OUCH. OUCH OUCH OUCH. I am not a huge fan of large amounts of toe cleavage, nor most skimpy shoes, and CERTAINLY not the plastic or see-through ones, because I find squished toes totally distracting and unhot. If all people see is how contorted and stuffed and rammed and crammed and jammed your foot is into those suckers, high heels stop being sexy. (I don't know how Rihanna does it with those one-strap Stellas she's been wearing -- those totally work on her, against all design odds.) This photo, to me, is ALL PAIN. YEOW. If she'd gone with something that at least hid the fact that several of her little piggies apparently went to market without any sunscreen, maybe we'd be having a different conversation. As it is: OUCH. Footwear fail.
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