Well Played, Cate Blanchett


This outfit is the polar opposite of the one she wore yesterday:

She is clearly more AMUSED by her high-fashion straitjacket — and it is more….what’s the word? ENTERTAINING — than this is. But there is nothing funny about how very pretty this is. Sometimes you just need a basic, perfect, long-sleeved day dress. It’s like the raspberry palate cleanser after a whole plateful of crazy.

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  1. Candy

    I covet this dress. Except that it appears to have padding in the shoulders. Ugh.

  2. Courtney

    Perfect. Especially with those shoes, which a less magnificent woman would’ve replaced with The Beige Shooves.

    • julyol1972

      Considering she just got off a plane for this portrait session, I have to say Queen Cate is slaying it again. Us mere mortals would never look this serene and pulled together, after just jumping of an aircraft.

      I know I definitely wouldn’t want a camera jammed in my head space so soon after.

  3. Maria L.

    It is a very pretty dress in a gorgeous color and fits her well, but I would prefer a funky broach, or better earrings, or a chunky necklace to wake it up a bit. Still, I’d like to make the dress mine.

  4. Alicia

    I think it may have needed a stronger pedi. Maybe she originally planned to wear closed shoes?

    • Rowynn

      Yep, I agree. To me, a pedi is to feet what makeup is to face. Open shoes just seem to demand some color on the toes, plus it just makes your feet look…. I dunno, finished.

  5. AnnieB

    The color of the dress is pretty but I loathe the Power suit look of the padded shoulders. It’s all a bit plain for me and I think the shoes look cheap..

    • Rachael

      I agree that the shoes look cheap. I think the hemline of the dress should have been a couple of inches shorter, too. I think interesting pumps, rather than metallic sandals, would have worked better for me with this. I like the strong shoulder for Cate. She can work that. The color is pretty nice too. But someone above mentioned a statement necklace, and I think that would have been nice, too.

  6. Stefanie

    Yes, I want that in my closet please.

    •  Jessica

      I’m pretty sure I HAVE this in my closet from Talbots last season. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. I also have it in black. :)

  7. Other Emily

    I kind of like the shoulders — adds to the sort of retro feel this has. I think she looks great — the color is beautiful, it’s simple, the shoes are nice. Her head is, as ever, basically perfect.

    • Maria L.

      I think of these as Mildred Pierce shoulders. It does have a retro vibe.

  8. Sandra

    We mere mortals might need to jazz this up with jewelry, shoes, pedicures, etc. The Queen of Awesome, however, just has to put it on. Face, hair, and posture do the rest.

  9. greatwhitenorthchick

    Love the dress; shoes are awful. They look almost orthopedic.

  10. PB

    The shoulders are a bit too structured for my taste, but it is otherwise very pretty. I don’t think I can do shoulder pads again. Please, shoulder pads, don’t come back into fashion. I survived the ’80s one time already, and I don’t recall it all that fondly.

  11.  TaraMisu

    I know everyone loves her and all…. but zzzzzzzzzz.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yeah. It’s a great fit and I love the color, but this unrelieved expanse is just kinda… dull.

      Maybe if it had a bold belt.

  12. Cristina


  13. Fifie

    Hiddy shoes.

  14. Lily1214

    Payless shoes. $16.99 on sale. Otherwise, she looks great.

  15. Cat

    The dress is pretty and I love the color, but agree it seems a bit… plain? Some awesome earrings or a chunky necklace (or bracelet) would have added some spice. And a splashier pedicure would help too.

  16. Melanie

    Looks like something I would have worn to the office in 1990. Ugh.

  17. Katie Lynn

    THOSE SHOES. They need to get on my feet now!

  18. luvthefuggers

    nope, disagree…shoe fail, for one, and just dull for another….i have a maxi version of this that i wear to work.

  19. gryt

    Too much toe, but I flove the 1930′s inspired dress (my favorite fashion era of all time).

  20. Mary Urech Stallings

    This is not working for me. And the shoes are the exclamation point to boring!

  21. Lee-Lee

    Apologies to all but I don’t think this looks great at all. It is DULL!! Everyone gives her so much more leeway than they do to other celebs. From the neck up is also not doing her any favors. She needs a wee bit more drama in her makeup and please…..that hair….. is lank, limp and really needs an intervention.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I will defend her hair. She cannot make more strands of it grow out of her head! And I love that she eschews extensions, which could make it fuller. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing one’s hair naturally, like this, with a relatively casual dress.

      However, looking a second time, I do agree the makeup’s a little too little for photographs, especially with the dress being a bold color.

    • Mallory

      I agree about her hair–if her hair is naturally thin and fine and she doesn’t want to use extensions, she needs to lop off a few inches (some people are not meant to have longer hair).

  22. D.j.

    I want that dress even if Im pretty sure it wont fit. But its gorgeous

  23.  Aspasia

    I feel like this dress needs a belt.

  24. Janice

    It’s like something Joan Crawford would wear at her informal cocktail party at the lake house. Those sandals would be her concession to country living.

    But there would be a major necklace. And a better pedicure.

  25. Sajorina

    I’m IN LOVE with this outfit… So simple, yet so elegant! Love the dress in that beautiful color, the pretty jewelry, and those cute shoes! COVET! Hair & makeup are flawless too! FAB!

  26. HKS

    I like everything except the shoulders. They just make her look oddly shaped on top. Otherwise, I like the rest of the dress, love the color of it, and am a fan of the shoes.

    It seems we are a very … diverse Fug Nation right now. Everyone’s opinions are super varying. Which, as Heather pointed out in the Kerry Washington post, is far from boring. :)

  27. Caro

    Hideous, hideous, foul footwear.