You guys, this is it. This is the moment. It’s happening. I’m going to compliment Giuliana — whom we tease a lot for her crazy tan and her obsession with people’s workout regimens and her whole overall, well, Giuliananess — and I’m going to mean it.

You guys, this is good. She looks good. She’s actually wearing one of the more interesting dresses of the night. That has never happened before. I know 2011 was really rough for her, and that makes me sad, because as much as we poke fun I think I would actually miss her if she vanished from the red carpet. So maybe this dress is a sign that 2o12 is looking up for her. Maybe it’s The Year of the Rancic. One never knows. But her next step might be spiking Ross Mathews’ coffee with a laxative. You know, just in case Jessica’s theory is right.