The press release for the outfit described it as “a Gucci Première pale green silk georgette strapless gown with silver and matte black feather motif embroideries [and] layers of black organza that cascade into a dramatic train.”

Proof positive that sometimes words really can paint a prettier picture than… well, a picture. Her body is clearly great, her earrings are groovy, but the bodice is way too snug and I am concerned the skirt is contagious.

Let’s also consider the hair:

It’s what happens when Rapunzel, sick of letting down JUST her hair, fortifies it with a knotted bedsheet because after all these years her keratin ladder is getting a little weak and thin. Plus, from this angle, you can see the boob spill on the bodice and the way the zipper is pulling and skewed… it should be easier, shouldn’t it?

[Photos: Getty]