Apparently, Brooke here tore her meniscus during a performance of The Addams Family, so she was stuck navigating the Met Ball — and its massive staircase — with a funked up leg and a cane.

And she totally worked it. The dress is kind of like webbing, in both a cool and a freaky way, but it’s almost beside the point: We watched her hobble around, without help, as tentatively as you can imagine, but she gritted her teeth and went up the damn stairs and worked it anyway. Slow clap, Brooke. Next time I vote you decorate your date a little — even Clair Huxtable BeDazzled her walking cast when she broke her toe, or whatever, chasing a snake out of her bedroom — but one thing at a time. You made it through upright, and you still look tremendous. I would shake your hand, but they’re both busy.

[Photo: Getty]