Silver Linings Fugbook

She seems to be wearing her feelings.

Her feelings, in this case, being nauseated and low-energy.

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  1. Alice

    I feel like I should be more annoyed by this lack of color, bad length, 5th-grade-art-project-esque dress, but I’m so distracted by her shiny, flowy, dimensional hair that I can’t even really form an opinion on the rest of it.

  2. ringthing

    I’m distracted by her glazed eyes and tired face. The mom in me wants to feel her forehead, make her some chicken soup and tuck her into bed with no phone until the Oscars.

  3. Miranda

    Jennifer looked great on Conan last night and seemed thrilled to be there. She had on a cute dress, didn’t look exhausted in the least, and was her usual charming self.

    I think she’s just getting tired of being fake excited for these events. I bet all she wants is for the Oscars to be over so she can stay in her house for a month straight.

    • mary lou bethune

      Jennifer did indeed look beautiful on Conan. And she was as funny and delightful as it is possible to be without being a Welsh Pembroke Corgi.
      She may be tired of the fracas of all this self congradulatory Hollywood nonsense…
      being a country girl with no pretensions….
      LOVE HER

    • Stefanie

      I was coming to say the same thing. She looked great and seemed to be feeling good. I was dying at her being the mascot. She looked genuinely embarrassed about the clip and I love that. She’s my fav, what can I say?

  4. theotherjennifer

    I actually like that dress, with different shoes, natch, and her hair is gorgeous.

    • hb

      Me too, I really like it :-) agree about the tired eyes, but I think it’s a fashion win…though perhaps she’s a tad to busty, or needs to hike it up a little

  5. Sarah B

    I actually think this is pretty cute, but it would look better at a different length. Poor thing looks exhausted as hell though.

  6. Cat

    I don’t hate this, per say. The makeup is better and she looks more alive than she did with that white towel dress yesterday. That said, I don’t like the length of this dress, nor am I a fan of the shoes. I wish it wasn’t a neutral, but the pattern on the dress is interesting and it doesn’t look like she just stepped out of the shower.

  7. Madelynne Moulton

    I just honestly feel really bad for her at this point. She looks way better than I would if I had pneumonia.

  8. jerkygirl

    I’d love it in a different color. Beige is my arch-nemesis. This dress looks like the canned soup I’m eating for lunch. I don’t want Katniss to look like she’s wearing soup.

  9. Sabrina

    Girl, make your hot boyfriend bring you some soup and take a nap! I’m exhausted just looking at you.

  10. merkin4

    She gets a free pass from me. I’ve had pneumonia, I’ve had the IV Levaquin drip, and if she’s showing up in something other than a T-shirt that she’s used to put out a kitchen fire, she’s already in extra credit territory.

  11. Rayna

    Cinna would not let her go out looking like this.

  12. Sarah

    I just can’t get over her hair. Who’s idea was it to add extensions that are such a contrasting color to her hair? That can’t be her hair. It’s so fug.

  13. Vandalfan

    That is the bodice of a too-small tank swim-suit or bad leotard. They’re giving her squashed chicken cutlets for boobs.

  14. Jules

    It kind of looks like wallpaper.
    It kind of looks like fall.

  15. Evalyn

    I like this dress but shorter, with different shoes and a big chunky bracelet. And about 10 hours of sleep followed by a day a the beach. Or is that just me?

  16. Trace

    The poor girl looks like she could use a couple of weeks rest. But seeing as it’s the BAFTAs this weekend I don’t think she’ll get the change.

  17. Bottle Ginger

    Hey, she’s a blonde wearing beige, without looking totally washed-out. Points to Lawrence!

    Not that she looks her best, but then no blonde ever looks her best in beige.

  18. TonyG

    The dress is very pretty. Her hair is gorgeous. A better stance and a flash of a smile would do wonders here.

  19. witjunkie

    Well hey – finally a dress that those nude shoes look like they belong with.

  20. Sajorina

    If the dress was a minidress and her shoes were gold or pewter, I’d be all over this! As is, it’s an “Almost… So close! Damn, Lawrence!”

  21. tracy

    I actually really like this. But she does look exhausted.

  22. Callie

    I like this! I think there is room for some accessorizing but whatever, I get she’s in a place where it must be like, ‘if I have to think deeply about every single thing I wear ONE MORE TIME I’m going to scream’. Also with a face like that I think I too would feel that was accessory enough. She looks really pretty. Sick but really pretty.

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