Oscars Fug/Fab Face-Off: Sally Field vs Hilary Swank

It seems… at best remiss that Valentino dressed one of tonight’s Oscar nominees in something HUGELY similar to what it gave a 90210 alum. … Okay, fine, Hilary Swank is also a two-time Oscar winner, but we all know Former Steve Sanders Love Interest is what’s going on her tombstone.

Neither of them won an Oscar tonight, but they can win this (a... Fugscar?). Whose is better:

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  1. Big Noise

    Sally for the win — too bad younger ladies (AHEM, no names needed) didn’t follow her lead and age gracefully — she looks awesome . Hilary Swank annoys me — there’s no reason, don’t think I’ve ever seen any of her work — she just annoys me.

  2. Edith

    I made myself be fair and look at the photos, but the photos only convinced me further: ANY time it’s Sally Field v. Hilary Swank, Sally Field wins, hands down. I do wish Sally’s had a better neckline, but she looked awesome. As always.

    As and aside, wtf was up with Valentino last night? Didn’t two or three people reject their Valentino gowns at the last minute? I’m now going to pretend they were all variations of this. Maybe Ann Hathaway DID make the right choice….

    • Big Noise

      Sally pretty much knocked it out of the park during awards season: navy blue at the Golen Globes, purple/plum at the SAG Awards, and last night.

      • eva

        I thought Sally was one of the best dressed of the night. Now that I see the dress in detail it may have its problems, but the overall impression was super positive. She looked glowing and much better than all the starlets half her age (who, for the most part, were pretty boring).

  3. MKKS

    Sally wins here, but side note if you meshed their names they become Sally Swank who was definitely one of the actors on Sun Also Sets.

  4. Big Noise

    One more thing: I can understand Sally wearing that dress to the parties — who wants to change? For Swank, it seems like a whole lotta look for attending after-parties but not the ceremony. Or maybe I’m just a Swank-hater.

  5. qwertygirl

    Hilary’s has Obvious Sheer. Obvious Sheer always loses to Subtle Sheer. Subtle Sheer is not to be rewarded necessarily, but Obvious Sheer must always be punished.

  6. TL

    I can’t vote; I find myself needing a “neither, I hate both” option.

  7. McLisa

    I love Sally. I really wanted her to win just so I could hear a Part II to her infamous Oscar win speech all those years ago; maybe letting us know that we STILL like her.

  8. pinkcheese

    I just can’t with either of them. They both look half-patootied, and worse, cheap. Like, last-minute costume from the picked-over Halloween aisle at Target cheap.

  9. Mongerel

    Since it was by force, I chose Fields. Swank’s Sheer Over Mini made me grind a layer of enamel off my molars.

  10. Sarah

    Don’t like the dress, but wow, she’s lovely.

  11. Sajorina

    I like Hilary’s better! Her hair looks resplendent! And I thought Sally looked better in the black dress she wore for the “flying nun” skit!

  12. SinnerMolly

    GFY Heather: I’m only posting this because I get the sense you’re the type of girl who would want to be told that she has spinach in her teeth. You used the contraction “who’s” (who is) instead of the possessive “whose” in the question before the poll. I’m sure you’re just tired from watching/writing/posting all night!

    You & GFY Jessica are awesome & I read you every day.

  13. Heather

    You’re right! I had originally written “Who’s better” and then realized it made it sound like we were judging the woman, not the gown, so I added “is” but forgot to edit the rest. Thanks!

  14. LJcoolJ

    If Sally Field showed up in a trash bag, I would think it was amazing. The woman can do NO wrong.

    • Deenie

      Why? This seems kind of patronizing because I suspect it’s because she’s 66 years old. Maybe you’re too young to remember, but when she made the idiotic speeech (You like me, you really like me), she was mocked relentlessly and was considered as annoying as Hathway is these days. I just don’t get why people LOVE her suddenly. Seems condescending if it’s just for the fact that she’s managed to stick around for all these decades.

      • Vandalfan

        I loved her speech and it seemed sincere to me. She’s like my sister, or gal cousin. I’ve known her since Gidget.

  15. julyol1972

    In close ups, Hilary’s dress is Rihanna’s Grammy gown’s more demure cousin. In other words, way too similar for Hilary’s stylist not to be yelled at. The only major difference is Rihanna’s was a bit more sheer in the bodice.

  16. Sandra

    Long sleeves look dopey on great big evening gowns. It doesn’t need to be all strapless and bare, but this is is very Madam of the Sister-Wives Brothel to me. And if she wants her arms covered up, she should get with Meryl or MIRREN on how that works.

  17. Wendy

    I have to admit I voted for Sally simply because I like her better. I could go either way on the actual dresses–they seem pretty equal.

    Also, I totally forgot about Soapdish! How is that even possible?

  18. Eli

    Sally FTW always, but especially FTW against Hilary Swank. I have serious dislike for that chick, particularly because she outed Chad Lowe’s substance abuse problems in an attempt to distract from the fact that she is a cheating cheater, which I find grody. Boo, Swank, go away.

  19. Amy

    Sally’s is better, but I truly think both are pure FUG. The bottom of Sally’s skirt looks very prairie woman in the front. She only wins because I will never vote for the sheer long of tight short skirt thing.

  20. Bella

    I can’t vote. I dislike both intensely.

  21. Ellelake

    Those dresses are both FUG. Abstained from vote also.

  22. TonyG

    Wow! Sally’s dress looked so much better on television, i.e., without the interrogation of a flash bulb. On TV I thought she even looked shapely in this. Oh, well. I still voted for her though, since hers did not involve windows to her legs like Hilary’s.

  23. Ellie

    They are both awful, awful. Sally looked SO much better in the spoofy bit she did with Seth.

  24. KelseyA

    I feel like Sally Field’s dress is classy and age appropriate (and pretty!) while Hilary Swank’s is all false modesty.

  25. Jane

    These are both awful. I voted for Sally just because I, like several others above, am intensely irritated by Hilary Swank (saw some crappy movie with her and Gerard Butler a few weeks ago and still can’t get the taste out of my mouth). These both look like a mother-of-the-bride dress where the bride was the reason for the mother’s shotgun wedding that had to be done real quick at City Hall so she was robbed, ROBBED of the chance to wear a dress with a big train so now she’s gonna wear a big train at THIS wedding, dodgummit!

  26. BrownEyedBetty

    I love Sally and I love red but this was a whole lotta dress for her little bod. I agree with the person above who described it as “Sister Wives Brothel” I just can’t. Sorry

    Seeing Hilary Swank in this look was just plain confusing. She usually struts out with her boobs, back, or butt on display so covering it all up makes me think she’s sick or something..??

  27. Pamb

    I really am surprised that Valentino can’t keep better tabs on who they lend they gowns to/which gowns they send out. Two read and sheer long gowns sent out to two stars going to the same party? Not smart.

    But then again, Dior put Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Coitillard in two similar gowns for the Golden Globes.

    Maybe Valentino figured, if they can do it, so can we?

  28. ChaChaHeels

    Both women’s stylists, and whoever came up with those gowns, deserve black roses. Sally is overwhelmed by a dress that needs an amazon to show off its intricate folds and pintucking, and Hilary’s dress just looks like something someone would have worn to a prom in the 70′s. All that aside: no stylist should ever let his client show up in a dress that’s almost identical to someone else’s at the same event.

  29. Lisa

    I have to say I’m not fond of either of them. But I dislike Sally’s less. Only slightly though.

  30. Zulk

    I wish we had a full length photo of whatever Sally wore in Seth’s weird alternate universe scene because she looked very nice there too.

  31. Vandalfan

    The sheer red netting flatters no one’s skin.