Teen Choice Awards P/Leather Pants Carpet: Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato


On one hand, she’s got enviable abs. On the other, somewhere in Southern California, Gwen Stefani just woke up in a cold sweat and might be considering legal action for lifting her old school jam.

Demi Lovato also sported some pleather bottoms, although if Naya is dressed for summer, Demi is all ready for the first day of school:

I find that shoe/pant combo so confusing: are they bootaloons, or what? Explain your shoe set-up, because the configuration of your pants and your kicks should not be giving me wrinkles. But my main complaint about Demi is that this outfit desperately needs some color. I’m all about skinny pants with a blazer, but she looks like she’s a black-and-white newspaper ad. Move into the full-color supplement, honey!

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Comments (22):

  1. Anita

    Is Demi’s jacket buttoned crooked?

  2. Trace

    Please institute a new category of Fug called Sue-Ellen Mischke-ly Played, especially for Naya!

  3. qwertygirl

    That picture of Naya wasn’t fully visible when I clicked into the site. When I scrolled down, I actually flinched. I could be wrong, but I sort of doubt that’s the reaction she was going for with that outfit. It’s what she got, though.

  4. Kristan

    Argh, Demi! Total scroll down fug, because from the waist up, she’s adorable. (Well, okay, I don’t dig the hair, but I can live with it.) Paired with nicely fitted jeans and colorful heels (or even flats) this would have rocked.

  5. Sara

    Naya looks more & more like a down-market Kim Kardashian (the work on her face is eerie in that picture). The crowning heinousness were the matchy matchy leather fake nails she was sporting.

  6. Greena

    Why does Demi always look off? I can’t tell what it is, she’s a pretty girl, but her wardrobe and fashion choices and hair and make up always look wrong. Over done? Too many accessories? Bad outfit choices? I can’t tell, but she can do so much better

    • witjunkie

      I know what you mean. I think, and this is my completely unqualified, I don’t know this person at all opinion, but I think she is trying so hard to differentiate herself from all the other dark-haired, dark-eyed starlets, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, etc., instead of just letting herself be who she is. Or maybe she is still trying to figure out who she is, and hasn’t hit it yet.

      • Liz

        Her look just seems really dated to me, like what girls like Britney wore in the early 2000′s.

  7. HelenBackAgain

    I don’t mind Rivera’s bra top, and I don’t mind her pants, but I do not like them together. It’s too much. And the nails do look stupid, Sara’s right.

    Lovato looks very cute (for fall) – EXCEPT that she has got to get some pants that fit! Every time I see her here, she’s wearing something painfully tight. Sweetie, I know weight fluctuations are no fun, but listen to Stacy and Clinton and dress the body that you actually HAVE.

  8. tygerstripes

    I am completely certain that “Bootaloons” wins the Internet for me this week and it’s only Monday!

  9. India

    Naya’s top? Ha ha ha ha ha–hilarious–makes my day! Demi, as always, is a bewildering mess.

  10. Julie

    Something about Naya Rivera there is reminding me of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Just to clarify, if there is a good way that can be construed, that is not the way I intend.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Don’t worry, there is no good way.

      If they made it, though, the pants wouldn’t be committing the pleating sin, they’d be leggings. With lace-up sides. ;-)

  11. TonyG

    Is it me? Or, is Demi’s hair an update of Andre Agassi’s ’90s mullet wig?


  12. Trina

    All I can think when I look at this outfit is, put on a shirt, Santana!

  13. Guerra

    I don’t love nayas outfit but at least her body looks amaze, her shoes and clutch are super cute. That has a lot more going for it then demis!

  14. maayan

    Dude. Gwen Stefani never looked this trashy.

  15.  Carolina Girl

    While she was at this event, I hope she sucked up to Nina Dobrev and got the name of her stylist. She really needs it.

  16. Squirrel!

    I don’t know what work Naya Rivera has had done on her face, but she looks hard, or old, or something I can’t quite put my finger on.

    • Atel

      I think its the makeup – its very heavy & rather aging on her. My guess is she’s also had a lot of fillers put in her cheeks & around her mouth, their shape is radically different to a couple of years ago.

  17. ericajeanine

    I guess Nays is trying to put forth some new image to prepare for eventual life after Glee, but this extra sexiness=nakedness isn’t working. She doesn’t even look comfortable in this get up.