Pink Fugday: Nicki Minaj

Three cheers to Nicki Minaj for the hair and makeup that’s making us all realize how beautiful she is.

The dress, tragically, looks like she’s wearing a hydraulic lift. So thank God for the face. Incidentally, I just read that Cosmopolitan talked to her new hair guru, in an interview that includes the following tidbit: “Tyra Banks had given her my number. She wanted a more toned-down look, and I think that’s why she reached out to Tyra.” Is this the first time in history anyone has thought “Tyra Banks” synonymously with the concept of toning DOWN anything? Is this the Typocalypse?

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (33):

  1. pb

    So close, so very close.

    • Kristan

      Yep! In the thumbnail of my RSS reader, I couldn’t tell what the midriff was doing — it just looked like another patterned panel — and I was like, Why is this a fug?? Then I clicked through. :P

  2. JJPP

    Wow, she is lovely.

  3. Lisa

    What the hell is going on in the middle part of the dress? Is it leather lattice? I am very confused. From the neck up she looks great. Making the rest of this all the more confusing.

  4.  Mina

    My brain is not understanding this dress’s (shirts’s) latticework cummerbund.

  5. Jenz

    I really like this toned down look.. she is incredibly pretty. The dress on the other hand… is okay. That latticework as Mina put it is incredibly distracting.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      If it was just the green and the red it’d be great. As it is it’s interesting with a touch of kook.

  6. Liviania

    I like the skirt and the shoes. I shall ignore everything between her neck and waist.

  7. Erin H

    I completely misread Typocalypse as Tyracalypse!

  8. Stefanie

    My brain is having a hard time with the fact that this is actually Nicki Minaj and not just some really pretty girl who looks sorta like Nicki.

  9.  Beatrix

    Change the bodice and I love this look on her so much!

  10.  Another Katie

    I’m too mesmerized by how beautiful she is to be the level of angsty I think the dress deserves. For that, well played, Minaj.

  11.  ita

    I… kind of like this.

  12. maryse

    i am not bothered by this dress. and i think her face is great.

  13. Allie

    I wish she’d smile.

    • Other Emily

      This is the whole problem. As goofy as her wigs and cracked out clothes were, she always looked like she was having a blast. She is stone cold beautiful without all the slap and with this hair, but she doesn’t look like she’s having any fun at all. Which sucks. We don’t have to smile all the time, but I haven’t seen one picture of her like this in which she’s even making a non-sad face. It bums me out.

    • Anne

      Yes! It’s like she thinks she can’t be taken seriously if she looks happy.

      I LOVE her smile! It would make a world of difference.

  14.  Michelle

    If she’d just ditched the midriff part this would be a two thumbs up!

  15. Ruth

    Her shoes are made of Twizzlers.

  16. ohsohappy

    I am gobsmacked…again! She is just so incredibly beautiful. I am only just beginning to recognize her now in her new look.

  17. stacey

    Do you think that lattice leaves marks when she takes it off?

  18.  Chris P

    To be fair, compared to what Nicki was before, Miss TyTy IS toned down for her.

    Also, am I weird for kind of loving this? I mean, it’s not IN YOUR FACE, but it’s still Nicki-ish. Yes, I even approve of the midriff portion of the evening. Deal with it.

  19.  Cici

    She is really lovely, so glad she is changing up her image. However, that dress has got to go.

  20. Katie

    is it weird that this reminds me of something gwen stefani may have worn? and that I didn’t like on her and still don’t like?

  21. KHS

    Without the latice, I would have loved this fully. Neck up she looks gorgeous. Great hair, great makeup – although I will always want a colorful lip on everyone. And I really love the skirt and shoes on her. I am trying to figure out if I would have been okay if the latice was gone completely and it was just her bare stomach…? Probably. I mean, she’d be wearing a tube top then, but maybe it would be cute and island-y? That latice is just doing weird things to her midsection, so I think I’d prefer anything (or nothing) to it.

  22. witjunkie

    I love this. I even like the lattice part, it’s midriff-y but way more interesting… I love the colors… She doesn’t NAB…I like it all.

  23. Citizen Science

    The dress is ridiculous and adorable, and totally suits her. It looks like the sort of dress you can get in a yoga shop, for some reason.

  24. Lori

    I like to scroll so that I only see from the white/cream band at the top up. So soothing, so pretty.

  25. Drlemaster

    I feel the need to make the Mr. D’arcy-ish pronouncement: it has been some time since I considered Micki Minaj to be an a rapper chick who always dresses crazy, and now consider her one of the most beautiful women of my acquaintance. (on this site) Yes, I am in the middle of watching P&P with my daughter again, don’t judge.

  26.  HelenBackAgain

    I love the shoes, the skirt, and her head. It’s just the area in between… oh, well. Still, there are some good instincts at work here.

    It’s so nice seeing Nicki change up her style, overall! She is looking really terrific lately.