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Oh sweet crackdom, y’all. It sure looks like this is a dress.

If all you have is an idea for a cute skirt, THEN ONLY MAKE A SKIRT. OTHERWISE, PEOPLE GET HURT.

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  1. HKS

    I don’t think this counts as a cute skirt either. It could be cute, but the metallic material looks kind of cheap. And the shoes are terrible.

  2. Fawn

    My god people, if the top is sheer just wear a camisole. Why is that so hard???

    • Tiffany

      I agree. I think the top would be cute if there was a camisole. The skirt is a big no for me, though, no matter what it is paired with.

    • Edith

      I had to wait 18 hours for the malware issue to clear so I could say AMEN to this. Camisoles, people. Or better yet, opaque clothing. I know it sounds crazy, but TRY IT, Hollywood.

  3. Jodi

    While I hate sheer on everyone, Perry is too OLD to wear this. Period.

  4. AliceBlue

    Let’s not overlook the horror of the shiney pantyhose.

  5. Mary

    Aren’t there laws against this?

    Although, perhaps Perrey wanted us to have a pictorial representation of our #1 Cubicle Crime entitled “Cleavage, Bra Staps, and Related Tragedies” which you can check out here —

    Thanks for the help, PERREY, but I still have the overwhelming urge to gouge out my own eyes after seeing that “dress” which I don’t appreciate so much.


    P.S. Why did no one tell her parents that there’s only one “e” in “Perry.”

  6. Sally

    I had a skirt like that once. I bought it at Odd Lots for $5, wore it to a Mardi Gras party (theme was “The Trashier, The Better”) gave it to my sister’s kids for the costume box. My nephew wore it as one of the Spice Girls for a junior high talent show and my niece wore it for Halloween. These are the only acceptable uses.

  7. Vandalfan

    Not one single item goes with any other, and all look cheap, the sleezey skirt, the bikini swimsuit top, the sheer matron’s blouse, the inexplicable pantyhose.

  8. Helen

    The skirt, I forgive, because it’s very Xanadu and that’s funny.

    Who is this person?

  9. male fan of GFY

    Ladies, speaking from a man’s point of view, I absolutely **adore** the pantyhose… shiny = sexy!! …extremely sexy!… BUT, that said, shiny hose with a shiny skirt is a no-no… just one should have the shine… the top is sexy to guys as well, but again it shouldn’t be with that skirt… the shoes I’m not a fan of, a pump perhaps would have been better… overall she has a nice collection of pieces, but all together it’s a mess… now if those shiny nylons were with a little black dress and black pumps, I’m sure the majority of you wouldn’t have a problem with them… however with this ensemble, a less-shiny hose would have been a better choice… or, if she kept the shiny hose, perhaps a different skirt, something black, maybe a pencil skirt…