Oscars Well Played: Janet McTeer

I’d like to publicly congratulate Janet McTeer:

When we were prognosticating the Best/Worst Dressed of the Oscars, I noted that a) she never left the house, and b) never wore a color. Way to go on proving me wrong on both counts, lady, and va-va-va-voomily to boot.

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Comments (25):

  1. Anna Svahn

    I just wish she had done something more with her hair.

  2. Sophie

    Wow!! She’s got such a great figure. It’s hard to dress a big bust (take it from one who knows). Take note, Maya Rudolph.

  3. Wendy

    I’d like to publicly congratulate Janet McTeer on the cuteness of the guy she is with, whoever he may be!

    • Jessica

      I briefly thought she was dating Woody Harrelson there.

      • Margaret

        I totally thought it was Woody at first glance! She looks great; I love this dress on her. With her height and figure, anything else would seem fussy.

      • Sandra

        He is cute, but I’m pretty sure that’s not Woody Harrelson.This guy’s face is a different shape and Woody’s supposed to be married to somebody else. At least as far as Wikipedia knows; which, yeah, yeah….

  4. marie

    That is one very striking woman. The dress is a bit dull, though.

  5. FrkHansen

    Um… If that is the case, why did you file this entry under Fugs instead of, say, Well Played? I’m a wee bit confused, and it’s not just because I envy the position of her magnificent boobs.

  6. JC

    She looks fantastic – I guess you want to dress as womanly as possible after a movie where you play a man? But yeah, this should definitely be tagged as well-played…

  7. Liz985

    OK, so why can’t Christina Hendricks do something like this? Simple, nips in at the waist, plenty of coverage to wear the proper bra that keeps the girls up high. This just seems so perfect and I can’t understand why the beautiful Ms. Hendricks looks wonderful in her show and movies but can’t seem to pull it together out on the red carpet. Can Janet McTeer give her a call?

  8. Maretha2

    Wow. She looks amazing. What a gorgeous dress on her — her figure looks fantastic, like a taller Helen Mirren.
    Between her and Octavia, they demonstrated that you can clothe large breasts in clothes that fit and make the figure look great, and you don’t have to be all nakedy (or boobs hoisted to the chin) to do it. Well played indeed!

  9. Sajorina

    I am pleasantly surprised because I voted for her as most likely to be worst dressed, so FAB to you Ms McTeer!

  10. Katharine

    There’s a really engaging quote on IMDb on how Janet McTeer celebrated her Oscar nomination for Albert Nobbs with her husband, presumably the handsome chap next to her. She looks fantastic.

  11. CJ

    I adore this gown. I am a big fan of the wrap style (and have been since age 10 when I got my first wrap, a Danskin leotard that I also wore as a bathing suit.) Wraps are flattering to almost all body types (they look great on flat chested 10 year olds as well as full-figured gals and everything in between). Most of all, in an era where designers haven’t a clue where a natural waistline is (please Jenna Lyons, can you tell your designers that the waist of a dress is a wee bit lower than where the underwire of your bra is), the wrap dress automatically finds a woman’s natural waist. Yay, natural waist!

    Janet’s dress is super flattering to her figure, in a great color, and I like that she looks very comfortable too. Haven’t seen the back, but from the front, this is is probably one of my favorite gowns of the night. Brava!

  12. Kimberli

    I had no idea she was this hot underneath those frowsy gowns she’d worn before. Nicely done!

  13. anny

    I love their expressions. They both look great and I want to sit at their table.

  14. G

    One of the many nice things about this dress is that it hasn’t confused the neckline with the waistline. A deep V-neck like this is looks good — no need to expose the entire sternum to the breeze.

    • wtfnyc

      PERFECTLY put. It really is the exact right amount of V.

      FLOVE this dress (and the hunky hubby accessory, too!).

  15. vandalfan

    I’m SO glad my vote was wrong! She looks quite snazzy.

  16. Julie the Jarhead

    The gentleman with the WOW! Ms. McTeer is her husband, Joe Coleman.

  17. Fuh Ugh

    She absolutely rocked this – very true to herself and her own style, while also appropriate for Oscar. Many RC newbies make the mistake of letting the dress wear them. Not in this case!

  18. lc

    Anyone know the designer of this awesome dress?

  19. Shiitake