Met Gala Well Played, Diane Kruger and Pacey


It’s possible I’ve been beaten into submission by the sheer trend, yet I think this version kind of works. But before we get into that, we need to discuss this, which Josh Jackson himself tweeted yesterday. Never change, Pacey.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Miriam

    Saw a photo of these two with Kelly Osbourne and her very handsome boyfriend. It looked like KO really nailed the theme, wonder if she raided the family closet? Hope it shows up here, too.

  2. hillary l.

    I love them; I think Diane’s dress is fine. Weirdly not as avant guarde as she tends to go for these (or any) events.

    Also: I love Joshua Jackson’s photobomb SO MUCH.

  3. lefty

    Photo #2 – BABY BUMP WATCH

    • meggiemoo

      I thought the same thing!

      • Jessica

        I think there’s a bit of an optical illusion going on there involving her dress and the dark silhouette of the man in the suit behind her.

      • Billie

        I thought the same thing with photo #1. Although, she’s so tiny she really could just be the slightest bit bloated and we’d think that.

        As for the dress, if you hack off the sheer on the bottom I love it. Also, in the full size photo her eye makeup is flawless.

      • Kat

        I kind of thought that, but then I thought, maybe she’s just like me. I’m a skinny minnie, but I get a food baby (or an “I just chugged a bottle of water” baby) at the drop of a hat.

  4. Helen

    The photobomb is very cute, I like the light-humored touch of his red socks, I love that you always call him Pacey, and her clutch is great.

    But it’s too bad about the dress. Here’s a shot from a 3/4 front and it’s even worse than you might have thought:,Diane-Kruger.jpg

    Take off the sheer stuff, and it’s my grandma in the ’60s, but it’s okay. With the sheer stuff… it’s just a No.

    •  theotherjennifer

      I hate that sheer stuff – it’s like she’s swathed in mosquito netting.

    • Sajorina

      Now I love it even more!!! Thank you for the picture, Helen!

  5.  Janice

    Pacey’s jacket: from The Prisoner — No. 6 sportswear collection.

  6. Gigi

    I love that she has a tiny gut LIKE A NORMAL WOMAN.

  7. Willow

    She has somehow made the sheer trend look regal and respectable.


  8. Michael

    I think she looks SUPERB & I love Pacey’s suit, but WHAT IN GOD’S GREEN EARTH is going on with Jackson’s face & hygiene?? He looks like he’s been on a week long drinking bender I mean, this is the MET Pacey… your boyish looks from the creek just aren’t gonna cut it. He needs a shower, shave & have that hair parted and slicked back! tsk tsk tsk.

  9. Sophia Loren

    Sooo…after what feels like weeks of tedious Met Ball posting (no offense, Fug Girls, you are doing your damnedest), I’m going to take this opportunity to overthink the whole not-punk problem. Sorry, Pacey. Sorry, Diane. You two look fairly cute. As usual.

    Is it a problem of history? Is punk recent enough that stars and stylists feel like they are familiar with its iconic looks, even when they are not? And thus the stylists believe they don’t have to do even the bare minimum of internet searching to develop a proper look? I’m not talking about costumes, here, I’m talking about well placed accessories and tweaks.

    Is it a problem of the whole designer/loaner system? No clothing modification if the clothing isn’t actually yours. And clothing modification is, of course, a major punk element of style. The lack of things ripped or with holes surprised me.

    Is it a confidence problem? Stars/stylists think punk isn’t attractive and thus are afraid to go for it? Ug. If I had to be attractive 365 days a year, I’d take this one to punk it up, even if I thought punk wasn’t sexy. Which it is. A related issue – the lack of boots. Are stars so insecure that they always have to wear heels? A well placed boot (or bootie) on some of these looks would have gone a long way – on Ricci for instance.

    And take Josh Jackson (as long as we’re all here): skinny black jeans with rips, boots, a safety pin in the ear and the same exact shirt, jacket, tie combo would have been sexier and punk-ish. Then the lack of a shave would have looked a little more chic, too.

    Superlatives go to: Madge – confident, creative, flattering and not a perfect period piece costume. Sienna Miller (gasp) – asymmetrical hair, amazing jacket, sharp contrasts, effortless. Miley Cyrus – androgynous, sexy, juvenile. Honorable Mentions (for interesting elements) go to: Michelle Williams, Michelle Dockery, Juliana Hough, Katy Perry, Christina Ricci . . .

    Whew. That’s been preying on my mind – maybe now I’ll be able to go get some work done.

    • Billie

      As the week goes on, the same sentiments are growing with me also.

      What is so hard about punk?!?! Gwen Stefani looked more punk picking up her kids from school today than at the themed Ball. I’m so disappointed in you, Hollywood!

    • Kim Douglas

      And take Josh Jackson (as long as we’re all here): skinny black jeans with rips, boots, a safety pin in the ear and the same exact shirt, jacket, tie combo would have been sexier and punk-ish. Then the lack of a shave would have looked a little more chic, too.

      Oh dear lord. I…will be in my bunk. My punk bunk, apparently.

    • Miss Louise

      Sophia Loren, you nailed this. It’s that disappointing unwillingness to mess with a safe, ‘designer’ concept of perfection that gets to me too. It’s fundamentally anti-punk. Your point about loaned gowns is well-made.

    • HKS

      I made this comment on the most recent post, but I honestly blame Anna Wintour. I know it’s a weird theory, but the fact that she ended up wearing something so NOT punk, I think might have scared others. Given that she created the theme, it’s essentially “her” ball, I feel people are going to take her lead. I mean, I don’t know how much time before an event people learn about what other people are wearing. But I know stylists confer. I just imagine an entire phone chain of stylists, in panicked, rushing whispered conversation, “She’s wearing a long, pink, flowered tea towel! She’s just fucking with all of us! Lose the safety pin fishnets!” Or something like that.

      But your designer/loaner theory makes a lot more sense. And doesn’t sound like a crazy person’s fashion conspiracy.

  10. HKS

    Pacey is on Twitter?? Excuse me one minute. I’ll be right back.

    Sorry, that took a lot longer than one minute. Probably should have been searching for Josh Jackson, instead of Pacey. (But how amazing would it be if he tweeted AS Pacey? I mean. He’s the one who bought an ACTUAL wall for messages. He knows how it works).

  11. Amanda

    You do want to chop the bottom off. The third pic looks like they took the second pic and superimposed Pacey into it. Like the pose that she struck is the same in both. Weird.

  12. TaraMisu

    Pacey. *sigh*

    I hate the sheer. Hate it.

    Love the photo bomb :D

  13. kindakute

    I’d kill for this dress and clutch. Amazing.

  14. Amanda

    Can we talk about how Pacey, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams were all there and no one got a photo of them (gossiping about The Beek, obviously) together? Never mind that there were probably a trillion people at the Met Gala and they may not have even seen each other….

  15. goldfish

    I don’t love him anyway, but he may be the LEAST punk person there. What is that, a cricket uniform?

  16. Lisa

    I would hurt myself or someone else with that clutch. I liked the dress on first viewing but the more I look at it, the more the sheer stuff bothers me.

  17. Stefanie

    Eh. It’s okay. I tend to expect more from her because she usually is so WOW.

  18. Cat

    I love how Pacey is wearing the jacket he wore to the Met Ball two years ago…! ( The red tie is kicky, but not particularly punk, methinks. Anyway, love Pacey’s photobomb, wish he would shave. Is it weird that I don’t hate the sheer on Diane’s dress at the bottom, but do at the top?

    •  Carolina Girl

      If recycling clothes is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, then it’s good enough for Pacey.

  19. Jo

    Her clutch. Her BRACELET. Her PACEY. SIGH.

  20. buttercup

    I’m unsure why this dress felt the need to veil itself in grief.

    I’m really befuddled by all the sheer black lace at this event. And it’s not like Diane didn’t know the theme, her hair and clutch prove she got the memo. I just don’t think black lace screams “PUNK!”

  21. Karen

    I love that clutch. LOVE IT. But I really wish she’d stop aiming it at Pacey’s crotch. It makes me so nervous.

  22. Sajorina

    LOVE!!! The dress is PHENOMENAL and I want it! I adore the hair & makeup, clutch, shoes, nailpolish and jewelry! COVET! This is a WIN! My 2nd favorite of the night, after Rooney Mara! FAB, Kruger!

    And HOT DAMN, Pacey! He looks sharp & handsome! I love him so much… Why am I not following him on Twitter? He’s the best! FAB!

  23. witjunkie

    So nobody is seeing Glenn Close in that first picture? Marquise de Mertuile? Anyone?