Met Ball Well Played: Lea Michele


Maybe quitting Glee is giving me a renewed ability to appreciate Lea Michele, but this is great on her — sexy, sleek, sparkly, and above all, she’s not hiking it up to her wait to make sure she’s getting maximum exposure. See, Lea? Sometimes the foxy can stand on its own.

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  1. Trace

    I really think she rocks this dress…but does it feel just a wee bit pagenty to anyone else?

  2. Ms.A

    Wow..She actually looks good..and kinda sexy. I would have to say its an improvement from usual. I don’t think it would look so pagenty if she didn’t pose like she does all the time.

  3. Faye

    Well, it’s very low-cut, and very high-cut from the other end. But somehow it is working for her.

    Also, does anyone else thing Gwyneth Paltrow would totally be all over this (except with even deeper slits)?

    • Ellen

      Yes yes! This is Gwynnie to a t. Deep v-neck? Check. High slit? Check. Shiny, sparkly fabric? Check, check, check!

  4. TaraMisu

    Jeez, she looks really good! The hair is a bit weird but I guess overall this is a well played.

  5. em

    Never seen Glee. Still don’t like her.

  6. Willow

    that last picture is a joy. I need a show starring Lea, Chloe and Donatella NOW.

  7. Eliza Bennett

    I really don’t like the dress. she seems really nekkid to me.

  8. Alice

    Sarah Hyland’s amazing shade throwing was the best thing that ever happened to Lea.

  9. Isabella

    wow absolutely stunning. Love that dress

    Isabella x

  10. sarah

    Lea Michele-y played, Lea Michele

  11. nuna

    I kinda like Donatella’s too. What about you?

  12. Charlotte

    Very Boobs Legsly played, Lea Michele.

  13. amys

    Never watched Glee either, and I can’t stand the way she poses, smiles and pouts. I guess I am shallow.

  14. Pouncer

    What happened to Donatella Versace’s face?! She looks like Janice from the Muppets. *shudder*

    Lea, on the other hand, looks pretty good. I agree that the uneven hair is not the best.

    And the Sev is truly a treasure.

  15. Stefanie

    She looks great. (And I can’t stand her so that’s big for me to say.)

    • pantsonfire

      I’m in this camp. I don’t want to like it, but she’s doing it so well. Credit where it’s due.

  16. Electric Landlady

    Va va voom! Well played.

  17. Rebecca

    It’s a pretty dress and she looks very pretty overall, I just hate that neckline on her. She’s worn it at least a couple other times and I just don’t think it’s flattering on her (this coming from a fellow small-chested girl). Love the shoes, though!

  18. anne p.

    On the better end of her Usual. But still Usual.

    Frankly, she’s one I’d like to get off my lawn permanently.

  19. Julie

    She does look great. And I like her shoes a lot.

  20. Kate

    It helps so much that she’s not overdoing the poses here.

  21. Jen S 2.0

    I don’t watch Glee, so I’m indifferent to her except that she seems a wee bit of an attention whore on the red carpet. But she is ROCKING this dress.

    Chloe, on the other hand, is a nightmare in those awful shoe-hooves (“shooves”). What ARE those? WHY would anyone spend time manufacturing them? I hate her taste in general, but those are a new low even for her.

  22. Sandra

    It might not be maximum exposure, but it’s still quite a bit. Could everybody just put their sternums the hell away? Please!

  23. Danielle

    If you’re commenting on her hair being lopsided on the top, it’s not. That picture is from a bad angle, because a woman is standing behind her with slightly lighter brown hair. However, if you’re commenting on the lengths, then nevermind.

    • Mahastee

      ^This. It’s more subtle than Elizabeth Banks’ red mullet, but it’s the same effect.

  24. Tee Cee

    I did a spit take on the last picture!! SO awesome! Loves me some Sev!

  25. Hippo

    She mightn’t have hiked the split up to her waistline, but that might be cos her neckline is already down there.

  26. Maria

    Too high cut and/or too low cut. Put some of that flesh away!

    Is her hair a new short haircut? Because if it is I love it. If it’s just a weird half lopsided updo of some sort then I am not on board.

  27. Sally

    sorry, but the fuggirls from yore would’ve frowned upon that huge LOOKATMYGIRLS blinding diamond boob pendant trying to make out with her bellybutton before the bottom slit allowed her crotch to get there first. The Met Gala is not the Grammy’s – it’s supposed to be about fashion boldness, not attention-whoring cleavage. put it away, lady! Sev is aesthetically hideous, but at least she got the memo.

    (why is everyone getting a pass for ruining avant-garde fashion’s night this year?? *anger*)

  28. Sally

    (i don’t mean to say that the Sev’s underwear display adorned by recycled mini-coasters leftover from a failed arts & crafts project is not attention whoring, but at least it’s FUN attention whoring, not obvious like an 80′s vegas 20-going-on-50 showgirl who equals high fashion to silver stilettos and massive amounts of boobsom under glitter)

  29. Franziska

    She looks great but a bit boring compared to what other people wore. I love that hairstyle on her, even though it makes her look older. But what the hell, she doesn’t look 25 anyway.

  30. TonyG

    So many curves. This really shows off her lovely figure.

  31. Victoria

    I usually dislike her because I don’t think she’s as sexy/pretty as she thinks she is, but this is pretty damn good.

  32. Helen

    I’m sorry, I can’t even with this. She just is not a sexpot and she needs to stop thinking, and dressing as if, she is. Leave dresses like this to the Rihannas of the world, Ms. Michele, and just wear something pretty.

  33. Robyn

    I was excited when I first saw the hair in the thumbnail; thought with it shorter she looked like a young Natalie Wood. I do think we’ve been treated to enough of her sternum, though.

  34. Evie


    Still business as usual. Still in denial about her looks.

    (to clarify, I think she’s pretty but doesn’t dress to her strengths)

    • Helen

      Exactly, she is a pretty girl, just not this kind of pretty girl.

      Does not work on her. Might have been great on someone else.

  35. Patsy

    Horrible, hideous, dillusional…that’s just her….who cares about the dress?…and what’s with the ugly necklace….?

  36. sita

    i could do without the necklace…ruins the look for me

  37. kelley

    This dress is HOT and she looks amazing in it.

  38. MoShan

    FUG – still trying too hard. There is always something so desperate about her. Look at me LOOK at ME! I am a STAR. Talented and SEXY. Just look, look, LOOK AT ME!

  39. e

    No, no, no. All I see is Hefty bag couture.

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