Oscars (and Way, Way Beyond) Fugs and Fabs: Jacki Weaver

So it turns out we haven’t covered Jacki Weaver much this season. Which is to say, AT ALL. How did that happen? I’m sorry, Jacki. I hate it when we fight.

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  1. Gigi

    Jacki Weaver is righteous! I saw Animal Kingdom on Netflix right after coming home from seeing Silver Linings Playbook – she is so awesome in both. There’s a great interview with her somewhere on how she had a voice coach to do a Philly accent (she’s from Oz). All I remember is that the Philly accent is rhotic, as opposed to the New Yawk or Bahston accents.

    The orange day dress is sublime on her. She’s got to be hard to fit given her height, but most of these dresses really actually look fantastic on her and she looks like she’s enjoying herself even if she’s nominated against actresses that everyone else is convinced will win. She’s not letting it spoil her mood.

  2. Bottle Ginger

    Her Oscar gown was a huge misfire – made her look about three feet tall, with disporportionally short arms.

    And her hair and makeup made her look like a Madam!

    • Morris

      She’s a tiny lady!! And good on her. The green dress she wore to the globes was divine, I love her choices. Ad she’s so fun in all her interviews!!

  3. qwertygirl

    I prefer either the SAG dress or the blue showgirl number to what she actually wore to the Oscars. She is obviously not very tall (4’9″ according to the never-wrong Internet, which means she’s an inch shorter than my ten year old) and this dress makes her look like she has no waist at all. It gives the illusion of legs connected to boobs. I wish she’d chosen the grey or the blue–she really rocked those, IMO.

    • LT1

      Yeah, I like the SAG dress the most with that blue one coming in second. I didn’t like the Oscar dress very much, although I like the color of the skirt.

  4. Heather

    Yeah, the more I look at it, the more I’m like, “Actually, not so much.” Her SAG gown was glorious.

  5. Eden

    The SAG dress is amazing! Wow. I love the colour of the GG dress on her, no the dress itself. One thing, everything she wore made her eyes stand out. Phenomenal!

  6. Maria L.

    Some of her clothing choices are unfortunate, but I have to say this lady has a glorious smile.

  7. Jilly

    I absolutely love the gray dress in slide 4. Anyone know who made it?

  8. Rayna

    That geometric black number and the SAG dress – outstanding.

    Blue sequiny one – honorable mention.

  9. Sajorina

    LOVE the last 2 gowns! What a vision is she! HOT DAMN, Jacki! Except for the 3rd outfit, she brought it every time! FAB!!!

  10. Daffodil

    SAGs dress for the win. She should just wear that all the time. Even to the grocery store. Although she could rotate in the orange day dress when the SAGs number is at the cleaner’s.

  11. steph

    I love how she always seems to have 1 eyebrow raised, as if she has something up her sleeve or knows a juicy rumor!

  12. BrownEyedBetty

    My goodness she is an itty-bitty thing. She and Chenowith kinda go together, no? I thought her Oscars dress lovely. Very age-appropriate without being matronly (for me, anyway) and the red is so dang gorgeous….even with the boob swirls.

    • Aphy

      I think she looks great. I’m not much taller than her and I’m the same height as Chenowith. I never realized how short I really am ( at least by Hollywood standards)!

  13. Sandra

    The dresses are mostly great. I do, however, think she’d look a lot better if she troweled off at least half a ton of that slap. Heavy make-up is not flattering to a mature complexion and what she’s got on her eyes is scary.

  14. theotherjennifer

    she must have bought a few pairs of those open toed shoes – she’s wearing them in almost every shot! For someone so tiny – and obviously short waisted – her clothes *fit* well.

  15. AM

    She looks great in all shots to me. Very age appropriate, and let’s hear it for sleeves! Maybe a touch less make-up, but her clothes look good!

  16. harcourti

    Here in Australia we love Jackie, we’ve loved Jackie for years no matter what she wears!!! She a lovely person, bubbly and smart and brilliant and usually never wears dresses so I think she’s done a fabulous job.

  17. Helen

    Wow, she really knows how to work it. A couple of near misses, which are certainly not bad, and the rest are all great!

    My personal favorite is the ACE Awards dress. Very very glam, which she can pull off, and the cut is just, well, aces.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  18. maryse

    i liked the oscar dress. i thought it framed her face nicely when she sat in the audience. and on tv it looked better.

  19. Denise Webber

    I love love LOVE Jackie Weaver, she is by far one of the best actresses that OZ has ever produced, I’m just sad that it’s taken Hollywood so long to discover her.

  20. Bambi Anne Dear

    I wish you could all see very early footage of Jackie. She used to do a few TV panel shows waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, possibly before she was 20. I didn’t even know she was an actor then but she was really, really funny and when she laughed it was the most joyous ripple you’ve ever heard. And she couldn’t stop. I do hope she’s still like that.

  21. Erin

    I’m totally NOT loving her Oscar look and have to say that high-waisted really doesn’t work for her at all. It makes her look incredibly small and I honestly thought she was a little person. But her SAG dress was GORG.

  22. Kyasarin

    I’m sorry, but her Oscars dress makes her look like a hobbit. It gives her absolutely no waist. The green one is lovely, though.

  23. Dizee

    Most of Jackie’s looks are lovely and age- and height-appropriate. Love the orange number!

    But this Oscar’s dress is really sub-par. Jackie looks like she’s being eaten by a voracious lipstick tube! The cut is supremely bad for her height – although the sleeves are pretty. No, thank you.

  24. Vandalfan

    I almost adored the Oscars dress, but high waist, to me, read “the strapless slid down off her bosom.”