Oscar Fug or Fab Party: Bryce Dallas Howard

Um. It’s an improvement?

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  1. Ashley

    Wait, is it black? Because if it’s black then I like it ok, but if it’s navy then I love it.

  2. Geemee

    Yeah, she looks stumpy, but that blue looks fantastic on her and her hair is GLORIOUS.

  3. Lina

    Oh, she looks so good in dark blue, and I like the darker red hair. Actually, given her usual, she looks like a million bucks here. And I’m glad to see it. Indie sensibility is awesome, but I’d like her to be able to get more mainstream work (if she were to want it), and looking great in something fashionable really helps with that.

  4. gladlymail

    I know Christina Hendricks would never wear this because it’s too close to Mad Men’s period, but she would rock this. I feel like it’s overwhelming Bryce a bit, but I agree–a vast improvement from the ivory lace.

  5. labyrinthine

    great hair, but she’s got no waist in that freaking prom dress!

  6. Willow

    the dress feels like it should make her look like a doll but it makes her look a bit like a psychotic prom date, though that might just be her rather intense eyes.

  7. pinkcheese

    I love the hair, I love the color of the dress, and I even love the basic shape of it. She just needs about 2-3 inches taken off the bottom, and the pouffiness decreased a schooch, and she’d be gorgeous.

  8. Anne B

    Lovely color!

    And it’s a darling dress, quite appropriate for tonight’s Junior League dinner with the Johnsons and the Turners and that poor widow, whatever her name is. Maybe Mrs. Peter Johnson can recommend someone to take care of all that … *hair*.

    Poor dear. Perhaps she doesn’t own a mirror?

  9. Frances

    “I blame M Night Shamallama Dingdong.”

    I. Am. So. Sick. of this Shamallama Dingdong ‘joke’. Oh, hawhaw, let’s laugh at this man’s ridiculous ethnic name, haha, it’s so hilarious.

    She looks very pretty.

  10. Chasmosaur

    Glad she’s back to red, and this shade of blue is smashing on a red head.

    But I do wonder if she didn’t alter this maternity gown:


  11. nashvegas

    I think I would love it, but the camera angle and the way she’s holding her arms are what fugs this for me. I love the color, even love the skirt, but she looks like she’s floating downward – her feet are hovering slightly over but not touching the carpet – and maybe she’s swinging her arms around to do a little twirl.

  12. Mire

    Bahaha the Shamallama Dingdong joke nearly made me choke on my dinner. Hysterical! And I think she looks good, maybe not the kind of dress for that kind of party, though.

  13. Noire

    I think she looks fantastic!

  14. Halo

    I love this dress, but it’s a cut that works on my curvy, plus-sized figure so I have a lot of this general shape in my closet and am biased. Maybe it’s just too much for Bryce’s small frame, but it’s hardly horrible. The blue is gorgeous on her, too.

  15. Kim

    man, I wish I could get that hair color!

  16. Fuh Ugh

    Urg. She’s gone from goth bridesmaid to goth wedding guest (who has a shiv in her purse to stab the bride)

  17. Rayna

    LOVE the dress, LOVE the color on her. Yeah, we could hike it up a couple of inches, and make it a little less poufy, but as is, it’s pretty.

    Make up gun needs to dial down a bit, though.

  18. Rayna

    Oh, and PS – @gladlymail, how SMASHING would this look on Christina Hendricks? I think SHE was born to wear it.

  19. vandalfan

    So others call him Shamalama-ding dong, too? Perhaps if the movies he makes were not so cringingly bad. Here, her hair is nice.

  20. Cristina

    I think it’s fab. It’s a custom Kate Spade, since she’s the current face o’ Kate Spade.

  21. STK

    I truly hope it is the lighting, but it looks like she has on white-ish pantyhose, circa 1986. Sad to say I wore a few pair, but this is not a “retro” fashion that should return.

  22. Sajorina

    Jessica, thank you for making me laugh out loud!!! This has a weird “50′s housewife accompanies her husband to a Company Party, where they hope to impress his boss, so he can get that promotion”, but it isn’t working on on her on 2011! I just don’t get it/her!

  23. Alison

    @gladlymail and @Rayna I think she is trying to trick people into thinking that she is Christina Hendricks.

  24. yeahandalso

    she was really good in The Village not the best movie but she was great in it

  25. Amy

    Okay, look, i considered not writing this because..well, what’re the chances you’ll read it anyway? But I vaguely recall thinking this before when i read one of your articles in the past, and it’s just grating.

    By ‘this’, i mean this ‘Shamalama Dingdong’ stuff. It’s not cute, Fug Ladies. Even if the dude is an utterly disastrous joke of a director (and oh god, he is, HE IS), that stuff speaks to a pretty nasty little ‘privileged, condescending Westerner’ thing. Sort of a ‘Hahaha, these brown people and their silly, funny names! I can’t be bothered to learn how to say it, so i’ll throw in some funny gibberish, a reference to a silly nonsense song, and that’ll do!’

    It’s just kind of an uncool thing to do. Dude’s a terrible, mockable director, no need to turn his name (and thereby the names of other people who share it) into the joke.

  26. Frances

    @Amy, thank you so much for that. This is exactly what I was trying to point out earlier in the thread. Such a pity we can’t all have righteous American names like Jessica.

  27. A

    I have to say, I don’t think making fun of someone’s name makes the speaker racist. I didn’t see any complaints about bigotry in the reference to Hayden Paneteirrerrerere as Hayden Pantywaist.

  28. your neighborhood li

    I blame proximity to Rita Wilson.

  29. Serendipity

    It looks likes she wearing a “look” and not a dress.

  30. Lindy

    Why does she always make this serious “I’m hot and sexy” face? It really makes me not like her?

    The color of the dress is FAB on her! The cut–not so much.

  31. sarrible

    For a second, because the color of her dress is so deep and blends in to the area between her side and her right arm, I thought this was a picture of Adele. So, um, bear that in mind, Bryce.

  32. Leah

    Dearest Jessica and Heather, do not listen to those objectors to your joke. Is it only because he’s East Asian? Do they fuss about Boobs Legsly? Fugby Price?

  33. una

    Oh no you didnt say shamallama ding dong! That is my line. And I thought I was just so clever! Dang it!

  34. Anne B

    Yeah, Sexyface gets old.

    If I ever hit a red carpet, I’m gonna make my Botox Face. Rather, my anti-Botox Face: the one where I make my chin turtle down into my neck as I do Extreme Horror.

    Every year, it gets just a little bit more awesome.

  35. NYCGirl

    I actually didn’t hate the lace dress, but this is an improvement. Still, I can’t fully sign off on it because of the fullness and length of the skirt.

  36. Eva

    You girls listen to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film reviews on BBC Fivelive, I’m sure of it, I’ve seen two references allready!