SAG Awards Well Played: Giuliana Rancic


You guys, this is it. This is the moment. It’s happening. I’m going to compliment Giuliana — whom we tease a lot for her crazy tan and her obsession with people’s workout regimens and her whole overall, well, Giuliananess — and I’m going to mean it.

You guys, this is good. She looks good. She’s actually wearing one of the more interesting dresses of the night. That has never happened before. I know 2011 was really rough for her, and that makes me sad, because as much as we poke fun I think I would actually miss her if she vanished from the red carpet. So maybe this dress is a sign that 2o12 is looking up for her. Maybe it’s The Year of the Rancic. One never knows. But her next step might be spiking Ross Mathews’ coffee with a laxative. You know, just in case Jessica’s theory is right.

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  1. Angela Brown

    Yes, it’s a good dress, but… does her makeup and hair and the proportion of her head to her body make her look like a Bratz doll?

  2. Sarah

    Judging the dress by itself…best one of the night, imo.

  3. Jill

    While I was watching the E! Red Carpet I kept thinking her dress looked really pretty BUT I wanted her to move her hair off her chest so I could see all the details. I love the red!

  4. Lizaster

    Love the dress and I am really loving her with darker hair. I think it suits her coloring (fake as it may be) much better.

  5. labyrinthine

    Whatever, she’s still a bobblehead.

  6. theotherjennifer

    I actually can’t stand her, looking at her or anything about her – esp her scrawny arms and broadcasting all her personal business. But that dress looks good on her. And her head is the size of a Volkswagen in comparison.

  7. Girlin

    This dress is beautiful! I agree that there is possibily too much hair going on – surely this girl cannot have hair this thick? The colour and detailing of the dress are gorgeous – very elegant! I think she might be a contender for Best Dressed in my book!

    • Big Noise

      My sister-in-law, also a native Italian, will be 59 this year and also has really thick hair. So, yeah, it’s possible.

  8. Megan

    Yea, I can’t dislike her anymore. She annoyed the heck out of me, and I was softened when she was trying so hard to get pregnant and couldn’t (I’ll keep my opinion on that one to myself), but now that she’s been through hell I can’t touch her. I don’t have to love her, but she pretty much gets a pass for life from me. I mean double mastectomy in your 30s – props to her.

  9. Rebecca

    It’s strange, I love her on E! News and her reality show, but can’t stand her on the red carpet or Fashion Police. But I somehow still have a soft spot for her and Bill. She does look really great here…though I think her hair up or back would have been better to show off the pretty details of the dress and her jewelry.

    • Heather

      She is… not very good at her red-carpet job. But then again, I have a feeling that if I ever did that job I would sound even worse. Asking people questions without sounding like a moron is HARD. I learned that at Fashion Week, having to listen to tapes of myself. Ugh.

      • neiges

        That’s very wise of you. It is so rare to find people knowing how to ask pretty simple TV friendly questions without sounding dumb…

  10. ang

    i loved this dress! and i give her props for getting through her terrible year, too. yes, girlfriend needs to eat a cheeseburger or 5, but this dress was great.

  11. amys

    I really like the dress. I like the fit and the color on her. Her hair styling seems to look heavy with the dress though. Overall, I think she looks great.

  12. anonymoose

    The dress is interesting, but, it’s hard to tell with all that wiry hair laying on the dress.

    isn’t a dress supposed to make the wearer look ravishing, and not wear the wearer?

    I say: give 12 inches of the hair to Locks of Love, put some bangs on that giant forehead to give some proportion to offset the weak chin, and remove the carrot skin tone and the raccoon eye dirt. She naturally looks like ET (phone home), but she can do better with what she has. @Angela Brown: yes! like an ET Bratz doll.

    I wish her good health, but out of the spotlight. My secret wish is that she would take a job NOT as a tv presenter, b/c whenever she speaks she sounds like she has excess saliva sloshing around her chompers and it grosses me out. I avoid her shows for that reason (coupled with her general emptiness.)

  13. Smidgette

    Not good, not good at all.

  14. Daisy James

    I actually kind of love her on Fashion Police– between George’s endless sucking up and Kelly’s mix of score-settling and pandering to her famous friends she seems like the only one besides Joan who is having any fun. Plus, she seems to have a sense of humor about herself, so I’m glad she looks good here.

    • Annie E

      Yeah, I watched Fashion Police for the first time ever, and I think it’s Kelly’s job to drop open her mouth in shock whenever Joan speaks and turn to Giuliana, who couldn’t care less. G was funny and not at all annoying. She used to drive me nuts but it’s easier to see her as a human after all she’s been through. I also think she looks far healthier than she used to, and she seems somehow more relaxed.

  15. Sajorina

    I agree! I’m not a fan of Basil Soda’s dresses, but this one is nice! This is the only time she’s ever looked good on the Red Carpet, in my opinion! She’s still annoying as hell, though!

  16. Sasha

    Yes, very nice, Jennifer Carpenter’s was similar!! And also very nice I thought. Maybe a tiny bit curtain-ish though.

  17. megan

    love this! she maybe could of pulled the hair back in a low loose bun but other wise great! I also Sympathize with her baby troubles my husband and I have been trying for a long time with no luck :( can be a little soul destroying

  18. Miranda

    The link at the bottom doesn’t go anywhere?

    Also, I really hate to be one of those people who bitches about ads, but ads with AUDIO now? What is this, novamov?

  19. Meagan Baalman Wairama

    She looks like a piƱata. Thankfully, I was not there with my baseball bat and my pitcher of margaritas.

  20. Franziska

    I love the dress, it’s very her. But her hair… oh her hair. She’d look so much better with a soft curled bob or something similar. I was shocked to hear she’s only 37. She’s sweet but I do think she looks older than that. Must be all the stress and of course, being so skinny doesn’t help her face.

  21. vandalfan

    This beautiful dress seems to have all the extra zing that Marchesa attempts, but overblows. The color is stunning, the ribbon wrap clever, the skirt with volume but not too full, it’s all fine. I do want to see the neckline (necklace or just a gold detail?) a little more, but hair can always be brushed off the shoulder.

  22. Sarah

    Wow, some of you guys are really mean spirited. I think she looks great!

  23. oohsparkley

    She looks great and I actually like her a lot. Most of that might be because I have a crush on her Bill. Plus when I watch someone go through what they did, I tend to bond and wish them the best.

  24. Sunny Pacheco

    I totally thought the exact same thing! I was like omg she actually looks really good! For the very first time I actually liked her outfit AND her accessories. I thought she looked great. Loved the necklace.

  25. RS

    Yep, she’s a solid 2.