Apparently Kelly Ripa was doing some Oscars stuff from L.A. for her morning show. And I’m glad she was.

I LOVE this Carolina Herrera gown. Love it. And even more, I love it when somebody totally unexpected hits me with my favorite of the night. It’s now a three-way tie between her and Watts and Keibler, with Chastain very close as well (I’m still voting Watts, I think, though, because hers was the biggest risk). Not to demean Kelly, though, because she looks wonderful in this, but: Whenever I look at it, I think about the other actresses I wish had worn it. For instance, looking at the styling here… don’t you wish Reese had this on instead of what she wore? Or Jennifer Aniston (even though I liked her gown, a pattern would be a freaking revolution for her)? Or, God, even Anne Hathaway? It isn’t Anne’s cup of tea at all, but it’s still BETTER. Who SHOULD have worn this, Fug Nation? Who MOST needed to have Carolina Herrera on speed dial?

[Photo: Getty]