Oscar Jumpsuits Fugs or Fabs: Bonnie Wright and Marisa Tomei


Someone the other day worried that I was losing my hardline stance on The Evil of Jumpsuits and now I’m a little scared that after several long years of fighting the hard fight, that might be true.

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  1. Rayna

    Marisa is yet again a person who could wear a flour sack and make it fab.

    That said, I do wish her Very Sparkly Jumpsuit were a dress. That would be much fabber.

    • glee

      Tomei looks like she is chanelling Rita Hayworth or Catherine Hepburn – it’s that good.

      Bonnie looks very cute. I am glad to see that she is dressed well – young, but not like a kid. And she is still a ginger!

  2. heron

    Looks like bonnie’s is actually pants and a top.

  3. Tiffany

    I really like Marissa’s attitude with her jumpsuit. She looks so casually elegant, which is the vibe that piece should give off.

  4. bholden

    I am sorry but I like a jumpsuit every once in awhile. Don’t get me wrong it has to be good, but I enjoy a nice jumper.

  5. Janie

    It’s so hard to keep a hard line on jumpsuits when you see things like see-through dresses all the time. I mean, do I like jumpsuits? No. Would I wear a jumpsuit every day of my life before I would ever wear a skir that is a see-through underwear curtain? Yes, I would. I don’t think it’s the jumpsuits that wear one down as much as the other fug possibilities.

    • Annie S.

      It’s like sartorial “would you rather.” I’d take a pretty, flattering, fully-lined jumpsuit over sheer panels of doom any day.

    • Hima

      I was the one (or maybe one of the ones?) who was worried about Jessica’s loss of a hardline stance against jumpsuits. Your point is good though – the sheer clothing trend – also terrible. However, I think that 99% of the time, jumpsuits are horribly unflattering. But I don’t think the same is true for every sheer outfit. Mostly ridiculous, yes. But not always body hating. So. I guess in a “would you rather,” I’d go sheer leg curtains over a hip-expanding jumpsuit. But again, that’s just me.

  6. Jules

    Bonnie is ADORABLE! Such a lovely girl, inside and out – even in a ladies-who-lunch pantsuit that looks older than I am.

  7. Sara

    There must be something wrong with me, too, because I kinda sorta maybe like them both. Marissa is working the jumpsuit and I have residual goodwill for Ginny Bonnie that seems to be affecting my judgment.

  8. Carol

    Marisa is selling that jumpsuit to me and I have a serious Hate-On for jumpsuits.

    Ginny – you’re better than a jumpsuit!!!

    Also: that laugh looked a bit scary….

  9. Sandra

    “Oscars” and “jumpsuits” do not belong in the same sentence. Unless that sentence is “The Oscars’ dress code is formal; therefore, no jumpsuits will be allowed inside.”

  10. buttercup

    I love Tomei’s jumpsuit. Wow.

  11. Lauren

    I don’t think Bonnie’s is a jumpsuit. Looks like pants and a top, which I actually think is pretty cute and age appropriate. Maybe not for an Oscar event, but I like it. That guy she’s with is pretty good-looking too, who is he? Total upgrade from that other guy she was engaged to, who looked like he never bathed.

    • Erin

      I had to look it up to confirm my initial identification – he’s Jacob Artist. Puck’s younger brother on Glee.

  12. McLisa

    Tomei could wear a tree stump, and suddenly, I would be on board with everyone wearing tree stumps.

  13. bekah

    Are those Tomei’s undies peeking through?

    • Ghanimatrix

      Exactly! Marisa’s jumpsuit is great EXCEPT for the beige granny panties illusion (at least I hope it’s an illusion) that is happening on her pelvis. It ruins an otherwise very classy outfit.

  14. gryt

    Marisa looks fabulous and effortlessly chic. I think it works because: palazzo pants.

  15. nmlhats

    Bonnie’s looks kinda like a two-piece set as opposed to a jumpsuit. If you’re gonna go out on that limb, go all the way out.

  16. Edith

    Bonnie’s jumpsuit/ensemble is fug, but still worlds better than other outfits of hers you’ve featured. Her head looks amazing here, too. Sadly, she’s showing more spark, more personality, and more joie de vivre in those two photos than she did in the entirety of the 8-film Harry Potter series. THIS girl is believably Ginny – too late!

  17. Kit

    it’s not really a secret – Marisa Tomei looks FAB.

  18. Eli

    Bonnie should not be sad about jettisoning the ex boyfriend. He was not attractive in the least, was terrible on that Arthur show, and usually dresses like a hobo.

  19. Nancy

    Marisa Tomei is pulling her jumpsuit off – but not everyone could.

    Bonnie Wright’s would’ve been cuter with a more flattering cut to the top.

    My issues are: 1. The occasion is formal – don’t do pants or a jumpsuit! 2. I hate pockets in formal wear. They make everything casual and slouchy and lazy and that’s all wrong for these events. (So say I, as someone who’s never been to one of said events…)

  20. Sajorina

    I think that there’s nothing wrong with a well-made jumpsuit and Marisa’s is prove of it! I love it and she looks AMAZING in it! FAB!

  21. CJG

    Marisa Tomei is an unequivocal FAB in my book. Love the style on her, love the beading, love the slouchy ease of the pockets, love the beadwork, and love love love the fit.

    The fit is the key to this being fab. I personally love jumpsuits, but they so often don’t fit properly which is why they utterly fail a good percent of the time and give jumpsuits such a bad reputation. You either have to be very lucky with a jumpsuit fitting well off the rack or you have to have it tailored for you because for it to fit well, you have to take the length of the torso and the rise into effect …in addition to everything else. The fit on this is perfection. Brava!

  22. Erin

    I think both look great. Bonnie’s would be even better if the pants were slightly more fitted.

  23. Vandalfan

    Both have the most enviable hair imaginable. (But I’m not on board with either outfit.)