Oscars Well Played, Adele


I have major Hair and Lipstick Envy when it comes to Adele. And Voice Envy, but I assume that goes without saying.

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  1. Mouse

    I’m punching at the same weight category as Adele – and I can only DREAM of looking so good! I need to tell myself that she’s got hella lot of fake hair inserts…and hella lots of spanx…and….

    Damnit. She’s just beautiful and I envy her. In my next life, I’d look to look like that. *SIGH*

  2. pantsonfire

    Mother of pearl, I don’t think I realized how effing gorgeous she is before now. I am so envious of her first shade of lipstick. It is THE PERFECT NUDE PINK and I have been searching and searching and searching for it my entire life. The second shade is pretty swell, too. But that first shade. It will haunt my dreams.

  3. Big Noise

    I think the performance dress is the one she referenced on the red carpet with Chenoweth as weighing 15 kilos — which is more than 30 pounds, if my conversion is good enough. Is that enough sparkly for you, Jessica?

  4. Rayna

    Insanely pretty, insanely great hair and makeup, and a proper regard for the SPARKLY.

  5. TonyG

    I did not get the Adele/Rex Reed joke when it happened. I thought it was a reference to her singing, which I knew did not make sense. Thanks for the explanation.

    Adele’s address was amazing under the lights. It really wowed me.

  6. Miranda

    Adele’s voice speaks for itself, but when I really started to love her is when she appeared on the Graham Norton Show. She was just so real and unfiltered, and she has a great laugh. I love all of these dresses, and the one she wore to perform needs to be in my closet!

  7. Lisa

    She really won the hair lottery. I wish you had another shot of that last dress, I really like what I can see of the top.

    • Big Noise

      I think Sunday it was her real (amazing) hair, but she wears wigs sometimes, like maybe on shows where she doesn’t have time to change hairstyles. I saw an online interview with Anderson Cooper (CBS News Online, I think) where she showed him a couple of her wigs and told him their names (one was Jackie, for Jackie Collins — and it was VERY Jackie Collins).

    • scone

      Seriously, when she was up accepting her award, I kept saying “Jesus, look at her HAIR. IT IS FABULOUS.” (despite the fact that she was also being adorbs with her speech, it was all I could focus on.)

  8. BrownEyedBetty

    I love her. I love her voice. I love her hair and makeup person. I love Skyfall (the movie and the perfect song she wrote) I am so happy for her. She deserves every accolade. She is The Real Deal.

  9. Danna

    She’s gorgeous, insanely talented and seems like kind of a broad. And I mean that in the best sense, like she’d totally hang out with you drinking beer, eating nachos and telling off color jokes.

    • pantsonfire

      Yes! I love broads.

      I think Jennifer Lawrence is also a broad.

      • Daffodil

        I third the thing about broads! I am working very hard at becoming one myself.

        • BrownEyedBetty

          Agreed ladies. And did you just love that shout out to her man right before she gave the mic to her writing partner. Oh yes, she’s a Broad. She’s a LONDON Broad!

    • KMG

      Yep, she’s a Broad in the best possible way. I aspire to be a Broad!

      • understateddiva

        Just wanted to third or fourth the love of Broads! I loved Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the Golden Globes, I kept calling them Two Classy Broads, just like Lucy and Ethel. They need to host everything.

  10. Sajorina

    I love every dress she wore! I like that she wore a floor-length gown to the red carpet and a cocktail-length dress for her performance! I saw an interview of her in the 3rd dress and it was also very pretty! FAB all around! Plus, I love her hair & makeup… They are always FLAWLESS! And COVET that performance dress! WANT IT!!!

  11. Daffodil

    I love, love, LOVE Adele, and want to be her BFF. She has shown me that I would like to be as ballsy as she is — I want to go full-on bouffant hairdo and massive eye makeup and creamy lipstick because damn, that looks good. I am just not that courageous, sadly. Nor do I ever go anywhere bouffant-worthy.

    But I have to say that her Skyfall-singing shoes — those glittery numbers — kind of looked like Miss Piggy shoes. THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT REFERENCE. It’s because the people who make Muppets are largely men, and I think when they went to dress Miss Piggy up all glam-a-rama, they figured, well, hell, what’s more glamorous than glitter shoes? And they are right. But because they once gave Miss Piggy glitter shoes, now they look like cartoon Miss Piggy shoes and not like pretty human shoes. It has been paining me greatly ever since I saw them when Adele took to the stage and sang the hell out of a song without even looking like she was singing the hell out of a song (ahem, Hudson). It’s all perfect from the ankles up.

    • Fawn

      They may very well be Miss Piggy shoes, but I still covet them desperately.

  12. Gin

    I love the second dress in particular, and while the first dress is also very alluring, I can’t help thinking that it might wash her out a bit? Just a teensy bit? And also, she almost always wears black. I keep imagining that first red carpet dress in a rich gem color, like crimson red or forest green. With her creamy skin and canny knack for finding exactly the right shade of lipstick, I think she’d knock color out of the park. Try it, Adele.

    • Sandra

      Yeah, this. The sparkly black is great, but it would be greater in a jewel tone.

  13. ChristieLea

    People will be singing “Skyfall” 50 years from now, a la “Goldfinger” (sorry, GoolllldddFINGAAAAHHH). It’s that good. And seriously, a Grammy AND and Oscar in the same year? How awesome all three dresses are worthy of such an accomplishment.

  14. Erin B

    I really need to know if she’s shared her hair, skin, and makeup routine before, because I WANT IT ALL. Google, here I come… don’t fail me now!

    • Justine

      Erin B, she’s apparently wearing Armani Cosmetics – Maestro Foundation and Concealer, and Rouge D’Armani on the lips :)

      • pantsonfire

        Thanks so much for the intell! I will totally be going to the Armani makeup counterat the earliest opportunity. That first lipstick will be mine. Oh, yes. (Here’s hoping it works on me, and doesn’t veer orange, as most lipsticks do on me.) Oooh, and I just checked — Armani doesn’t test on animals (it apparently uses human volunteers…). Hoorah!

  15. Wendy

    It is absolutely ridiculous how pretty she is!

  16. Feena Cray

    Seth MacFarlane disgraced himself on Sunday. I have never cringed so much. I had no idea he was such a woman-hater.

    • Sarah

      or as he calls us “those things with boobs and, unfortunately, talking abilities.”*

      *I’m assuming.

      • Katharine

        I so wish Salma Hayek had been able to ignite him with her mind the way she so clearly wanted.

    • mary lou bethune

      Seth is awful; he made the show very small. But then Adele, Babs, Shirley showed up and toasted his white male smugness to cinders- at least in my mind.
      Adele looked beautiful, is incandescently talented and she grabbed everyone by the roots of their being and shook them… it was amazing and sexy and TRUE.

  17. Christina

    I too covet that red lipstick. And her sparkly Louboutins. I just love her.

  18. Josephine

    She is one of my very favorite looking people. (Mega-talented-beautiful-voice goes without saying.)

  19. Mary

    Love the woman, love the dresses, but……. she looked like a disembodied head floating around in front of that black, sparkly backdrop during her song. A gorgeous lioness of a head, but I found it distracting.

  20. APJH

    Why, why, why, WHY can’t Melissa McCarthy hire Adele’s stylist?

    Adele is perfection. Her voice kills me. I want to hug her and go shopping with her and eat cupcakes with her and talk about our husbands and eat more cupcakes. LOVE HER!

    • Danna

      Yes, this, MM is so much prettier than she dresses!

      • SugarMagnolia

        Yes! Melissa McCarthy plus Adele’s stylist would be amaaaaaazing!

        I love Adele and I desperately want that hair on my head and that makeup on my face.

  21. Candy

    I have this fantasy that someone will tell me that I look like Adele. I have the same coloring, similar hair, I might be a tad thinner than her & wear my makeup in a similar way (although much softer for daily use, obviously). Maybe a fake chin dimple would do it? Anyway, I feel this cosmic kinship with her and totally want to be her BFF… and get to raid her closet. My point? She can do no wrong in my book & I want to punch people who make fun of her.

  22. becca

    my 8-year old daughter just stared at the screen when adele was on stage and finally whispered, “she is beautiful.” we watched the entire show and the red carpet together and adele was the only one who got that reaction out of her.

    • Linda

      My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with Adele too. We sing 21 in the car all the time. Plus, I love saying look how gorgeous she is and not making it about how skinny she is. She’s just gorgeous period. And don’t get me started on her voice.

    • Melinda

      Aww, this makes me tear up, becca.

  23. Al

    I really hope that someone doesn’t put a bug in her ear about losing weight the way Jennifer Hudson did. Nothing against JHud (who looks great) or losing weight, but Adele’s face is SO BEAUTIFUL I’m afraid of what would happen to it if she shed even just a few pounds.

    I love the beading of her red carpet dress, though I wish it were cut slightly lower to make it a bit more youthful. But her hair and makeup were perfect, so it’s a teeny, tiny nitpick. Either way, I am so happy she exists.

  24. Kuri

    I like the dress, but I’m going to have to a dissenting voice and say that I think she’s look even more awesome if had a v-neck. I know there’s always a tendency for stylists to cover up women of size, but I don’t think it’s the way to go – this dress is too old-looking for her. A bit of a plunge would look terrific.

    • Sally

      Kuri- YES! The opinion of my Oscar watching group was “open up the neck line”

  25. KMG

    Stupid Seth McFarlane. Don’t EVER insult Adele (even if that’s not what he intended, that’s what happened – TOOL). She is so so awesome and always looks amazing.

  26. Cassidy

    Imagine how much fun you would have with Jennifer Lawrence and Adele at a bar, drinking shots. A LOT OF FUN.

    Also, she looks great. She’s so awesome in every way.

  27. Vi

    Thank God for the amazingly talented, beautiful women who performed. Adele was the best of them all! (Seth McF said this would be his only Oscar hosting, thank goodness.)

  28. Helen

    Like CakesOnAPlane (which I also think is an awesome screen name), I prefer when Adele’s hair is a tad darker than this – but she sure did look lovely. In both lipsticks!

    And I don’t think she has any idea she’s beautiful, which makes her face so much fun to watch! She’s as un-self-conscious as a child.

    It’d be nice to see her branch out into some color, true, but she does indeed wear The Sort of Thing She Wears very well, and these shots all look good.

    Also, it was the first time I’d heard “Skyfall” (I kind of do live under a rock right now), and it knocked my socks off.

  29. Tiffany

    Her face is amazing and her hair is gorgeous (as always). However, I think if someone else (say Jennifer Aniston) wore this many versions of the same dress, you would rip her style a part. I love Adele, but if we are talking fashion, she is quite lazy. I kind of feel like by accepting her redundancies…we are kind of lowering expecations of her because of her size. Not saying anything about the sameness is kind of saying something in its own way, right?

    • Agent Sculder

      I think Adele tends to wear similar dresses because they are what she’s comfortable in. She wants people to notice her voice and not her dress. I would also guess she doesn’t get the same choices that someone like Jennifer Lawrence gets. That said, I’d LOVE to see her in that dress she wore on the red carpet in a fabulous jewel tone, like red or green.

      But I also think she got slammed pretty hard for the dress she wore at the Grammys this year which was out of her usual comfort zone. She may have felt the need to play it very safe at the Oscars as a result.

  30. whiterabbit11

    Ladies, have you seen the pics with Adele, Babs and Shirley at the after-party? I keep going back to stare at them because they are so awesome, SO AWESOME, and Seth McWhatever is a small, sad little man crushed beneath their sparkly expensive heels.

  31. fritanga

    Sigh. She looks wonderful.

    I wish she’d introduce Melissa McCarthy to her stylist.

  32. dvj

    There is no generic “big gal” bod. Melissa M has a totally different shape, much more apple, and much more difficult to dress. No matter the stylist, she will never look like Adele.

  33. Lori

    Sadly, I lost all respect for one of my favorite football players on Oscar night (Torrey Smith of the Ravens) because he was retweeting fat jokes about Adele and found them hilarious. His defense was that it was his Twitter and he could post what he wanted. That’s absolutely true, but posting it online means people will read it and judge him. I know I did. I think she is amazing and gorgeous.

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