Kimly Played, Kourtney Kardashian

Otherwise known as The Kurious Kase of Kourtney Kardashian, because what really strikes me about this is that I feel like they contoured Kourtney to look as much like Kim as possible, just in case Kim decides not to leave the house until she can fit into a thimble.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Jasmine

    God, I hope she made that face on purpose. She looks so much like Kim.

  2.  Miriam

    Ugh. Gag. Not to be mean, but so over this pretentious lot. Go away!

    • danny

      …. pretentious? Of all the adjectives I’d use to describe the Kardashians, that wouldn’t be one of them.

      Aside from faaar too much cleav and horrible makeup, I think the bare bones of something serviceable are here.

      • Ann

        I’m hoping I’m missing the sarcasm that sometimes fails to come through online.

        From Mirriam-Webster
        Pretentious: “expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature”

        …aka the Kardashians, famous for being famous.

        • Chris P

          To be fair, “pretentious” in general usage generally means that they’re pretending to be klassier – err, CLASSIER – or more intelligent than they actually are.

          Which…still describes Klan Kardashian. Karry on, then.

  3.  KLeewrite

    Weirdly, what offends me most about this is the clumpy eyelashes. Deploy the mascara properly, at least!

    • kickassmomnyc

      Not to defend the look, but I think it’s the false eyelashes. There’s a type that burst out into points from clusters at the lid line. Illamasqua is a brand if you want to google. They’re favored by costumers, drag queens and Kardashians.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        If she’s wearing their foundation too, that would explain her skin looking so irritated and oily. It does that to a lot of users. Betcha Kim said, “Here, use this.”

        I’ve had the same thing happen with certain foundations, and however ridiculous these people are, with that, I sympathize deeply. It is awful to be out, feeling it stinging and turning your face into a greasy mess, and be unable to do anything about it for hours yet.

  4. Other Emily

    Oh, I hate this so much. All of it. Kourtney, you just be Kourtney, girl. This is creepy.

  5. Lucasta

    I know her expression here is dumb, and her boobs look ridiculous, and the Kardashians en masse irk me as much as anyone, and she is wearing more mascara on one lash than I do in a week, but LORDY do the Kardashian women have gorgeous eyes.

  6. Tiffany

    I think it is the eyeliner, the heavy foundation, the extra amounts of highligher under her eyes on top of the “apples” of her cheeks and between her brows, the extra bronzer on her forehead, cheeks and chin.

    In short, she is wearing a mask of make up, much like her sister’s mask.

    • Kristen from MA

      I don’t know how they can walk around with that much make-up on, and regularly. Just looking at her face makes my face start to itch.

      • Jessica

        The other thing is, I think they’re all much prettier without all the makeup.

      • Tiffany

        I agree, Kristen. My face is having sympathy pangs too! I can’t imagine having to apply fake eyelashes everyday…and take them off.

    • Robin

      I hereby dub it Kontouring.

  7. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Kould the Kardashian Klan please go away now? Like For ever

    • gryt

      They will. I mean, where is Paris Hilton these days? These nobodies all go away – eventually.

  8.  Steph

    I think it’s also the hair bc she usually wears hers pulled back and this do is very “Kim”

  9. Maria L.

    Oh please. One Kim is more than enough – in fact, we don’t even need the original; we definitely do not need a duplicate.

  10.  ErinB

    Please tell me that wild over-highlighting and contouring will be frowned upon at the Fug Compound. Even if we’re in Italy and want to look faux sun-kissed, hopefully it would not make us look like someone other than ourselves.

    I am spending WAY too much time fantasizing about how wonderful the compound would be. *SIGH*

  11. Cathy Brenes

    is that make up in her right boob?

  12. Kate

    When I first saw this picture I thought it was an old one of Kim. Even the nose looks different. Jumping in to fill the ‘void’ lest we all get used to not seeing Kim and find out just how much we like it?

  13. superjosh

    Thank you for pointing out the ridiculousness of Kim still refusing to be seen until she gets thin again. It’s so immature, vain, pathetic, etc, etc, etc… and so far removed from the importance of being a mother to a child.

    • Claire1

      Let me start…. I am NOT a Kardashian fan…. never watched the show…the most I know about them is when someone posts some stupid thing they’ve said or done….

      However, the “press” was HORRIBLE to her when she was pregnant.
      I mean the stuff said would have earned a kick in the knads had she been anyone else….
      I wouldn’t leave the house either….
      Being a mother to a child IS important….but no one took that into consideration when they were calling her ‘fat cow” and worse…were they?
      And yes, she dressed weird…but she always does…. still not a reason for the horrible things said.

      • superjosh

        I actually did feel a little bad about criticizing her especially since I’m not a woman and kind of don’t have the right. That being said, if it were any other people I would give them the benefit of the doubt, but for her and her klan I have no sympathy when it comes to vanity… and I really think that’s totally what is going on with her seclusion. She just wants to revel in the eventual praise she will get for her future new slim figure.

      • Lucasta

        Amen, sister. I couldn’t BELIEVE how vile so many people were about her weight in pregnancy. And here’s the thing, yes, the Kardashians are awful famewhores and we all feel like they’re fair game for this sort of thing, which I think is fair up to a point, but you REALLY CANNOT pick on a woman for GAINING WEIGHT WHILE PREGNANT without simultaneously, consciously or not, casting aspersions on every other “normal” woman who similarly gains weight. I guarandamntee you that a million knocked up ladies saw all the “ew, fat” stuff being spewed at Kim (who looked like a normal pregnant woman, other than the crazy clothes) and took it personally. I know I would have if I’d been pregnant at the time. Pregnancy hormones can get to you like that.

        Normally I’m delighted when celebrity women aren’t ashamed of showing up somewhere without having frantically lost all the baby fat in three days (Busy Phillips, I love you), but frankly if I were Kim, knowing the reaction she’s going to get, I wouldn’t leave the house until I felt comfortable with my body again either.

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      oh really?? Is that what’s happening?! I hadn’t even thought of that. If that is true, she’s absurd. And also, then why didn’t she hide throughout the pregnancy too??

      In fact, I’d be OK with all of them hiding for a while.

      • Claire1

        l think during a pregnancy there’s more likely to be the outcry ( from the normal masses)of “but she’s pregnant, leave her alone”…..
        Kinda like how people will RUSH to open the door for a pregnant lady but once she’s dragging a baby, diaper bag, stroller they’ll let it slam in her face ( true story…several times over)
        Jeesh, everyone expects a woman to drop the baby weight in two weeks and do a bikini cover right after…..she’s probably not dropping it as fast as “to be expected”….. She’s not built to be a thin girl….so I’m sure it’s harder.
        I think the whole bunch of them are ridiculous….and I wouldn’t mind a Kardashian free world…but it’s a monster that the tabloids/avid-rabid fans have embraced and it’s not going anywhere as long as there’s a paycheck….
        That said…. I feel that any of the “she’s still so fat” stuff thrown at her hurts and hurts us all. She’s a Kardashian, but she’s still a human being…and a woman. Fat comments are crap and cruel and they DO hurt ( btdt).
        And while I may not like them ( as far as I “know” them via the media machine)…I certainly can sympathize with a woman who put on pounds during a pregnancy… and is expected to look a certain way after.

        • Aphy

          Yep. I can’t stand Kim, but I feel for her. I just had my baby four weeks ago and I am so self conscious about my weight. I don’t stay hidden in my house, but I do get frustrated that my figure isn’t really bouncing back.

          • Claire1

            Aphy! Congratulations!!!
            I didn’t start seeing changes till I started getting enough sleep…..yeah… I know…but I just slept whenever she did…that helped.

          • Sandye

            A wise (or perhaps kind) person told me that what takes 9 month to create also takes at least 9 months to return to normal. Be kind to yourself!

            • Guerra

              I agree my baby is 8 months and my figure is finally pretty much back to normal! I didn’t do anything but slowly slowly it just went back & I gained over 20kgs! :/ 40pounds?? Aprox?

  14. Lilja

    I really don’t like it when I can see the veins in the breasts… ewwww

    • Claire1

      Don’t have kids…
      Or my Irish skin.

      • Claire1

        …and that came out mean…and I didn’t mean it like that…
        Simply that both those things can cause that to happen….
        I think her second one is still pretty little, right? Which means it’s probably left over from her pregnancy……

        • Guerra

          My boobs got so vainy while breastfeeding!! So I don’t think she can help that!

          • Jo

            She Kan by not exposing 80% of her breasts to the public. Simple…

            Not that I want to criticise what her breasts look like and why – I just don’t want to see them. At all.

  15.  Vandalfan

    I know the first photo can’t be Kim, because her mouth is not hanging vacantly ajar.

  16. Eli

    She looks like a drag queen playing Kim. She and Pippa Middleton need a join a “lay off the makeup esp the eyeliner” support group. Also, I join the chorus of people here begging the Kardashians to fade to obscurity.

  17. Chris P

    This konkoktion is kompletely krazy and I kan’t believe Kourtney kared to komply with it.

  18. simply_readd

    •• whimper ** Are all Kardashian women forced to take an Klone oath of some sort by their diabolical momager?! Is there no one in the family cut from different kloth?! Why won’t these spackle-faced vapid sex-dolls-with-baby-voices leave us alone … why?! •• whimper **

  19. Bella

    Cleavage, clothes, hair, makeup, pose – all like Kim. I guess she saw an empty space and decided to fill it. Or her mom did.

  20. buttercup

    This is…sad. Kourtney has always looked better a little less done up. As much as it pains me to say this, she just doesn’t have the face that Kim does. Kim’s face (natural or not) is mostly symmetric and has nice lines with full lips. That eye make-up is not doing her any favors, it makes her look slightly insane/too much like LaToya Jackson.

  21. stephasaurus

    i guess the make up gun was set to ‘whore.’ poor kourtney, she’s usually a bit more put together than this. tonight she’s all tummy paunch and smooshed boobs and cheap lace. if anyone needs to get a talking to, its her. she needs to get a grip on some make up remover and about 100 cotton balls.

  22. Jeannine

    this would be brilliant if it was her Halloween costume!

  23. Esme

    She’s the road company Kim.

  24. sandy

    I love her hair and her make up, added with a black dress, it is very sexy!

    New post on my french fashion blog:

    Bows on my jacket

    Jetez un coup d’oeil! (Have a look!)

  25. Terry McTigue

    Kourtney and Kim are both looking more and more like women impersonating female impersonators.

  26. Brenna

    WHY? Why is she trying to look more like Kim? I think Kourtney is the most beautiful of all the sisters – partly because she doesn’t wear as much makeup as the others and partly because she hasn’t messed with her face like Kim has. Which, random aside – Kim is naturally a gorgeous woman, and I don’t know why she messed with her face by adding fillers and all the other crap she did. She was beautiful before.

  27. Laura

    The role of Kim Kardashian will now be played by her monotone sister Kourtney.