Oscar Well Played, Patricia Clarkson


Patricia Clarkson seems like a kick. Behold:

No saucy gust of wind can ruffle her feathers — if not her skirt. Let’s see it unmolested by the weather:

What a dish.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (25):

  1. anna s.

    I like her lipstick, and the dress looks great even in the breeze. Who doesn’t love a Marilyn reference (other than the audiences that aren’t watching Smash)?

    I picture some of the other slit-up-to-THERE dresses from Oscar night catching a gust, and it’s actually surprising that there aren’t more unfortunate crotch flashes floating around in pics. Naomie Harris, steer clear of subway grates!

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    Nearly flashed her hoo-ha to the world and seems to take it all in her stride. What a Dame. Also, ADORE! that gorgeous red.

    • Cucina49

      The color is fabulous (and so is she), but the cut of the dress reminds me of a sleeveless bathrobe. if there is such a thing.

  3. spencer g.

    She looks amazing! Timeless, classy, and so very elegant. That color against her fair skin is stunning. I want to have cocktails with her.

  4. PJ

    She is standing up straight. She is doing her breasts favors. Tammy 1 would approve.

  5. theotherjennifer

    a color! and gorgeous it is too.

  6. Eirwen

    Lovely actress, great colour but the uneven hem bugs me.

  7. philippa

    She is what my late father would have called “a real dame.” It was his highest compliment. I never achieved dame-hood myself. :-)

    • Sandra

      Hey, as long as you’re still on the right side of the grass, you still could make it! Don’t give up.

  8. Miss Louise

    Isn’t she the funnest? She strikes me as very smart as well as funny, I love her voice and laugh, and she’s ageing in a really terrific way. And the women who proudly rock the fair skin always get my (self-interested) vote.

  9. deee

    Ron Swanson’s Tammy 1! I love her.

  10. Sally

    I love Clarkson and I hate mullet dresses.

  11. H.C.

    You don’t have to be a mother lover to dig that!

  12. Sajorina

    She looks GREAT! And her boobs are better than some starlets’! I love her!!! FAB!

  13. Miriam

    She is too cool for school!

  14. KB

    I kind of wish that it didn’t have a high-low hemline but … ah, screw it. She looks fricking hot, and that color on her is insanely perfect.

  15. Franziska

    She looks fabulous. I love that colour on her and the silver sparkly shoes. And her attitude!

  16. Kristin

    She is approaching Mirren-ness. May we all approach the other side of 50 (60 for HM) with such aplomb. Hell, some need this aplomb approaching 40 and 30.

  17. oohsparkley

    Whoa! Lucky there were photographers behind her.

  18. Zulk

    I need a mnemonic to keep her and Hope Davis straight.

  19. Vandalfan

    Cool as a cucumber.

  20. wordphreak

    Still an ugly dress, though.