Well Played, Amy Poehler


Someone recently Tweeted us their sadness that we hadn’t discussed The Hotness of Amy Poehler at the Comedy Awards. Well, Tweeter, that moment is here. FOR YOU.

Do I like the shoes? Not really. Am I curious about the armpit vents? Yes (mostly because I secretly want to know if they work enough to be worth it). But do I think Amy’s overall level of bangin’ness supercedes those concerns? And do I think the dress is actually really flattering on her? And is it a Friday afternoon, wherein I’m already in a good mood, because I’m about to have lunch PRECIOUS LUNCH and not that many other celebs are leaving the house right now because they’re all inside celebrating Star Wars day with some kind of day-long action figure picnic and/or a screening of The Avengers? YES TO ALL. But especially to the first two. And the lunch part. Oh, God, I’m going to lunch the HELL out of it right now, and it is going to be beautiful.

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  1. jen

    I have to say that there are too many slits. The colors are wonderful and look great with her skin tone, though.

  2. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    *wolf whistle*

  3. Prolixity

    She looks smokin’ and doing so is not even her job.


  4. Eliza Bennett

    I flipping love this.

  5. theotherjennifer

    love it – she looks great. I love those colors!

  6. Kris M

    Love the ensemble.


    Black eyeliner is not a blonde girl’s best friend.

  7. Rhonda

    Love the colours, the style, even the nude shoes (and normally I’m not a fan of nude shoes.) She looks sexy and chic. A bit heavy-handed on the eye makeup, but let’s not nitpick…

  8. Lina

    Six visible slits (including the ones at the elbows) is too many. She rocks the colors and her cleavage is definitely attention-grabbing, and I suppose it’s event-appropriate if she’s determined to remind people she has a great body as well as kickass wit. I just. Too many slits.

  9. Mare

    Hate the color combination, and am left wondering if this is event appropriate. It kind of looks like someone took scissors to an office outfit, sort of a rift on the day-to-night theme. It looks irreversible, though.

  10. Christian

    I imagine they’re now mourning Adam Yauch via Twitter. Amy looks like a candy bar…and I mean that in a good way.

  11. Jasmine

    Ugh Amy Poehler just keeps rubbing it all in my face. Genuinely hilarious, clever woman with her own TV show? Check. Stupid cute babies? Check. INSANELY hot husband? Check. Bangin’ body? Check. Go away, Amy. I love you too much to be able to handle all of this too often.

  12. Sam

    Nearly a home run. Her makeup looks amateurish, but otherwise she looks incredible. I can even sign off on silly putty shoes for someone this petite (who needs a little leg-lengthening illusion.)

  13. Carrie Ann

    I actually love the shoes with this, and I almost never love that shade. I can’t really picture another color I would prefer. I do wish I couldn’t see her toe cleavage (gag), but that’s sort of a problem with shoe design in general right now.

  14. yeahandalso

    yes my tweet did not go unheeded

  15. Kate

    okay I need to ask something, and I mean it with the allmost respect for Amy: does she wear a fatsuit of some kind on Parks and Recreation? Is it me or does she look so much larger on that show than in real life? It could be all her frumpy outfits on the show but I’m always surprised by her bangin bod on red carpets.

    • lisas

      Wellll she would have been pregnant/just had a baby for at least a few of those episodes. But mostly it’s the outfits. She dresses like a professional lady on the show, not like a red carpet slinker.

    • Breda

      She did an interview once where she said they’d be trying on costumes, and if Amy at any point said, “Hey, this is cute!” that garment immediately went in the NO pile. They intentionally frumpify her, because she is indeed a very pretty lady, but that’s not the point. Leslie doesn’t care much about her appearance, as long as she looks professional.

  16. Shiitake

    Lighten up on the eyeliner and it’s a homerun.

  17. Petrova Fossil

    Supersedes, not supercedes. I beg of you.

  18. Anna

    I know you dont dig the nude shoes, but this is actually a case where they are properly deployed. The dress has an air of ‘daytime lunch’ formality about it (disregarding all the slits), so a pump works with it, and the tone of the shoes matches her legs almost perfectly, so the elongating effect kicks in, and there is no clunky cinder-block platform to weigh it down. THIS is how nude shoes are meant to be worn, not with shiny cocktail dresses or floor-sweeping gowns or PANTS.

  19. Veronica

    Finally, an example of the correct deployment of the nude shoe! Thank you, Amy Poehler, you have given me hope for the future.

    She looks amazing, though I’m always torn on her eyeliner. On one hand, it really draws attention to her blue eyes. On the other hand, black eyeliner is so stark on fair, blonde women. I think a darker brown usually works better on them.

  20. Geemeedee

    My God. I did not think she was capable of looking this hot. I love the dress, love the shoes, love that peek of muscled thigh. *slow clap*

  21. Sajorina

    She looks GREAT… And, hello boobage!!!

  22. Kimberly

    I generally think Amy Poehler is like an angel sent to earth to bring us all laughter and sunshine, but I’m actually not seeing it here. The outfit itself is cute, but I think I’m distracted from it by her makeup. I still love and want to be you when I grow up, Amy!!! :)

    But you know what I do absolutely love? Her gold bracelet, and whatever that nail polish color is, I WANT TO BUY.

  23. Ms.A

    I love it! I’m not even mad about the eyeliner.

  24. Sarah

    What’s wrong with the shoes? I think I have those shoes.

    Also KNOPE 2012.

  25. Snarkomatic

    Is it me, or does she always look pissed off? Or maybe she’s constipated.

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