Met Ball Fug Carpet: Chloe Sevigny

I often refer to the Met Ball in my head as The Place Where Fug Madness Seedings Are Born, and this year was no exception. Wee begin with the fantastically, delightfully, hilariously addlepated ensemble of one Chloe Sevigny, who is back to being one of my very favorite people in the world.

Yes, she’s bedecked chiefly in hot pants and mirrors. If only she’d opted to look in one of them.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Snarkaphile

    Most festive pilgrim clogs EVER.

    • April

      I don’t hate it! It’s at least more unique and original and fun than Beyonce OR Gwyneth’s, and somehow it compliment her. I appreciate the shape of the under-garments – Bikini and Bandeau are so much more flattering and classy than High-waist and Underwire (which so many women are doing these days). Her hair (and this whole look) is so much more fun and youthful than her usual get-ups! PLUS I think there’s more covered by mirrors than uncovered. PLUS (I may be wrong) but it appears as though we’ve steered clear of illusion netting, no? AND it’s fun and funky and a great choice for the MET.

    • slappinbitches

      dear god how did I miss the pilgrim clogs?! they are kinda glorious!

  2. gladly

    I’m having a weird reaction to this. Yes, the dress–does that even qualify as a dress?–is fug, no arguments from me. But, Sevigny looks as good as I’ve seen her in a while, albeit a little fake-baked. She’s kind of pulling off more interesting sex kitten. Maybe I’m just too fond of her from her earlier fugging days.

    • Eliza Bennett

      She looks really good neck up. And then good from about mid thigh to ankle. That dress is insane, though. Can you imagine getting a sunburn in it? Yowch!

      • Whitney

        This is definitely the most I have ever liked her hair. It might just be the lighting, but that darker blond/reddish color looks great on her, and the short cut is cute, too.

      • The Fugger



        I mean, her face looks good, I’ll give you that. The headsuit, on the other hand, is easily the most inexcusable thing about this, which – considering she’s wearing a dress made out of mirrors, a bikini, AND SPARKLY CLOGS – is quite the accomplishment.

        She looks like she rode in on the outside of the limo. I presume that the driver ran into a parked car on the driver’s side as he was picking her up and didn’t have time to make a repair.

  3. Jules

    Her shoes look like they’re on the wrong feet.

  4. Libby

    Looks like she wandered off the set of “Laugh-In”. Sock-it-to-me!

  5. Orange Clouds


    That’sall I have to add.

  6. Amber

    I actually don’t…hate this? I mean, it’s bizarre, yes. And it’s not a dress. It’s not really clothes. But still…it kind of…works. Am I ill? I don’t know. And the shoes are totally inappropriate for this “dress”, or anything, actually.

    • em

      No,I also don’t hate this. I kind of like it. Oh lord, what is happening..

      • jerkygirl

        I’m with you both–I hate myself for loving this. It’s weird and too naked and probably leaves strange marks on her butt when she sits, but she looks good in it!!!

  7. Sajorina

    I think she looks HOT! I honestly love the dress/contraption she’s wearing & her clutch! And, she’s pulling it off! I don’t like her shoes, but since I found out how AWESOME her NY apartment is, she’s become one of my favorite people too! I’m going to FAB her!

    • Sajorina

      OMG, I’m sitting at an airport gate waiting to board a plane to Dallas/Fort Worth (HOLLA!) and tried to start reading ‘Spoiled’, but after reading the word “Arugula” as a name in the 1st sentence, I burst out laughing! FugGirls, you’re so good that reading this book in public might be nearly impossible for me… HA!!!

  8. erin

    honestly… if not for that whole “check out my navel” and “there are tiny round mirrors where my nipples are” thing… this wouldn’t be bad. if the dress had a black lining? it’d be more interesting than fug. i think her face & hair look better than they have in ages.

  9. Lina

    This is the first time in ages that I don’t hate what she’s wearing with the fire of ten thousand suns. It’s cute and mod and she looks nothing like herself (thank god).

  10. megs283

    Yeah…usually I’m deeply repulsed by her “look,” but this one…is okay?

  11. jjdaddyo

    I count this look as a win for Chloe, and I’m not even grading on a curve.

  12. Erin

    It looks like it would hurt to sit down in.

  13. Improbable Joe

    If that had been a printed pattern on a neutral background, I could approve. If there was cloth backing behind the Xmas ornaments, I could still buy into it. The actual execution? Not remotely. Plus she’s looking a little busted in the face, which the dress SHOULD distract from and somehow doesn’t.

  14. bam bam

    The Sev is awesome. Fuck the haters!

  15. Sarah

    Is it just me, or does she look like a slightly older Britney Murphy?

    • JanetP

      Yes! It’s the hair, which is a vast improvement over her usual, IMO.

  16. Willow

    That dress is a glorified Othello board.

  17. Molly

    Something is wrong in the universe because I too thought this looked pretty good. I actually really really like the shoes.

    I’m going to go lie down.

    • Willow

      I’ll join you because I love the shoes, in a sort of I know they are meant to be ugly and are probably all kinds of impractical but I do kind of WANT all the same.

      • neiges

        Don’t they look like the pilgrim Marc Jacobs shoes but bedazzled? And I also love them… when I hated the pilgrim shoes. I’ll join you too.

  18. Kit

    you know, when I saw this photo on another site,I seriously said to myself “Oh, this is better.”

    It scares me that THIS IS BETTER!!!!

  19. Annie

    In one of her Met posts, Lainey talks about the wearer “rescuing” the dress. I think that’s what ‘s happening here. On anyone else (besides, like, Cate Blanchett) this dress would be 100% Grade-A Choice FUG, in all caps. But the Sev totally pulls this off. Also, I want her hair.***

    ***Words I would never imagine myself typing on the Internet: I want Chloe Sevigny’s hair.

  20. TaraMisu

    Yes I too must go with a cautious…. yay! I rather like the dress and her hair is not the usual helmeted, paper mache look. The shoes MUST go but from the ankles up I say well played. And I never thought I would type THOSE words LOL

  21. ok

    The “dress” is cracked out, but fun. What is more concerning is that Sevigny really is not aging well. The downside of partying since you’re a teenager, I imagine.

  22. Ellen

    I love the misspelling “wee” – it sounds like “wee, let the crazy fug-itude begin!”

  23. Lynne

    I’m joining the confused Fug ranks here. I should hate this but for some reason I don’t. She looks hot. I don’t get it.

  24. Mahastee

    I hate this. I don’t even find it appealing in an amusing, “so bad it’s good” sort of way.

  25. eee

    Does anyone remember a bazillion years ago at the Oscars when the costume designer won for Priscilla: Queen of the Desert? The woman wore a dress she designed that was made entirely out of gold credit cards. That’s what this dress reminds me of. Yes, it’s totally cracked out, but I kind of like it. Anything that gives me Priscilla flashbacks is good.

    • Mahastee

      Lizzie Gardiner – I loved that (and Priscilla), but I don’t love this… Maybe because I don’t feel like Chloe is doing it for a laugh.

  26. Lily1214

    Crocheted bedspread

  27. amys

    I think she looks beautiful and sexy as all get out. I mean, what in the world? Darn you, Sevigny! There’s something askew in the universe if I’m thinking someone wearing mirrored coasters on her breasts (and very little else!) is actually positive and a strong improvement. And her hair—it actually looks styled and not mange-like. For once, I love her shoe choice. Is it too late to blame the Super Moon?

  28. Sandra

    When did people stop wearing actual clothes to formal events? It might just be me, since I think that clothes should enhance the appearance of the wearer rather than overwhelm it. Yeah, yeah, NYC, big event, actress, wacky to begin with, edgy, artistic, blah blah blah blah. It is is still atrocious.

    I’m not hating on C. Sev either. I don’t really have any feelings about her one way or the other. This is simply a horrible outfit.

  29. elle

    Looks like her ankles are going to snap.

  30. Karen

    “Yes, she’s bedecked chiefly in hot pants and mirrors. If only she’d opted to look in one of them.”

    But aren’t we lucky she didn’t! The hair, the “dress”, the shoes, the look on her face – it’s all so cracktastically fantabulous.

  31. slappinbitches

    It kinda looks like she was on the way to prom in the 70′s as a futuristic go go dancer got into her limo which was actually a time machine and somehow her flux capacitor somehow sent her to the MET ball red carpet instead… Although all that aside, I agree she is looking better? More put together? than she has in a bit… i think…

  32. Ms.A

    Oh my. Bicycle reflector dress. that has holes.
    I might actually love those shoes with something else.

  33. Samantha

    Yeah, I actually kind of love this. On anyone else it would be batshit insane, which, I mean, it is, but on The Sev, it somehow works.

  34. Lori

    Godess help me, I might like this, minus the shoes. I might even love it if the bikini were a solid minidress. I haven’t seen her hair look so great, well, ever.

  35. TieDye64

    Blinded by her shiny nipples.

  36. ML

    … and upon seeing the Click-Clack Dress on The Sev, somewhere Nicki Minaj flies into a rage that would do Joan Crawford proud.

  37. McLisa

    Wow… I think I like this! Compared to what she usually looks like, this is a VAST IMPROVEMENT. If the only complaint I can think of here is that her shoes are too big, she has come a million miles on Tasteful Street. But enjoy it while it lasts – she’s probably fugged it up plenty since this photo was taken.

  38. maryse

    this is a fashion event and there’s something courreges 1966 about this outfit. i hate the shoes but i think the rest of it works. i think she looks great. and i don’t have to wonder about whether or not she’s wearing underwear.

  39. gail

    I had a friend who made a Halloween costume with CDs one year that looked just like this. This one is definitely in the Vogue “craft fashion made with glue gun” bin.

    • Jeanette

      It looks like thise strings of scratched CDs you use in the garden to scare crows and other pesky birds away…very environmentally conscious? recycling?

  40. Cara

    I think it just goes to show that if you have a great pair of legs and a great hair cut, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on in between the two.

  41. luxsword

    Her hair looks bad : fake colour and not combed. Wtf with all the praise ?

  42. Erin

    I love this. I think she looks great.

  43. katkin74

    SO CLOSE!! If the hotpants and active bra met in the middle to form a single garment, I would be totally be on board with this, bedazzled pilgrim shoes and all.

  44. Helen

    I love it. I think she could be on her way to becoming SEVIGNY.

  45. hnodc

    Even though it looks like she found this on a DIY board on Pintrest, it strangely works on her. Honestly, I hardly recognized her. Has she had work done? Can’t put my finger on it …

  46. Kathryn

    I got a text from my brother about this outfit reading “that weird chick from the Mormon show is wearing a mirror curtain over undies.”
    He’s not wrong.

  47. Aja

    “I had a shag on the chesterfield, but the dog stole my clothes and all I had to cover myself was my gay grandpa’s sparkly afghan.”

    • Dazie

      YES. When I saw this I thought “Granny squares. SPARKLY GRANNY SQUARES.”

      I don’t hate it. (except for the shoes- yuck) It’s very Austin Powers, and that just cracks me up. She’s like a Fembot.

  48. Dazie

    Also- her face has a little of that actress who’s not Cybill Shepherd but now that’s the only name in my head. ARRGH. WHAT IS HER NAME.

    Same age, smaller eyes, more delicate features…

  49. Nancy

    I sort of dig this – but I don’t like what’s going on underneath. Either all skin tone or all black. I don’t like the underwear effect. But, I’m not creative enough to make this better.

    I like how her face is aging. She looks pretty. I hope that she doesn’t get plastic surgery and muck it up.

  50. Shiitake

    A Go Go dancer in a Peter Lawford movie.

  51. Charlotte

    As someone who was born in the sixties and watched Laugh-In at a *very* impressionable age: I like this. It’s also a huge improvement on most things I’ve seen La Sev in.

    I’d like it a lot better if it had a lining – black sheer and keep the bandeau/boyshorts (or, better yet, merge the two pieces). I am so, so over the Visible Underpants trend (is that a tag on FM? if not, it should be) but it could work for this dress. (Esp. with the design of the visibles.) Or black/illusion netting just opaque enough to do a little mysterious peek-a-boo without showing off all the goods. Or an old-fashioned slip-type liner. So, so over the unlined sheer/cut out all over trend too. *

    The shoes. Ugh. Are they even her size?

    * I say this as I am lounging around in a burn-out top with a very visible black bra under it, but I haven’t gone out in this outfit.

  52. Roland

    she looks like a tranny trying to pull off Kylie Minogue circa 1980…

  53. Monchichi

    I love this. Unreservedly. It’s made of win and elf-glow.

  54. Donna

    Oh, dear god.

  55. mepe

    Classic Chloe – love it!! But in all seriousness, I do kinda like the sparkly shoes!