Met Gala Well Played, Morgan Saylor


You surely remember Morgan Saylor for playing poor, disaffected Dana Brody on Homeland. I remember her from the time I interviewed her at Fashion Week and she told me that sometimes strangers come up to her and announce, “YOU’RE A BITCH AND YOUR DAD IS A TERRORIST!!!!”


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  1. Sara

    Don’t mess with Dana’s milk.

    P.S. Morgan Saylor does look absolutely awesome here. Very well played, indeed.

    • Tiffany

      Lol! My bf and I sometimes do an impression of her character…

      :: cross arms across chest and pout ::
      “this is bullsh_t”

      The character is so frustrating and she plays a bratty teen so well! I think the writers captured the attitude of youth pretty dang well. ;) Her brows are looking great here!

  2. Mary

    Too bad we can’t see the back of this dress and her hair… Looks like it may be interesting!

  3. Sophia Loren

    Excellent use of booties!

    • Wendy

      No such thing exists. Booties are an abomination!

    • Helen

      I agree. Usually I only like booties with pants, but with this dress, and on her, I say it’s an exception and they do work.

      • Sophia Loren

        I am no fan of booties, but these are amazing. They appear to be a plasticky fishnet mesh over a very conventionally pretty black open-toed sandal with ankle-strap. Zoom!

  4. CC

    She is adorable. Charming dress, but I don’t care for the overall-style hooks at the top. It detracts from the print. And, though, I really like the booties, I don’t like them with this dress.

    • H C

      I agree about the overall thing going on with the straps, would’ve been way better without them. I’m kinda scared about what’s going on in the back, the print is so cute, it didn’t need more crazy detail.

  5. Anna

    I think it’s hilarious that someone like her is on the invite list and KimK can only come as a plus one AND was cropped out of the Vogue slide show Kanye pic.

    • Sara

      She’s an actress on an Emmy-winning show. What has Kim K. done that would warrant an invite?

      • Helen

        And she’s a GOOD actress on an Emmy-winning show, too.

        I’ve dropped Homeland, but not because of its cast. IMO Saylor fits right in with Danes and Lewis, as far as talent and immediate emotional believableness are concerned.

        • Jessica

          Also, she may well be being courted for Teen Vogue, since it’s attached to the Mothership.

  6. Laura Del Toro

    So, I’m the only person that thinks this whole look is a wash?
    I find the fit unflattering in all kinds of ways and the booties emphasize all the wrong things about her legs.
    Hair and makeup are great though.

    • Sue

      I am in complete agreement with you, Laura–this is ugliness to the nth. Lipstick print ‘dresseralls’? Mesh booties? I see nothing charming here except the young lass.

  7. TaraMisu

    Love that dress, wow! But wtfug is she wearing on her feet? Yuk.

  8. elinor

    This is a general question, and not specifically directed at an actress I’ve never seen before in my life, but I have to ask: how many of these lesser stars are actually rich enough to throw $25,000 away–or whatever it costs–on this photo-op/networking bash? Or are the young and promising comped? And what about the old and distinguished, like Vanessa Redgrave? Did the three Redgrave/Richardsons actually spend a collective $75,000 to be here?

  9. Sajorina


  10. clarke

    Really?! I think this is so NOT cute, looks like someones mom made a dress out of an Estee Lauder makeup bag from the 80′s, and the overall fastners are the frosting on the wretched cake.