New York Fugshion Week: Stuff We Saw, Days 6 and 7

The train keeps rolling.

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  1. filmcricket

    I will require the small blue plaid Marc Jacobs bag, and also Patty Clarkson’s dress. (And the figure to pull it off too, please.)

  2. Fawn

    That awesome big blue number in slide 7 really makes me wish Sharon Stone was attending the Oscars.

  3. Sandra

    You’re gonna have to start trailing around after the Dutch Olympics teams if you want to see men in orange coats. Tall, fit, blond men in orange coats…..why yes, I’ll take several please. :)

    Most of these clothes are fabulous and could be worn by real people in their everyday lives, which is something I like to see. Except for the skirty-tails of course; that should never happen.

  4. TereLiz

    No butt capes!

  5. AM

    It started SO WELL, and the trains? tails? ended so badly. I want the lumberjack outfit.

  6. Edith

    Surprised by how wearable some of this stuff is, especially the Narcisco Rodriguez and the Marc Jacobs. In some alternate universe, I’m fabulously wealthy and own every single one of the Marc Jacobs items you featured – love the colors, the patterns, the accessories, all of it….

    • Kristin

      I’m shocked that Marc Jacobs’ clothes are so much more wearable than Michael Kors’.

  7. Vandalfan

    I believe that shade of yellow is called Caterpillar, as in Caterpillar Tractors. It looks good on a backhoe.

  8. TonyG

    That vertical center strap in the final dress in the last Michael Kors slides (slide 25), looks like it is a barber’s leather strip (you know the ones used for sharpening straight edge razors). Wednesday Addams would approve.

  9. Erin

    I am fairly certain we will see the nightmare on slide 8 on one Justin Bieber sometime in the future. It’s like the next progression in his drop crotch pants facination.

  10. McLisa

    Clearly, Michael Kors went to bed and woke up in 1985.

  11. What what

    I wish I could figure out how to get my frizzy/curly/large hair look remotely that awesome.

  12. Rayna

    Somewhere I heard that orange is the new black.

    Oh, yeah, it’s a book title.

  13. Alicia

    That Marc Jacobs line is pretty awesome. I would totally rock it at work if I could ever afford it.

  14. Tiffany

    I have hair that can get very big, and I am soooo looking forward to unleashing it. Make it happen, Marc Jacobs! Bring big hair back! ;)

  15. AMS

    Marc by Marc Jacobs = Hepburn! I adored all of it and can only wish I had thick, curly wild hair to go along with the look. Rock it this season, Heather! I am also shocked to note that the second Narciso dress (the one with which you ran off after unceremoniously dumping the first one) would actually look better on a woman with boobs. Has the world turned upside down?

    • Ailatan

      YES! I thought about her in every single of those outfits, she would have OWNED THEM.

  16. lola

    I think Marc Jacobs was Channeling Katharine Hepburn from the 1940s. Love this.

  17. lola

    Oh- I see I wasn’t the first to see Hepburn!

  18. casey

    I love it when we hit day 6 or so of FW and Heather gets all capsy.
    And I love the Marc Jacobs line in its entirety and am now sad that I haven’t got the financial wherewithal to rock it. Not that I could rock it like these ladies, but I do have some big hair, so there’s that. And I own many shades of red lipstick.

    • Heather

      Well, at least it was only Marc by Marc– way more financially attainable than what I call Big Marc.

  19. Sajorina

    Patricia Clarkson RULES!!!

  20. MissTee

    I think Mr. Kors was inspired by his own “tan” skintone on those orange numbers.

  21. Bailey

    Haha, I love that you praise the hair, because god damnit, that’s mine when I don’t have time to blow-dry and I look like I stood in a wind tunnel.

  22. gryt

    The whole Marc by Marc collection is fab! LOOOVE the hair!!! I’m now considering it for myself… The Narciso dresses were fab too.

    Dennis Basso sells crap on QVC and is pretty obnoxious.

  23. gryt

    OMG glamazon hair in slide 2… Reminds me of Jerry Hall in her heyday.

  24. ErinE

    THIS is what Michael Kors is doing with his time off from ProjRun?

  25. Karen G

    I too love the round purse, and the little burgundy one after that. And yes, what’s up with the butt capes as TereLiz named them? They’re not luxurious enough to be awesome. The material looks cheap, so it’s kind of sad looking.