Met Ball Fug Carpet: Leslie Mann

She looked great at the Oscars, and the White House Correspondents Dinner:

But it turns out you can’t win ‘em all.

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  1. pantsonfire

    Leaving aside the problems with the dress (which just boil down to basically “it’s ugly”), I must say that the first time I saw photos of this, I did not recognize her. There’s something not quite usual about her face in these shots. Maybe it’s the hair do/color (roots!).

  2. ak

    Holy bronzer explosion, Batman.

  3. Art Eclectic

    Awkward pose + bad hair + ugly dress = automatic entry into Fug Madness 2013.

    PS are those bra strap cinchers on the straps of the gown? Suggests that this is more of a fancy slip than an actual dress.

    • Ms.A

      Literally the first thing I noticed besides the pose is those adjustable straps. WTF!!

  4. AM

    Why is she doing a backbend in high heels is my first impression of this pic. The dress doesn’t bother me.

  5. vandalfan

    I hate straps like that.

  6. Tia Maria

    I love Leslie Mann but here, she looks like an 18th century French streetwalker with consumption. She even looks clammy.

  7. Kristan

    Guess I’m the only one who thinks it’s fine? Not great, but fine.

  8. Girlin

    I don’t think its that bad either. The blush colour doesn’t really go with the black shoes and belt and I think it would be nicer if it was without the slit BUT definitely not terrible. Her face and hair are lovely.

    • Kat

      I agree, I don’t think it’s bad. I think that color is enough of a lavendar/pale pink mix that’s is cool. However, I think the black with it is a nice bold touch. And I can’t deny a ruffle. Okay I can, but this one is cute.

  9. strah

    Her dress fluff, hair tuft, and head tilt comes together to create the impression of a startled bird.

  10. Shiitake

    The dress is bad enough, but lingerie straps?

  11. Stubenville

    Was the dress pre-shredded or did a pack of cats get to it?

  12. pidget

    If you think it may have been used to dust something, it’s not formalwear. Ew.

  13. fritanga

    This is some ’50s movie negligee, all right. Wow. It also makes her look like a praying mantis.

    I always confuse Mann with Julie Bowen, but then I remember that Bowen is prettier and wears her stick figure more gracefully.

  14. Elle

    It’s true this is not good but the orange dress that you praised WTF??!! even this mess is better. The orange dress looks something like the time Carol Burnett wore the drapes in the Gone With The Wind sketch.

  15. Victoria

    I like the dress.

    • jennifer

      poor little woodland creature. i like the dress, i like the shoes, i DO NOT like the 90′s homecoming hair.

  16. gryt

    Hello Courtney Love.

  17. e

    She’s scaring me. Make her stop looking at me.

  18. kickassmomnyc

    Oh that’s where I left my Swiffer duster.