SAG Awards Fug or Fine Carpet: Kelli Garner

This looked a little crazier on TV. No, a lot crazier.

I still think her hair needs help, and that the bodice is a low rider. The fabric is pretty, though, which I’m pleased I can notice now. But I wish I could equal the experience of seeing her on TV: She strolled out there with wispy crazy hair — it looked almost matted from the other side, like she’d never met a hairbrush — and her bodice seemed all shifty and willing to flirt heavily with gravity, and Johnny Galecki was giving this same smile where it looks like he’s winking without ACTUALLY winking and giving finger guns without ACTUALLY giving finger guns… the whole thing felt like they were matched up by draw of a hat, like high-school lab partners.

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  1. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Whoa! Pan Am did have a lot of flaws, but the person responsible for Kelli make-up and hair always got it right… She was always flawless.

    Call them Kelli!

    • maryse

      omg that’s who she is?

    • Heather

      Yeah, that show totally nailed it for all its actresses. They LOOKED great.

      • Sajorina

        I agree! Pan Am did a great job on the wardrobe, hair & makeup departments! I didn’t recognize her, though!

      • ErinE

        Oh my goodness, THAT is the pretty girl from Pan Am? Is she 3 feet taller and a drug addict now? She looks terrible and crazy! are they married?

    • Esme

      Wow, I was wondering who she was–she looked great in PanAm–she was my favorite.

    • Meg

      Yes! She was my favorite in the show. And she always looked fabulous. That dress is bad enough but THE HAIR. That is ridiculous.

  2. Elbyem

    She’s only 28 years old, but that droopy bodice dress and Playboy Playmate hair make her look like a middle-aged dollar store Barbie doll.

    • KC

      OMG Elbyem, that is such an accurate description. WTF is going on with her? I looked at and I was like “Oh that dude from Big Bang Theory is dating and older lady, cool…though her hair is wacked.” and when I found out it was Kelli Garner I passed out.

  3. Willow

    Why does he look so much like Jack Nicholson? And her hair is too close to Courtney Love adjacent for my liking.

    This has all gotten a bit Crack Fiction-y and I need a lie down.

    • Cynthia W

      lol – that’s the first thing that I thought. Her hair and the droopy bodice definitely make her look like she’s channeling Courtney.

    • Lauren

      I thought it was Courtney Love when I first saw the picture.

      • Vandalfan

        Yes, I thought Courtney’s looking pretty good. It kind of looks like a bruise on her forehead.

  4. Sarah

    Why does she look so OLD?

  5. vivy

    I saw the photo before reading the headline and all I could see was COURTNEY LOVE and now I can’t un-see it no matter how hard I try. Even the way she’s standing makes her look like the queen of crazy.

    • Nikki

      AMEN! All I saw in this pic was nutjob/makeover version Courtney Love (Circa the People Vs. Larry Flint phase). Kelli: You’re a hottie, and you’re talented. Go back to being a redhead, gain 10 lbs so your boobs can hold up that dress, and bestow your hotness on this ever-dreary world!

  6. amys

    Courtney Love, is that you?

  7. sandrat

    There was an awful lot of side boob spillage going on when she twirled down the red carpet. Not a good look.

  8. Esme

    She looks drunk. She has drunk hair–I’ve had that, so I know what it looks like.

  9. Mongerel

    And HIM. Going out with his drunk lady in a gown, with top button undone and tie akimbo. What a NAG (Not A Gentleman).

  10. filmcricket

    Limo sex, clearly.

  11. Ruth

    I thought it was Kylie Minogue at first, but then I realized she would never be caught dead in something that long.

  12. Molly

    Yeah, her hair has green Courtney Love undertones. Totally doesn’t work with her skin tone. The fabric is lovely, but it looks like she didn’t get it fitted and it has slipped down an inch or two. A little more nipping in the bodice to give some support but not squish and a better hair style/dye job and she is rockin’. Her makeup makes her look zombie-ish but with darker hair it would totally work.

  13. Victoria

    She looks like Courtney Love.

  14. courtney

    I think the fact that he is standing beside her looking like that, makes her look wayy crazier than if she were alone.

  15. perletwo

    The cut of this dress is like every bad bridesmaid’s ensemble of my nightmares. Only done in a very bride-y fabric.

  16. fritanga

    She looks like a slightly more pulled-together Courtney Love, which is NOT a compliment.

    Is she supposed to be Galecki’s girlfriend?

  17. Bambi Anne Dear

    I love Johnny Galecki dearly but WTF is he doing with that terrible greyness, undone top button and appalling shoes? Is he not making squillions from a top-rating sitcom?

  18. Scanderoon

    That hair plus that facial expression plus that poor a job of boob-wrangling is giving me some strong Courtney Love vibes.

    And now I see I’m about the sixth person to say that. It still stands.

  19. VanDee

    I feel a bit mean saying this, but she looks like a poor man’s Kaley Cuoco. Sorry, Johnny.

  20. What what

    Obviously they had some fun in the limo, no?

  21. Lisa

    It is not good that my first thought was ‘Johnny is hooking up with Courtney Love now?!?!’. Not good at all.

  22. Cat

    I had to IMDB her and now I’m horrified! I loved her on Pan Am but she looks a young Courtney Love knock-off here. And that’s not a good look, for anyone. Higher bodice, and get rid of the crappy extensions please!

  23. JanetP

    I am unable to vote because Johnny Galeki looks just so skeezy. And, yes, she looks like Courtney Love. Run, child, run!

  24. karacocoa

    Johnny, shine your shoes!

  25. Mary

    I have had too many Diet Cokes today, apparently…I seriously thought that was Courtney Love.

  26. wordphreak

    Geez, what is up with Galecki? Quick, someone shower him, shave him, and dress him. Damn, he needs help! (Total scuzzball douchebag.)

  27. Jen Dee

    Is that really her??? She looks terrible. However, I like how Johnny is standing slightly on his toes to try to get a little height…

  28. rb

    Interesting (and selective!) censorship of past posts re: body dysmorphia.

    People: she’s aptly at the SAG Awards. SAG. The DROOP Awards are NEXT weekend.

  29. ChrisM

    The dress itself is okay, but the bodice part sits too low on her chest and it’s not flattering. Her hair and make-up also don’t match the outfit; should have gone with a sleeker due and darker lipstick

  30. Lily1214

    She looks spiffy. Maybe a little half in the bag.

  31. Lily1214

    Maybe I’M a little half in the bag. I thought she was Courtney Love.

    • LibraryChick

      Lily1214, you are not alone. If she had done Courtney Love circa
      The People vs. Larry Flynt
      , I might not be so critical of the look.