Someone recently Tweeted us their sadness that we hadn’t discussed The Hotness of Amy Poehler at the Comedy Awards. Well, Tweeter, that moment is here. FOR YOU.

Do I like the shoes? Not really. Am I curious about the armpit vents? Yes (mostly because I secretly want to know if they work enough to be worth it). But do I think Amy’s overall level of bangin’ness supercedes those concerns? And do I think the dress is actually really flattering on her? And is it a Friday afternoon, wherein I’m already in a good mood, because I’m about to have lunch PRECIOUS LUNCH and not that many other celebs are leaving the house right now because they’re all inside celebrating Star Wars day with some kind of day-long action figure picnic and/or a screening of The Avengers? YES TO ALL. But especially to the first two. And the lunch part. Oh, God, I’m going to lunch the HELL out of it right now, and it is going to be beautiful.

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