SAG Awards: Fug Nation’s Worst Dressed

I really feel like this is going to come down to Cate, Kerry, and Julia (and, if I know Fug Nation, probably more the latter two than Blanchett), so I stuck those three at the end. Peruse the other offerings, and then see if any of those still hit you in the gut, and then vote with said gut.

And Fug Nation's Worst Dressed is:

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  1. Ruth

    Most of these are incredibly fug, but I had to go with Julia. Double Crotch Jumpsuit just screams worst to me. The other outfits had interesting elements; this did not! Pretty much nothing about it could redeem the outfit. Ugly color, that CROTCH, and it made her look so wide, which we know she is not.

  2. Mary

    Sarah Paulson’s hair stylist really really hates her. My little sister took scissors to her head the day before her kindergarten pictures and she did this exact cut.

    • valueofaloonie

      Sarah Paulson always looks kind of odd, right? And I agree that that haircut is just so, so awful. A centre part like that only flatters a small subset of the population.

      • Lizzy

        They messed up her hair and make-up, in addition to the petticoat dress. They managed to make her completely unattractive, and she’s quite pretty.

    • Jules

      She wins worst head suit for sure.

      •  Billie

        I also cannot stand the pursed lips. Just smile, m’kay?

        • Stefanie

          I feel like she might be botoxed enough she can’t smile properly any more, which is a shame.

          • AnnieB

            It’s not just the smile. . . her forehead is pulled so tight it looks like it could snap at any moment. Ease back from the Botox people!

        • Heather

          She did smile that night, I promise. Actually, in the thread on her actual outfit, I posted a photo of her that’s quite funny. And the photo with that entry is ALSO of her smiling. I only changed it because I didn’t think you could see as clearly what I disliked about the dress.

  3. Jess

    I was honestly surprised to see Sophie Turner on this list.

    I thought she looked great and never thought that sash looked like plastic (it looked like satin or silk to me). And that hair!

    Oh Kerry, what on earth is that?

    • Annelie

      I would love to see her in something softer though-she and Jennifer Lawrence are of similar stature and I just don’t like all these harsh styles on either of them-they totally clash with Sophie’s colouring and both of their beautiful figures.

  4. Rosa

    I could have voted for 5 of these as worst. It was tough to pick but I had to go with Blanchett. Ick.

  5. qwertygirl

    I picked Kerry. I’m almost always one to give a hall pass to anyone who’s pregnant–Drew’s Globes Michael’s aisle 7 craft punch creation I let slide because of it. And Kerry may blame pregnancy brain for this horror, but surely she passed a mirror walking out of the house, or SOMEONE checked her to make sure she didn’t have any stray threads, and yet she still managed to show up in this. Big no. Julia’s jumpsuit at least covered her body, even though it looked ugly in the process of doing so.

    • nobody much

      I’m with you.

    • AJ

      I’m also with you, and also because while the jumpsuit is horrible, the color is pretty on Julia. Kerry “wins” (aka loses) this one.

      • Art Eclectic

        Me three. It was the slits in the crop top that got me. Double crotch vs crop top slits on a pregnant lady. Even Kim Kardashian didn’t go there.

  6. Roz

    I must be losing my mind. I adored Cate Blanchett and Kerry Washington and didn’t think Michelle Dockery was that bad.
    Had to vote for Edie Falco. That dress literally looks like she got it on the 3XXX aisle in WalMart. (Not that I’m dissing BBW! I just know Walmart Large Clothes ugh ugh ugh)

    • Claire

      I totally agree about Michelle Dockery. Not her finest, perhaps, but she still looks wonderful– the impression if you look at the photo, then look away, is a long, tall, lovely one. Works well with her porcelain-ness and, even if the bodice could have been better done, she still looks great.

  7. nobody much

    the whole way through, I was ‘I’m voting for this one’, click, ‘no, this one’. All the way through. :(

  8. Bella

    There’s a whole lotta fug here, but I’m going with Julia Roberts once again. 2 for 2. She should know better. Plus that pose is so off-putting!

  9. someone

    Mariah Carey definitely needs to be on this list too.

  10. UnasMommy

    When I was a kid, I had a Cher doll (yes, it was awesome). She had the EXACT same jumpsuit that Julia Roberts is wearing. I swear.
    Where is that doll, anyway?

    • Jen Guyer-Wood

      Yes. I had that same Cher doll and outfit and it has been bugging me ever since I saw Julia’s outfit.

  11. Sweetsinger

    You forgot to include Amanda Peet.

    • Heather

      Fug Nation swayed me on that one. Last I looked at the comments on that entry, there was a lot of support for it, and there was no way it was going to beat Kerry or Julia so I let it be.

  12.  Miranda

    I had to vote for Kerry. The outfit would look silly on most people, but bare midriff on a pregnant lady on a red carpet is just too egregious to ignore.

  13. Pound Sand

    There was a large field of awful at this event. I was torn between Sarah Paulson, Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington, and Edie Falco. I went with Paulson because I feel like she needed a little wrist slap for pushing the boundaries of twee, two events in a row. The SAG awards being notably worse, obviously.

  14.  Michelle

    Rose Leslie’s ensemble made me angry just by looking at it, so she got my vote.

  15.  The Rizz

    Julia’s pants have a vagina. PANT VAGINA. No. Just, no.

  16. Erin

    Ughh. Kaley is a boring try-hard. I give you more points for trying something daring and failing than not even trying and still looking like shit. Kaley, you are the worst dressed.

    • msd

      Yeah, I appreciate people who are at least trying to do something interesting on the red carpet. For example, I don’t like Julia’s jumpsuit but I approve of trying to break out of the heels+gown dress code. In the end I went with Sarah Paulson. I cannot excuse a talented, attractive almost-40 woman dressing up like Little Bo Beep.

  17. Maria L.

    Kerry. Being pregnant is no excuse for that ludicrous ensemble – especially since, pregnant or otherwise, it is so easy for her to look beautiful.

  18. Tassie

    Sarah Paulson because EVERYTHING is bad. Everything.

    •  Julie

      Seriously, there’s NOTHING about that look I like. At least Julia’s jumpsuit is a nice colour.

  19. D

    Rose Leslie for me. I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t daring, it was horribly mismatched in ever way. And this felt like an odd time to be trying that kind of look anyway. Kerry was a close second.

    • cath

      Yes! It looks like laundry day attire. You know, when it’s actually way past laundry day, and all you have left in the closet is a maxi skirt you bought last summer while drunk at Goodwill, even though it was too long, and which you’ve never really cared about enough to get hemmed, and a frilly blouse you got for that family reunion and never wore again because you don’t even really like frilly blouses. So you throw them both on because you can’t go to the laundromat naked, and you hope to god nobody sees you there. Only in her case, it wasn’t the laundromat.

      • Jen S. 2.0

        Drunk at Goodwill may be my new awesome band name. And I don’t shop at Goodwill.

  20. ChristieLea

    Why is Edie Falco wearing a Mother Of The Bride dress from 2003?

    HOWEVER: The more I look at Julia Roberts’ jumpsuit, the more I see a, uh, “ladybits” costume, the type one might find at a women’s bookstore around Halloween. And I can’t unsee it. Julia “wins” this.

  21. Smith

    I didn’t hate Kerry Washington’s dress. It’s kind of bananas but I still sort of dug it.

  22. Rachael

    I love Rose Leslie’s dress. Or shirt and skirt, whichever it is. And perhaps I’m crazy, but I don’t care. I think she looked awesome.

  23. greatwhitenorthchick

    You’re right: this one WAS tough. And I’m taking just a little too much pleasure giving the gong to Blanchett. She looks like she’s wearing a bib, a deluxe bib. Either that, or she’s a towel holder. Roberts come a very, very close second. That was also some serious fuggage.

  24. erinandpet

    It’s between Sophie and Kaley for me, because both looks are so maddeningly pedestrian. Seriously, high schoolers attend prom in dresses like those. The other outfits at least have a little more interest, design-wise.

    And I think Rose Leslie looks great, too.

  25. S

    I’m starting to think if Cate and Kerry had swapped outfits in the restroom, I’d actually like both of them.

    • Jen S. 2.0

      This. I thought when I saw Cate’s, “If that were on a preggo, it’d be fine. But since she’s not pregnant, she looks like she mistakenly tucked the tablecloth into her neckline instead of her napkin at Barbie and Ken’s wedding, and decided to make it work.”

  26. TonyG

    I voted for Edie Falco. That is one helluva depressing dress. Kerry and Julia’s, which are leading the poll so far by vote (Kerry and Julia) at least had some pizazz and creative (if not successful) design work that went into them. Edie’s was not only drab, but there was a lot of laziness in its design.

    • Mair Mair

      Second that. I thought Edie deserved worst dressed for the orange satin wine bag she wore to the Golden Globes, and this one is just as bad. “Depressing” is exactly the right word.

  27. Freckles

    Kerry got my vote simply because I would like to dissuade any more designers from thinking that crop top maternity wear is a good idea.

  28. Nikki

    I’m giving Sophie Turner a pass because she’s 17, and I don’t even want to acknowledge my taste back then. Also I just realized that in that ensemble, Julia’s legs look like those inflatable arm-waving tube thingies that adorn many car dealerships.

  29. Kirsten

    After a lot of deliberation, I picked Kaley because that dress looks like dishwater-coloured polyester.

  30.  TiaChocolate

    I am so in the minority here, but Cate’s dress looks so pretty to me!
    *ducks and runs for cover*
    And yes, I would wear the hell out of it – it will hide my [non-pregnant] tummy that adores sandwiches and carbs…and I’d save it for when I gestate too…

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think Blanchett’s look would be very lovely as a maternity dress, and in a color that suits the wearer . Or on a wearer who looks good in these colors, whichever. I didn’t absolutely hate this as is, but I did think it was a miss. It’d be a solid hit on a pregnant belly.

  31. Smonty

    Quite liked Rose, loved the leopard skirt possibly a differnt top but interesting

  32. emster

    I tend to always give pregnant ladies a pass. Even (more or less) a Kardashian, but especially Drew’s recent pink dress. But seriously, Kerry Washington, what the hell??? Had Julia Roberts’ not been so gloriously stupid looking, she might have forced my hand with that terrible top.

  33.  Julie

    This was a really tough one, but I went with Cate because of those horrible pink sequins. I like a sequin, but those look like they came from the world’s cheapest ice dancing costume.

  34. Chris P

    I’ll admit it: I have an irrational hate-on for Edie Falco, or at least for what she’s wearing. I’m giving her the win again, even though I thought this was actually BETTER than what she wore to the Globes.

    I’d choose Kerry, but – you know – she’s pregnant, and while the execution was garbage, it could have worked. And then there’s Carte Blanchett.

    And between you and me, I secretly love the insane jumpsuit. It’s so horrible it comes back around to being awesome. Miss Tyra is probably plotting to murder Julia Roberts just so she can steal it for her own.

  35.  Ana

    I went with Kerry because at least I like the colour of Julia’s jumpsuit, but it was a tough call. And Kaley Cuoco came a close third.

  36. Mel

    Somebody mentioned Sarah Paulson’s hair stylistn but can we talk about Kaley Cuoco makeup artist?! There’s something weird with her face that I can’t put my finger on but one thing for sure: enough with the raccoon eyes!! I used to PLAY with my makeup as a teenager, trying to recreate “smoky” but ending up looking like a panda. If you can’t do it, sometimes it’s ok to give up! In my opinion, the best smoky eyes are done on K-Stew and I’ve come to accept I am not HER makeup artist…
    But back to the point, Julia Roberts, hands down. Somebody took a spin on the camel toe and went “oh yeah, let’s put the emphasis on her crotch!” Is it wrong to say that the color is making this optical illusion worse? I mean like, waaaaay worse…

    • Lerie

      You are right: the best smokey eyes ARE done on Kristin Stewart. lol I have photos of her makeup saved on my iPad as a tutorial to look at from time to time.

  37. Kevin

    My roommate just came in asking what the hell was wrong because he heard me muttering “the jumpsuit has two crotches” in the same manner one would say “the call is coming from inside the house”.

  38. CJ

    I was torn between (poor) Kerry Washington and Sarah Paulson, and then I remembered Julia Roberts and it was a no brainer. GURL, no.

  39. Psyche

    I’m just confused why Mayim Bialik isn’t on here. Her dress was completely crack-tacky-u-lar.

  40. Sajorina

    I voted for Kerry Washington because WHOA! But, Claire Danes was one of my favorites of the night! I think it sucks that she made this list!

  41.  HelenBackAgain

    This was a TOUGH one. I finally went for Kerry Washington, because that is just completely crazy, but if I could have? I would have tied her, Rose Leslie, and Julia Roberts.

  42. Eirwen

    Oh Julia!

  43. The Reset

    ROSE LESLIE WHAT. I can’t. She won’t win (lose) this, but I think you’re all nuts for not being on board with me. :)

    • Esme

      I think anyone who didn’t pick Roberts for that sickening pink-colored monstrosity is nuts. Head and shoulders above all the others in fugness.

  44. lin

    It’s a tie for me, Edie Falco and Julia Roberts. Edie’s dress is hideous, as are her shoes. Julia’s is beyond words.

  45.  Caryn

    Ended up voting for the same best and worst dressed for both the GGs and the SAGs. In this case, Edie Falco. Seriously, nothing is working: not the dress, not those awwwwwwwful shoes, not the hair and makeup. I love you, Edie! Fire your stylist!

    Everything else was safe by a hair:
    Julia Roberts because the from the neck up she looked great, the earrings were lovely, and from some angles, when her legs were together, it managed to look like a decent if boring dress.
    Kerry because – once again – if you just saw her from, say, the boobs upwards, she looks great (the hair, the makeup, the earrings, the little bit we can see of the blingy top…).
    Cate because the dress looks quite nice from the front. It’s mainly from the side that it’s a complete horrorshow. The different pinks in the jewelry don’t help.
    Michelle is fine from the neck up and from the hips down. It’s just the torso that’s the problem. The great shoes help especially.
    The rest were meh, but not as bad as these 5, so were safe from the get go. But if Mayim Bialik had been included… Oy.

  46. Lerie

    My gut said Julia.

  47. Madlati

    I am so sick of Dockery and her penchant for showing off those saggy boobs all the time.

  48. Katie

    This was a really tough vote for me. I really hate Julia’s two-crotched jumpsuit but I can never forget the way I gasped with horror upon seeing Kerry Washington’s crop top, causing my seven-year-old to run in saying “Mommy, what happened?!” and then HER gasp of horror when she saw the crop top.

    So I give it to the crop top.

  49. Annie

    Kaley is awesome!!!