it at all for her.

  29. recxtb


  30. Eli

    It’s nice to see her looking attractive. She looks so dreadful and frumpy on Smash with her character wearing 4 scarves and 2 shapeless cardigans at once that I forgot she is actually pretty.

  31. Heather

    It is cute, but am I wrong or does she look uncomfortable? Like she needs to dash off to the restroom so she can change into her favorite yoga outfit, like right now!

  32. Jules

    That looks itchy as heck, like something you’d use to scrub dishes.

    I like what they did with the pattern on the skirt.
    I’d like to see it in traditional black and white

  33. Victoria

    Totes agree with everyone who has commented that this dress is more appropriate for fall/winter weather. While I too love the transition clothes at the start of fall, busting them out early usually doesn’t turn out well. I love the dress and wish it was hanging in my closet. Her hair is great, as per usual.

    Jessica, I read your comment in the post about Karen, and suddently envisioned a hypothetical version of Smash in which Iowa Karen was really Karen Walker from Will and Grace. Despite her character’s penchant for plastic surgery, cosmetic injections, booze and prescription drugs, she STILL emotes more and shows more life than McPhee. I would much prefer to see Karen Walker (and not just Megan Mullally, but Megan Mullally playing Karen Walker, squeaky mouse voice and all) playing Marilyn than Karen Whatsherface. Plus Mullally is fab and has mad singing chops in real life. THAT would be a version of Smash I would actually enjoy.

  34. Karla Salmon Robinson

    You guys, Post-It Note dresses!!! On Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino!!!