Roman’s Fugvenge

THIS is the Nicki Minaj I enjoy:

She’s be-wigged, carrying a giant popsicle (which I thought was a parrot at first, and may I just say that Nicki Minaj SHOULD carry a parrot), her legwarmers are made of the finest Big Bird, her boobs are LITERALLY hypnotizing us, and we can see her undies. AT LAST, all’s right in the world.

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Comments (34):

  1. Stefanie

    I dont know. The crazy is all there but she still has major dead eyes going on.

  2. Willow

    It’s like my childhood threw up on her.


  3. Tony

    I am not a fan of Nikki’s music or fashion, but this made me laugh (with her) big time.

  4. Anna

    My daughter has that popsicle — it’s a bath sponge!

  5. e

    You forgot the piece of pie on her wrist.

  6. Katie Lynn

    It’s kind of a sad day when you’re cosigning visible underwear, isn’t it? And I have to agree she kind of has dead eyes. It makes me sad that Nicki is sad. She’s such a source of constant amusement!

  7. Kit

    Not to mention the satellite that she’s wearing as a bracelet!!! :)

  8. lisas

    You know, I’ve enjoyed this run of cracked-out popstar looks as done mainly by Gaga (who does it best, because she does a lot of variety), Perry, and Minaj, but I think I’m just about done with it. Instead of wondering ‘why is she wearing that’ or ‘what is she wearing’, I just think ‘melted Rainbow Brite’ and move on to more interesting clothing.

    Oh, one thing I do hate and other pop stars are doing this too – what is with the 80s talon nails?!? Augh! FOR ME it’s next to impossible to function with nails that long, and ew you’d have to carry a nail brush everywhere with you. I hate them.

  9. Annie

    This is like Well Played Fug. I think you need a new category for that. SWINTON, La Minaj, potentially Perry – they all fit the bill.

    I love the look on guys face behind her. He’s still trying to drink it all in. It looks like he’s gotten as far as her feet, but can’t take his eyes off of them yet.

    I love this in so many awesome ways. I want to go as Nicki Minaj for Halloween I think.

    • Jessica

      I LOVE the guy behind her. He’s basically like, “what…is…happening right now?”

    • Hima

      Yes. I think if I could pull of Nicki for Halloween, I would totally do that. This outfit is brilliant. Definitely “Well Played Fug.”

  10. Kara

    Are those fur things attached to the leg warmers? (What a weird sentence.)

  11. Mongerel

    My cats would love it if I wore socks like that.

  12. lisas

    True story: when I wear fluffy slippers like that it drives my lovebirds into fits of passion and they go berserk humping my feet. Which is not like a dog humping your leg, because birds like to show their romantic side by barfing.

  13. witjunkie

    Oh, hell YES.

  14. vandalfan

    I love her understated subtlety. But honestly, her smile is not as dazzling as before. Same with Katy Perry. You have to really sell this kind of get-up. ‘Sup, gals?

  15. Cranky Old Batt

    Oh wordlessly gasping awesomeness. This thing goes to places of psychopathic weirdness, takes names, kicks ass, then goes back and does it again.

  16. Kendra

    A friend of mine has posited that Nicki here is the Cyndi Lauper of hiphop. I had to concur. And this… this seals it.

  17. Christian

    Nicki Minaj will be 30 in December. Just thought you should know she’s JUST a tad too old for this busted Rainbow Brite bullshit.

  18. maryanne

    Do you she she does LSD when dressing??

  19. amy

    to Kelly Osbourne: This is how you do lavender hair.

  20. Ms.A

    She looks like a go go dancer. A really really bored go go dancer on drugs.

  21. AL

    It’s so outlandish it’s boring.

  22. Valeria

    Ya know, I have to give Ms. Minaj credit for having the self confidence to appear in public with thighs of that size exposed — yea, accented — for all the world to see.

  23. Bambi Anne Dear

    She’s growing on me. She is growing on me.

  24. Veronica

    I feel like something’s wrong with her makeup. It might just be the expression on her face doing it, but it almost muddied to my eye. Lighting, maybe?

    (…Yes, I managed to pay attention to her face in the midst of all of that.)

  25. Jules

    Maybe she’s playing up to her fans overseas

  26. celia

    Where does she even GET clothes like that? Does she have like…a tiny sweatshop filled with kidnapped Oompa Loompas and Munchkins?

  27. Una

    The thing I like most is that she’s wearing two big slices of tiramisu as bracelets.