Met Gala Fug or Fab: Kerry Washington


I fell in love with Kerry Washington a little bit last night. Hilary Rhoda was interviewing her on the livesteam — and, listen, Hilary Rhoda is lovely, but a gifted celebrity interviewer she is not. Can’t they hire Coco for this sort of thing? — and she mentioned that she loves going to the Met, because of how much she loves From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. You had me at “Frankweiler,” Kerry Washington. Can we get together and talk about awesome childhood books? What are your feelings on Harriet the Spy?

I think she looks great from the neck up. I LONG for them to allow Olivia Pope to look like this more often (Olivia has looked tired lately, although I guess with good reason. It’s more that I feel like if Olivia Pope got to look a weeeeee bit more Kerry Washington every now and then, her personal life would not be such a disaster). I appreciate the nod to theme with the fishnet in her cleavage (that sentence is much uglier than the actual dress) and the leather gloves, and you KNOW I love a pattern. Am I 100% sold on this little number? I’m not sure.

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  1. Maggie

    This would be a worst dressed contender at any other event. However, this red carpet was so spectacularly bad . . . well, we can extend some generosity and say, “It’s not THAT bad.”

  2. 1st time caller

    in the thumbnail i thought the pattern involved skulls, and i was ready to give points for being on topic, if a little on the nose. but once that illusion was shattered, there was nothing left.

    • MG

      I thought the same thing. She’s trying to do steam punk I guess. Next year’s theme should be Goth.

  3. Kathryn

    I was OBSESSED with public fountains after reading that book! Their combined function as bank and bath? AWESOME!

    And she is gorgeous. The dress is not.

  4. Esme

    Looks more like Old West saloon keeper/hooker to me.

  5. Tiffany

    I really dislike the little flaps that look like disappointed bunny ears at her waist. Other than that, it is ok. Kerry is so gorgeous I think I am liking her in it more than I like the dress itself.

  6. Katharine

    Maybe if I’d seen this before Beyonce or Kim K or Gwen Stefani I might have hated it, but as is this is almost a “Well Played for This.”

  7. Samantha

    Peplums are the worst. This could have been so cool.

  8. Helen

    This is another one where all I can do is sigh and say, “Well, she looks great from the collarbones up.”

  9. Sarah B

    It’s okay. The color is good on her, the gloves are great (Olivia Pope also knows a good glove when she sees one) and yay for making a small nod to theme?

  10. Sajorina

    The dress is GREAT! Her hair & makeup are GREAT! Without the gloves and some awesome jewelry, this would be a FAB for be!

  11. TonyG

    Would have liked it better without the extra long gloves and the fish net trail. Somehow all that leather on her arms makes an already heavy look even heavier. Instead, I would have gone with some fishnet gloves cut-off at the fingers to match the fish-net in the cleavage.

  12. mepe

    The fabric is really pretty and that color looks great on her plus it’s got some edge that makes it thematically appropriate…but what is happening in the back…is there a tulle poof train?

  13. Nina

    The blue print is ok, but nothing else works. The fishnet and leather gloves look too BDSM to be classy. Ditch the weird train. Also, I can’t tell what’s going on with her lips; is she wearing a nude shade or a pink? Either way, it’s not doing her any favors.

  14. lor

    LOVED Harriet the Spy (not the movie). Identified with her, wanted to be her. Makes me happy just to have you asking about it. :)

  15. formerlawyer

    Rhett darling?