SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: Greens

I love a theme.

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  1. Deek

    Do you really think Melanie Lynskey’s dress is ill-fitting in the bust area? I have to respectfully disagree, I think it is quite flattering! She looks great, unimpressed expression notwithstanding..

  2. Willow

    Melanie looks like she’s wrapped up in lettuce leaves for some bizarre PETA advert.

  3. Mongerel

    Alfre Woodard’s is breathtaking. I am inking it down in my Top 10 Ever Seen (here, courtesy of the Fug Girls). She looks like a fantasy in that dress.

  4. Bella

    Alfre Woodard is stunning in that dress.

  5. Olga

    Oh come on! Alfre Woodard looks like a lollipop – head and boobs on a stick! I love the color of her dress, but it’s ill-fitting in my opinion.

    • Caro

      Seriously, it’s like a giant green sack–it’s a hideous color, and a hideous dress–one of the worst I’ve seen.

      • Evalyn

        I agree – all my love for Ms. Woodard (I will watch her in ANY THING) does not save the dress. The color is wonderful but the fit is bad and style does not suit her.

  6. Stefanie

    God I love green. Love it. Alfre’s is my favorite. On TV it looked lime green. She stood out so much – in a good way.

  7. AM

    Well, Alfre looks great. Gretchen is one of my favorite under-rated actresses, who is really attractive. The color is good, but yeah, it could go up a bit (a big bit) in the neckline. Ditto Melanie (who I also like) and her bustline.

    • Heather

      Yes. Gretchen is amazing as Bettie Page, and I still love Melanie Lynsky as the murderous teenage girl in Heavenly Creatures – thought she was much better than Kate Winslet. All in all, 3 fab actresses we don’t see enough of.

  8. amys

    Alfre is stunning. I hadn’t seen this until today. Wow!

  9. Jenna

    Gretchen Mol’s dress looks like it came from David’s Bridal for a December bridesmaid. The seams around the hips help a little, but I swear I’ve worn the exact same thing in the above context.
    I think Melanie looks awesome, and I want to like Alfre Woodard’s, but I think it makes her look much bigger than she is. The boob area comes across as oversized and matronly somehow.

  10. Tarn

    I was going to come here and defend Gretchen Mol’s dress, but yeah, I do see Jenna’s point. It looks like a bridesmaid dress where the bride is all “You can totally wear this more than once! I’m doing you a favor!” Except you totally can’t. Except to the SAG Awards, apparently.

    Still love the color, and I don’t think the neckline is that bad. The lining allows it to be flatteringly drapey without exposing too much.

    Alfre Woodard was one of my favorites of the night. Gorgeous.

  11. Esme

    Gretchen is so pretty, but something is off here. I also love Melanie, and I think the dress fits her fine, though I’m not that keen on it. Alfre Woodard must be casting a spell on people because that is one FUGGGLY dress. It’s puke green, it doesn’t fit her, and even if it did, it’s still atrocious–one of the worst things I’ve seen on here, and in the running for worst dress at the SAGs.

  12. sarah

    hmm…i actually super love gretchen’s dress. love and want it (and the body to go in it).

  13. Holly Hamilton

    I’m stuck on Monica Lewinsky now. I don’t like any of the dresses.

  14. nobody much

    I like Gretchens dress too

  15. Vandalfan

    I adore Alfre’s dress. But I would wear something like that, and I’m over fifty. And dowdy.

    • GC

      And she’s over 60. Although, I’ve seen little evidence that’s she’s aged in the past 15 years.

      • Vandalfan

        WOW! She is fantastic! I’d have guessed maybe 38 to 42.

        • jerkygirl

          Vandalfan, I’m 40 and would love to wear that dress too. I love the color, never met an empire waist I didn’t like (works very well on Urkel-waisted women like me), and Alfre Woodard is wearing it so +111111111. I don’t know if the people who hate it are younger than us or what, but it certainly is a polarizing dress in Fug Nation!!! :D I like the other 2 dresses as well, but Alfre’s is my fave.

  16. Sarah

    I’m sad that Gretchen’s dress is so wrinkled. That’s so distracting.

  17. Sajorina

    I like the 1st & 2nd dresses! So much potential there!

  18. Adina

    Have you seen Alexis Bledel’s dress? I loved it!

  19. brookemopolitan

    I love the colour of Alfre’s dress and if it had been fitted properly to her bust, it would have been stunning. it just sat too high for me

  20. Franziska

    I love Gretchen’s dress … but not on her. Her head looks unnaturally big as her body frame is so small… I don’t now, something isn’t right.

  21. Kathleen Trail

    I just want to know what the heck the woman wearing black in the background of the Gretchen Mol picture is doing. The Dougie, maybe?

  22. AmandaD

    Alfre is one of those people I just look at and sigh with happiness. Face-wise she looks absolutely gorgeous and I like the color on her, but then my brain decided that the bust area looks like 2 heads of cabbage, and that’s all I can see now.

  23. Evalyn

    I don’t care one way or the other about Gretchen Mol’s dress. I am amused however by the lady in black in the background doing the Bugaloo.

  24. anna s.

    Alfie looks amazing, and I love that colour. Too bad it photographed more yellow; the light-green there looks great with her skin.

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