Oscars Unfug It Up: Kate Mara


If we ever happen to run across someone who is especially cool, we like to tell you. Kate Mara, who we talked to at Fashion Week, is one such person. Like, so cool and chatty that we almost forgot that we don’t actually know her for real. So big ups to the lady — and I can’t believe we forgot to tell her how freaking good she was on American Horror Story, or ask her things about Jessica Lange, but whatever. Since she is obviously our new bestie and will be coming over for One Tree Hill night and the like, I will just ask her then.


The dress is a germ of something pretty, but I remember her talking about how it’s tough to find something that fits perfectly, and I think that slammed her a little here — the top seems too low, and the gossamer wing on the right side looks like she got caught in a doorframe and ripped it, and that by the end of the night, this will have slowly peeled off her like a fancy-dress Weezer song. Is it fixable for you, with just a yank here and a snip there? Or am I mising another problem with it?

However, I do love that her red carpet face also has a touch of her Bitch I’m’a Steal Your Baby face fromĀ AHS. Maybe they should have her ghost start haunting Lisbeth Salander so that the Ladies Mara can have a fierce-off.

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  1. LoriK

    The dress doesn’t fit quite right and the wing is just bad, but I think that what totally kills this look is the way she’s standing and her facial expression. She looks like she’s filming a scene from The Walking Dead. What is up with that?

  2. CJ

    The color washes her out a bit, but the big problem is that drapey-thingy on her arm and her stance. Of course, if she stands up straight, that whole dress might pop down. Would love it in a different color, but if we’re married to this color, chop off the arm drapery, give her a little more coverage in the bust and some spaghetti straps and this girl would be confident to stand up straight and smile.

    People forget that beading is heavy. You can’t just try on a beaded gown to see if it fits and then take it off; you have to wear it for a little while, sit in it and walk around with it. If the beadwork is pulling the dress down, you need to find that out at your fitting, not on the red carpet!

  3. zut

    Skirt, in this color especially, looks like an ultra froo-froo shower curtain. Can’t get past it.

  4. Miss Tee

    I feel better about her now that I’ve read that y’all think she is delightful. Honestly, when I saw her on the red carpet show, I was like, “Jeezus, she looks as batsht crazy as she is on American Horror Story! I’m scared of her!”

    On to the dress, now: I love the color and think it’s pretty but I feel like she is slouching because she feels like if she stands up straight her boobs will come out of the top. Unfortunate. I just want to tell all of these ladies that I see slouching like that to stand up straight! It drives me crazy. Another thing, and this isn’t just about her dress, I hate that stupid wingie thing that several people had on their dresses. I don’t understand why it’s there – it doesn’t provide anything aesthetically nor does it function at all – it’s just there. It actually looks like it hinders mobility. How the hell is she supposed to wave to her sister on the other side of the red carpet if she can’t raise her arm??

  5. raplica hangbags

    doesn’t matter about the dress but she have much confidence about her look. i like her look she thought, she looks very hot about dressing.

  6. Amanda

    Honestly, I think this could be saved by just changing her posture and the expression on her face. It’s not the fit of the dress that is making her do this because she has the exact same look and posture in the “Related” photos of her. It seems like her and her sister become the characters they play in real life.

  7. Sarie

    I cannot even begin to describe how much I hate that thing coming off of her boob. Why on earth is it there? It does not enhance the dress in any way, it is just there, in it’s awkward placement, making me dislike the entire dress, which otherwise would be very pretty.

  8. sophie

    i actually like this.

    when i saw the first photo updates from the red carpet, this was the first dress i liked. not crazy about the sleeve-thing but the whole thing is really cute.

  9. Crystal

    She looks one giant wedding decoration.

  10. jellybean

    WHEN does The Ladies Mara premiere? Because between the gossamer wings and the 3-movie-deal haircuts, I am All. Over. That.

  11. Rebecca

    I also really like this besides the weird boob wing part. It should also fit her top better so she can stand up straighter. And I think I’d get rid of the ribbon at the waist…it’s somehow making her hips look kind of bunchy, and I highly doubt they are. Okay, I guess it sounds like I don’t like this, but I swear I do!

    • Caity Rose

      Agreed. The arm drapery needs to go, and I feel like she would look much slimmer without the ribbon at her waist. Otherwise, I really like this.

  12. Sajorina

    I absolutely LOVE this dress! My only problem with it is that piece of fabric hanging down her right arm that’s holding it hostage! I say get rid of it and it’ll be perfect! The fabric & color are DIVINE and she looks BEAUTIFUL! And, OMG, I would so want to have sleepovers with Kate & Rooney & my sister… FUN! Ok, back to reality, FAB!

  13. Annie E

    This needs an updo with no middle part to counteract the droopiness of the dress.

  14. drPhilG

    I’m surprised the Fug Girls didn’t catch that the dress is ever-so slightly see-through! Maybe I’m imagining it, but I detect some ever-so darker underwear there, and some thigh. Am I making this up and the FGs are still on point for catching the see through?

  15. val.

    It’s like a modern take on Cinderella, where she goes to the ball anyway wearing the dress that the Stepsisters tried to rip apart.

  16. sophia

    i always think she’s jenny lewis circa THE WIZARD. then i read the caption.

  17. vandalfan

    I’m glad to know she’s pleasant and charming, because the Angular Mara comes across as snotty and not too sharp.

    • vandalfan

      And the dress? A shower curtain that is dropping off in front, but I do like the belt.

  18. Cait

    I actually like this & I think I would have probably just changed the shape of the weird wing thing, and had it on BOTH arms. also dear lord make it fit better.

  19. Allie

    I just really really REALLY wish that she and her sister would just freakin’ smile already. I’m glad to hear that she’s charming and personable because it certainly doesn’t come across in her red carpet photos.

  20. Kerina Pharr

    I just…so desperately…want to pull up her one droopy sleeve!! and then I look more closely at the construction of the dress and realize I CAN’T!!! I just want to twist it around and yank it over her shoulder. I really want to love thissssssssss… omg….why why whyyyyyy!!!!!!

    Ok. I feel better now.

  21. Melly

    She looks like she f’ing hates this dress and has already started ripping it off.

  22. Caroleena Stantonova

    I believe she had an argument with that dress…and the right side won! ew

  23. Mahastee

    I know it’s technically pink, but it is teetering close to matching her own skin colour, and so I say dye it a richer, berry, shade and it’s all good.

  24. Amanda

    I just wanted to reassure you, Heather, that your Weezer reference did not go unappreciated. Hold this thread as I walk away (as I WALK AWAY)! : )

  25. Nancy

    1. bold color
    2. get rid of the thing on her arm
    3. yank it up a couple of inches
    4. ditto with her posture
    5. add some bling – but just a bit.

    • Kat

      All of these things plus tidier hair to combat all the frou-frou going on down below.

  26. Scanderoon

    I actually really like the dress – just make it a bit higher so she can stand up straight, and then have her actually stand up straight, and we’re in business. Even with the sleeve-wing.

  27. Kat

    CJ (second commenter) pointed out something I didn’t know about beading heaviness. Hm. What if you replaced the strange transparent arm pelmet with two nice, weight-bearing, appropriate-looking-for-the-dress straps? Then the straps can hold all the beads up so her boobs don’t have to. Yay!

    (I really like the dress otherwise.)

  28. Josephine

    A judicious tug upward, a swift removal of that droopy wing, a brief reminder about posture, and this would be A-OK–subtle and sweet, even. As is…kinda fug.

  29. Charlotte

    I agree with others that the color isn’t doing her a lot of favors.

    However, with a couple of simple changes:

    1) Bodice up about an inch and fitted correctly
    2) Stupid sleeve goes over the shoulder (I’m thinking shawl style … to see the pretty beading) *
    3) Smile, beautiful!

    this would be very nice even in this color. A different color would make it FAB.

    * Not a huge fan of the one-sleeve dress but it would work here.

  30. Lisa

    Shoulders back, and stand up straight, young lady! If she’d done that, I might be on board.

  31. Shiitake

    Haul out Alexander McQueen’s spray paint robots and hose her down.

  32. NYCGirl

    What pretty much everyone said– pull it up, get rid of the boob sling. I like the beading and the color and the bow at the waist.

  33. Lily1214

    The big problem with this gown is the drapey thing coming over her right arm. At first glance it looks like her bra strap fell down. Or something. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful gown.