Oscars Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman


A friend of mine once attended a kids’ music class that Nicole and Keith came to with their first daughter. And everyone was afraid of making them feel observed or uncomfortable, so in an effort to counteract that, the people went too far in the other direction and thus nobody talked to them the whole time — which ended up being even more awkward because apparently they seemed really nice but also sort of shy. All of which is to say, I guess, that I hope these two are as happy with each other as they look, so they can be nice-yet-shy together for all eternity and never have to worry about whether other people talk to them.

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  1. Sara B.

    Leave off that odd little belly badge that reminds me of a Batman symbol and this gown is perfect.

    • Jill

      Yes, this! My first thought was “Why is she wearing the Bat-sign?”

    • Maria L.

      I think the golden bat is just one small misstep in a dress that otherwise screams fabulosity from every sequin. Besides, Heather’s story added an element of pathos that gets her extra credit.

      • fritanga

        Totally agree. The Batrang or whatever it is looks weird, but apart from that, this dress was inspired by Gustav Klimt and it almost totally succeeds as an homage.

        I just wish she’d lay of the Botox, though (and that Keith would ditch the frost ‘n tip).

      • Bottle Ginger

        I agree. The bat-sign on the waist is the only imperfection in an overall FABULOUS gown, I’d say its presence changes the gown’s grade from A+ to a solid A.

        Besides, Kidman was in my favorite Batman movie, she gets to wear the insignia.

  2. Karen

    I didn’t care for it that much. I thought it was a little overkill, and I wasn’t crazy about the bronze bits up top. The combination of those with the reflections off the black sequins made it difficult to tell where the delineation of colors was, so it just looked messy to me.

    BUT–I do love the Klimt-y spirals on the bottom and the train. Those are really pretty.

    • annie

      I agree. The entire look from the hair down was just messy to me. Didn’t care for the look at all but I do think the train was beautifully executed.

      • Vandalfan

        And I like the train execution, but disliked the structural little gold curlycues and would have preferred the same fade to bronze as the neckline.

    • Cucina49

      Thank you for the Klimt reference!

      I agree, the dress is overkill–though L’Wren Scott does tend to do well by Kidman in general.

  3. Sarah

    I don’t like dress, but she clearly looks great regardless!

  4. McLisa

    I liked this dress because SHINY! But yeah, that middle piece sort of looks like Batman’s belt.

  5. lindsay

    ditch the bat signal and i would unreservedly love it. as it is, i reservedly like it quite a lot.

    also, i thought her presentation was adorable. “jeez nicole, give them time to clap” – charmsville.

  6. Serenella

    I love this unabashedly.

  7. Esme

    I’d have to lose that bat-mark, and I’m not crazy about the crap around the bottom in the front. IDK, she kind of looks like Gypsies came to her house to resurface her driveway, and she fell down on the driveway and . . .

  8. deee

    The train, the train. It completely negates any negative vibes from the belly bat sign AND the botox.

    Her and Keith look very cute together.

  9. Ailatan

    That neckline is so flattering! I love the whole look.

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    Funny, I didn’t notice the belly bat til you pointed it out. How weird is that? I thought this dress was gorgeous during the telecast. I looks like it was poured on her. Especially from the back and around her bum…there’s a weird sort of oval shape right smack dab on it…..that’s catching the light and looks like a built in cushion for comfort during the show. I always love to see what she wears…she has such a great figure and can pull off nearly anything which I think she’s doing here…

    • Jasmine

      Exactly my thoughts. I literally didn’t notice it until I came here this morning– and I still love it unreservedly. I was almost drooling over this thing during the telecast. What I wouldn’t give to be that tall and willowy and be able to swoosh around in that majestic sparkling gown.

      Also her face is back to normal, THANK GOD.

  11. Erin B

    If it didn’t have the copper belly-peel, I think this would’ve been one of my favorites of the night. It’s still pretty dang good, though.

    Personally, I might have liked it better without the soft hair — the dress feels more modern to me than that hairstyle is. But then, I’m a contrarian, and if she’d had her hair back, I would’ve said “oh, too severe.” So don’t listen to me!

  12. MG

    And Keith himself looked so much better than his last appearance with those clown boots.

  13. Art Eclectic

    This was my favorite of the night – even with the belly splotch.

  14. Eli

    I love it and I love her. And I love that she is happy and has a good husband and cute kids and lives not in Hollywood after escaping the train wreck that is He Who Shall Not Be Named.

  15. TaraMisu

    Gorgeous. Absolutely perfect. Don’t change a thing.

  16. Gigi

    The Batman belt buckle was definitely weird – but maybe a nice nod to the preferred dress stylings of her husband’s musical genre pals – but otherwise the look and her were amazing!

  17. ak

    I love it even with the batmark, which I’ll concede is a little odd. She looks like the fanciest vinyl record in the world, and man, that back view just kills.

  18. currygirl

    I’ve always had a soft spot for her. She just seems very genuine, and I think she looks really sexy in this, which is not a word I use that often to describe her. Also, I thought it was super endearing that during the ceremony, she made a sad face and mouthed “poor thing” to the Visual effects Oscar winner when he was cut off by that awful Jaws music.

  19. Victoria

    The gold swirlies make up for the sparkly bat splat.

  20. deee

    Not sure where to put this but can we fug the cover that is showing up in the Celebuzz sidebar? It irrationally infuriates me. If we all make fun of it, maybe I will feel better.

  21. Tamburlaine

    That is a gorgeous dress (especially the back), and I really like Kidman’s hair with it, too. Lovely.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Yes, absolutely gorgeous. And glamorous. The colours are perfect on her and Keith even has good shoes on for once.

  22. Billie

    I thought she looked smashing and the happiness she always exudes really helps seal the deal.

    I also thought that when she presented her face didn’t look as stiff as usual, lets hope she’s going back down the au naturel path.

    • Helen

      Yes! I noticed that too! I think she even moved her eyebrows a little at one point.

      Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but still, definite improvement!

  23. Elizabeth Corey

    I LOVE the bottom (especially the train.) If the rest of it had all been solid shiny black (and no belly-bat), it would have been my favorite dress of the night.

  24. TonyG

    I’m so glad this is black. On TV, while switching channels during red carpet viewing, it was kind of driving me crazy because it first looked dark blue, then dark purple, then dark green. Now, I figure it might have just been responding to various lighting.

    The dress looks fab, and so does Keith Urban’s legs and butt.

  25. Kristina

    I LOVE this dress. It’s… so shiny. *Swoon* And the swirls at the bottom are so mesmerizing, and the train is perfect… I’m in love. Except for the random sparkly gold splat. Which kind of looks like the Batman symbol.
    Not that I have anything against Batman.

  26. Sooz

    I just wish the gold detailing was dialed back a bit. Lose the bat, lose the gold on the straps and — controversial, I know — lose the gold swirls from the front bottom. If it had only a hint of gold at the bodice and then the surprise of that amazing train? Perfect.

    • Timberlina

      Agree. The gold around the neck and then in the train would’ve been more dramatic.

  27. mrbruno

    Nicole looks flawless…

  28. Liz

    I love how happy and in love they always appear!

  29. SCM

    I must be the only one who didn’t like it. It looks like she’s been conviced of some crime of fashion and her punishment was being tarred and glittered.

    Just me?

    • avidbeader

      Not just you. I so wish this were a color other than black, because my first thought when seeing it on TV was that she and a lovely gold dress had fallen into an oil spill on the way to the ceremony.

  30. ErinM

    Holy cow– my niece, Charlotte, was in that music class that Nicole took Sunday Rose to!!! Music Together in Franklin, TN in the spring of ’09. I went with them once, and just Nicole was there with Sunday, but my sis said that she saw Kieth once or twice. So funny!

  31. Tiffany

    I really liked this dress. It is in my top 5.

  32. Katharine

    This reminds me of that photo shoot — remember it, was it some country’s Vogue? — commemorating the oil spill and featuring models draped on the beach in gorgeous clothes destroyed with petroleum crude. Beautiful, yet somehow creepy.

    I didn’t like her hair. I don’t like that non-committal peach colour, and it also looked like it was loaded with dry shampoo or some kind of dry texturiser. Very weird and wiglike.

  33. Rebecca Davis

    I could not hate this more. It looks like something a Real Housewife of New Jersey would buy while drunk-shopping at the Borgata.

  34. Pouncer

    My verdict: FUG.

    That dress looks like the BP oil spill tried to invade Mardi Gras and created some horrible ooze monster with mutant gold peacock waves. I saw her on my television and recoiled in horror.

  35. buttercup

    All I could think when I saw them was that Keith must’ve forgotten that it was Oscar week, and he rushed to the barber for a trim, but it didn’t have the requisite two weeks to settle in, so now he just looks like he’s veering too far into Mulletville.

    Oh, and Nicole looks fine.

  36. Claire1

    My first thought when I saw it was… “I am Batman”……haha! Glad to know I wasn’t alone.

    The train is fabulous…I wish it had all been that slippery oily black sequin with just the train…. oh that would have been a happy dress….

    But I must say…if I had her rear…I’d wear trains ever.single.day.

  37. Helen

    Glittery innards + gold-sequined bat splat FTW!

    I love it.

  38. Michelle

    She looks beautiful. In that last picture, though, you can totally see that Keith is wearing concealed, super-high heels inside his shoes. Hee hee.

  39. Sajorina

    LOVE & COVET! One of my favorites of the night! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!